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Monopoly Disney Edition

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    10 Reviews
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      13.02.2013 21:33
      Very helpful



      Brilliant quality Disney themed Monopoly

      Monopoly is my favorite board game ever and I have accumulated two cupboards of board games from childhood which I can't bear to get rid of. Although I don't always have time to play board games now, when I get a chance I always choose the Disney Monopoly. It is perfect as I love Disney and Monopoly so you can't go wrong.

      Monopoly is based on a game by Elizabeth J. Magie Phillips who, in 1903, hoped to illustrate Henry George's single tax theory. Monopoly, as we know, was created in the USA in 1934. It has been published by Warringtons and Parker and is currently published by Hasbro. There have been many varieties over the years with themes like electronic, make your own and places all over the world (e.g. London). Over 250 million copies have been sold worldwide.

      As soon as you open the New Disney Monopoly from 2004 you can see a stunning pop-up castle. It is truly magnificent and must have taken a long time to put together. It is made from card and to keep the castle safe there is extra cardboard moulded around it in the box but I always open the board extra carefully so not to break it and I always keep the cardboard for when it is returned to the box.

      The next thing you will notice is the detailed silver movers. They are about the size of a 50p with each having a circle base so they don't fall over. I'm not entirely sure what they are made from but they are quite heavy and won't break. The movers are:

      Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Mowgli from The Jungle Book and Lady and the Tramp, Peter Pan, Dumbo and Pinocchio from films of the same name.

      My favorite is Snow White and I think it is good how their is a wide variety of characters to suit anyone. There is also a gold Tinkerbell from Peter Pan and she is twice the size of the other movers. She is also quite heavy and because of her large wings she often topples over.

      As you begin the game all of the movers are placed on the 'GO' square. Tinkerbell also begins here but she is not a mover.

      The first player starts by rolling the dice's and following the instructions on the board. There are two dices, these are included and are regular sized dices. When a player throws a double you move Tinkerbell along and the bank pays if the house is owned by a player, if this isn't the case she does nothing until another double is rolled.

      The bank has a tray in the game box with places for all the money and Title Deeds. The banker is supposed to be a player that is not playing the game (if that makes sense), but we always have a player doing both the game and bank, we just keep the personal money separate from the bank so not to get mixed up.

      The bank has notes in pastel colours with Scroodge the Duck in the centre. The notes are 500 (red), 100 (orange), 50 (purple), 20 (green), 10 (blue), 5 (light blue) and 1 (yellow).

      Each player starts the game with the following from the bank:

      2x 500, 2x 100, 2x 50, 6x 20, 5x 10, 5x 5, 5x 1.

      From now on you have to keep rolling the dice and buying properties to try and be the richest player and not become bankrupt.

      The houses are Snow Whites cottages and castles. These are made from strong plastic and are a turquoise colour and blue. This is the part of the game I find leads to arguments as I go around buying places and putting cottages and castles on and my mum says I am being unfair as she is not doing the same thing, I am following the rules though, I'm not doing anything wrong!

      I will now explain what the spaces mean.

      If you land on a property which is a square with a film picture and a strip of colour along the top you can buy it, you don't have to though. If you have bought it you can put a cottage on and any time another player lands on it they have to pay rent, as stated on space. If you own all colours in the section you can upgrade to a castle and anyone that lands on it has to pay double rent.

      Magic Moments and Show Time spaces require you to take a card. They each have a scenario and this may mean you have to go to jail or you could earn money. These are great fun and are based on Disney stories.

      Free Parking is a space which does nothing, so you just sit and wait for your next turn. At least your not paying out.

      Income Tax, oh no, pay out time.

      When passing GO you get a salary of 200 from the bank. It is also where you start the game.

      If you land on jail you need either a 'get out of jail free card' or to roll a double. If you don't manage this you pay a fine to leave. It's so simple. You can also get into jail by a card.

      That is about all to the game. Now all that's left to do is go round and round and round until someone becomes bankrupt. I have read the longest game of Monopoly was 1680 hours (70 days). Personaly, we usually admit defeat at two or three as it is a bit tedious after a while.

      The game is for ages eight and over and can have two to six players, but remember, the more players you have the less houses you can buy.

      As I had it as a present I am not sure what it costs but it is a amazing game and worth paying for.

      This fantastic game is perfect for any Disney lovers. The best Monopoly in my opinion so I give it 5 stars (it would have been ten but it's not an option).


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        26.03.2012 16:20
        Very helpful



        A great family game

        As I have just reviewed the board game - Game of Life, I thought I would carry on the theme and review one of the Monopoly Games we have. I was brought the Disney Edition of Monopoly for one birthday as I really wanted a game I could play when the family comes around at Christmas and fancied a variation on the classic monopoly and I do love Disney so that's what I received. It was on offer at the time in Argos for £20.00, but you can now find it on Amazon for around £15.00 which is well worth it!

        I will not go into the rules of Monopoly as I am sure that most people are aware, and the Disney game rules are the same.

        The Disney Edition has the same rules of play as standard Monopoly with some Disney twists. Rather than the Fleet Street and Mayfair boxes the streets are now based on Disney Films, so you would buy Cinderella rather than Trafalgar Square. What were train stations on the standard game change to Aladdin's Flying Carpet and Captain Hooks Ship etc. The playing pieces have also been changed so now you get to use Dumbo, Belle or Peter Pan to move around the board. Once the properties have been purchased you get to build on them making them worth more money to sell or when someone lands on them - instead of houses and hotels it is Cottages and Sleeping Beauty's Castles.

        You can have up to 8 players and the board contains more than 20 Disney films. Even the dice have been Disney-fied with glitter built in.

        The game is as easy as the standard Monopoly game and will enthral children as well as adults - if you love Disney and Monopoly then this is ideal and great fun!


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        05.12.2011 21:38
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        must have for disney fans!

        Me and my family are all big Disney fans and we also love playing Monopoly in round Christmas time, and so when I seen the Disney Monopoly in BnM Bargains I had to pick it up and bring it home to play it.

        I think that everyone is familiar with the concept of Monopoly, it's one of the best and most well known traditional board games of our generation...

        But for anyone who has been living under a rock for all their lives here a quick description of the Monopoly game:
        Monopoly is a board game where each player takes their turn to roll a pair of dice and move around the board square by square, when you land on a property, you can either buy it or if it is already owned by another player you have to pay them 'rent' landing on it. Each property is a different price and carries a different rent, as you progress around the board properties increase in price and rent, to increase rent of your properties you can put houses and hotels on them. The general aim of the game is to own as many properties as you can so players will have to pay you lots of rent, the game is over when everyone but the overall winner is bankrupt.

        This particular edition of Monopoly's properties are all named after popular Disney films both old and new for example, Lady and the Tramp, High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Lion King and Peter Pan.

        Also the train stations are named in the Disney fashion, Captain Hook's Ship , Cruella De Vil's Car,
        Aladdin's Flying Carpet and Cinderella's Coach.

        The community chests and chance cards are also Disney Themed, though are still quite similar to the basic original Monopoly games, an example of what a card would say is:
        'Hitch A Ride with Buzz Lightyear, Go to Go, collect £200'.

        The Money in this game is colourful and very much the same as the original game, however there are Mickey Mouse heads in place of where Mr. Monopolies face would be.

        The play pieces that are in this game are all of course Disney Shaped, there is a Dumbo, Belle, Peter Pan, Mogli and more different kinds of pieces.

        I bought this game for £15.00 in BnM Bargains which I think was a great price as similar styled Monopolys are £25 in Debenhams at the moment. You could also buy this online or it may be available in some good toy stores.

        We all had lots of fun with this version of Monopoly and I was really glad I bought it, this is a must have for any Disney fans who enjoy playing Monopoly. It was priced reasonably and it is a great family activity to get everyone together, especially at Christmas time. Overall I would give this board game a 5 out of 5.

        *also on ciao under lorrainek90


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          26.02.2009 16:42
          Very helpful



          Fun game, that will bring hours of enjoyment

          The original version of monopoly was created in 1934, during the Great Depression. This Disney version was created in 2001, almost 70 years later, which shows that monopoly is such a timeless classic.

          There are so many different variations of monopoly on sale these days that I'm sure most people own/have owned at least one version. I know I, for one own several different versions, because even though you are playing by exactly the same rules, as there are different places, characters etc it feels like a totally different game. And that is the beauty of monopoly, even though it is such a well known and well loved game, every time you play it will be different.

          I have always loved Disney films, so when I saw the Disney Monopoly I knew I had to have it.

          Every little thing about the game seems to have been thought about with a lot of care. On the box there are a host of Disney characters, that are recognisable to most people, with, of course, the trademark Monopoly logo. So straight away, just by looking at the box you know you are going to get a top quality game.

          As I presume that most people know how to play Monopoly (if not why not??) I won't go into detail about the game rules, as there are no differences in the way that Disney Monopoly is played compared to the original monopoly, as it follows the same game rules. The only differences being those affected by the change of design, such as, instead of buying streets, stations and utilities, you are buying scenes from films, transport and magic powers.

          The board
          Apart from having a Disney theme, there is a very familiar layout. Instead of buying streets, you buy scenes from the classic Disney films. However, on the board it just shows the name of the film, it is only on the deed cards that it shows the actual name of the scene. Here is a list of the film, scene, and colour they represent on the board:

          Tarzan - Jungle Treehouse
          Toy Story - Andy's Room

          Light Blue
          Peter Pan - Neverland
          Pocahontas - Riverbed Path
          Snow White - Dwarfs Cottage

          Dumbo - The Circus Tent
          Beauty and the Beast - Enchanted Castle
          The Little Mermaid - Ariel's Grotto

          The Jungle Book - King Louie's Hideout
          The Rescuers - Bayou Boulevard
          The Fox and the Hound - Widow Tweed's Farm

          Lady and the Tramp - Tony's Restaurant
          Steamboat Willie - Steamboat Landing
          Sleeping Beauty - Woodcutter's Cottage

          Alice in Wonderland - White Rabbit's Cottage
          Mulan - Emperor's Palace
          Cinderella - Royal Castle

          Aladdin - Cave of Wonders
          Pinocchio - Pleasure Island
          Bambi - Bambi's Meadow

          Dark Blue
          The Lion King - Pride Rock
          101 Dalmatians - Dalmatian Plantation

          I think that due to the fact that this game incorporates so many films, it is unlikely that everyone has seen them all. In the instructions booklet, there is a little bit of information about each film, with a few facts about when it was released, and awards it has released.

          The stations have been replaced with well-known modes of transport, which are:

          Cruella De Vil's Car
          Cinderella's Coach
          Aladdin's flying Carpet
          Captain Hook's Pirate Ship

          'Magic Moments' and 'Show Time' have replaced 'Chance' and 'Community Chest' cards. My personal favourite of these has to be "break Cinderella's glass slipper, pay 50".

          The only squares that haven't changed are the four corner squares, which is the only thing I think lets this game down, but I think that's just me being really picky because I love every other part of this game! I just think they should have been changed to something Disney to keep in with the feel of the rest of the game. But that's just my opinion.

          All of the locations, apart from the show time, magic moments and transport are metallic, which I think makes it the nicest looking board out of all of the ones I have seen.

          All of the monetary values for this version are the same as normal monopoly, so all the properties cost the same, so same rent values etc.

          Game Tokens
          The game tokens all characters from the Disney films (8 in total) and there is a surprising amount of detail on each one, so it is very easy to tell who each of the characters are supposed to be. They are also quite heavy, so the ones that are supposed to be standing do actually stay standing. The characters are:

          Alice (in wonderland)
          Sleeping Beauty
          Pinocchio - my personal favourite
          Snow White
          Mowgli (jungle book)
          Peter Pan
          Lady and the Tramp

          There are 2 dice included, both all glittery, 1 blue and 1 yellow

          The houses and hotels are now castles and cottages. There is so much detail on these, especially the castles, but you have to see it to believe it!

          The money is in the same denominations as the normal monopoly, so nothing out of the ordinary there.

          This version still sells for around £20, which is the same as most other special editions (apart from the electronic ones, which are higher)

          All in all I think this is an amazing game. Would I recommend it??? Yes of course I would, without a doubt,


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            12.01.2009 14:08
            Very helpful



            Move around the board buying your favourite Disney Films in this magical game.

            I bought this game as both my children love Disney and as I enjoyed the classic Disney films as a child I thought it would be something we would all enjoy.

            The version that I bought is the new one with the pop up Disney Castle in the center of the board.

            There is actually 3 Disney Monopoly's available, the one pictured above, the Diney/Pixar version and the pop up castle version. I can only comment on the version that I pesonally own but I gather they are all pretty much the same with different board and playing piece designs.

            I doubt there isn't a person alive who dosn't know how to play Monopoly, it is the world's most popular board game after all. The Disney version follows the same rules at the original Monopoly with a few extra Tinkerbell rules which I will get into in a minute.

            The playing pieces are all modeled on Disney Characters and are made out a very sturdy and strong metal so there very childproof in that there not likely to break. Full list of pieces at end of review.

            All the property is also re-named after 25 classic Disney Films including the Lion King and Little Mermaid. I will update review in a few days with full list of property available as I have lent the game to my sister and cannot remember what is what off the top of my head.

            The money has been changed to Disney Dollars and is very colourfull and fun to use.

            The pop up castle in the centre is by far the best feature. It simply pops up when you open the game board and while it dosn't really serve purpose it looks fantastic and gives the game a real magical feeling.

            The houses and hotels have been replaced with cottages and castles.

            Tinkerbell rules- Included in the game is a golden Tinkerbell playing piece, this is not to be used as a player's piece but as an extra. You put Tinkerbell on the start and each time a player rolls a double they also move Tinkerbell along one space. If Tinkerbell lands on an un-owned property the player who rolled the double recieves the property for free. If the property is owned then the bank pays the rent. It is a fun addition and it's great recieving free property. What we love to do is build hotels on property's we know Tinkerbell is approaching and watch the bank pay up a fortune.

            It is a very good game and I would recomend it to any Disney fan or anyone who loves Monopoly and wants a slightly different version.

            For all those who would like to know.
            The playing pieces are:
            Snow White
            Peter Pan


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            12.10.2008 18:20



            A fun game for all the family

            As a very big fan of both Disney and Monopoly, when I unwrapped my Christmas present from my husband last year to find a Disney Monopoly set, I was over the moon!

            All the magic of Disney is captured within this game. The pieces are all different Disney Characters and the streets are various places that they live. Characters include Peter Pan and Dumbo.

            The playing pieces are also Disney themed, they are Alice(from Alice in Wonderland), Peter Pan, Cinderella, Lady and Tramp (Lady and the Tramp), Mowglie, (The Jungle Book), Snow White, Pinocchio and Dumbo

            The Chance and Community Chest cards have been replaced with Show Time and Magic Moments Cards. These are great and all of the rewards/punishments are based around different Disney films.

            The houses and hotels also have a Disney theme. The houses are green White Rabbit cottages and the hotels are blue Sleeping Beauty castles.

            The money is based on Scrooge McDuck. They are the same colour as normal Monopoly money, but have a picture of Scrooge McDuck on instead of the Monopoly Man.

            I believe the latest version has a fold out castle in the middle of the board, but my version does not have this feature, I think a fold out castle would only distract me from the game! Getting this board game has sparked a Monopoly collecting spree and I now have various incarnations of the classic game.

            Monopoly can be played with 2 - 8 players and if played well can span a whole evening! Suitable for people from approx 8 years upwards, there is also a junior version for younger children.


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            13.08.2008 23:40
            Very helpful



            Disney Monopoly is fantastic

            Disney Monopoly is great for kids (and big kids!). I got this game for Christmas a few years ago and loved it! It retails at about £30, which I think is fairly reasonable in terms of the price of board games generally.

            The character pieces are Disney characters instead of the usual Monopoly pieces and all the places are Disney films instead of the usual London streets.

            It's mostly exactly the same as standard Monopoly in that the game play is carried out the same, the board layout is the same, it's just the details that are changed to be Disney themed.

            Instead of the normal houses and hotels, in the Disney version you get Snow White Cottages or Cinderella Castles!

            Instead of the railway stations, they have Disney modes of transport, including Cruella's car and Aladdin's flying carpet!

            Playing the game with children helps them to learn to interact with other people and to start to understand the value of money. It can also help them to learn the concept of losing, although some children don't like this!

            I think that this is a fantastic idea for introducing youngsters to the old time favourite game of Monopoly and they'll relate to the characters and films available. Even I love it and I'm a very big kid now!


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            07.03.2006 01:17
            Very helpful



            A Disney version of the classic boardgame Monopoly.

            I got my Mum this version of Monopoly for Christmas a few years ago. She loves Monopoly and Disney so I thought “I can’t go wrong”. My Mum did love it and as she already had the original version it started a collection.

            I think they, (Hasbro), have recently changed the Disney edition so it now includes a fold out Disney castle in the centre of the board but the version I have does not include this so I will be not be commenting on that.

            --£-- Monopoly --£--

            I also won’t go into the ins and outs of Monopoly: Briefly it is a board game for 2-8 players of ages 8+. It has been a popular game for decades and now comes in many editions. The basis premise of the game is that you are a property tycoon and you try to get the most money and the most property. You are represented by a small metal playing piece. You roll 2 dice, add the totals and move that many squares around the playing board. Most of the squares are property which you may purchase if you land on them. Each property has a card which contains all the information you need. The properties are in sets and if you own all the properties in that set you may, (except for certain property types like utilities and train stations), buy property to increase the price of rent if another player lands on that square. There are 2 types of property in the game, houses and hotels. You need to have 4 houses, (or at least of paid the price for 4 houses), on each property before you can upgrade to a hotel. If you land on a square that is owned by another player you must pay them rent. There are also squares which require you to pay “tax” as well as a “Go” square and a “Go to Jail” square. If you land on a square and cannot pay the rent or tax, either in cash or by mortgaging your properties you are bankrupt and out of the game.

            The rules are more complex than that and I am sure I have missed some out but that covers the basics and you get an instructions leaflet in all Monopoly games that cover the rules more fully.

            For the purposes of this review I am going to have to assume you know at least a little about the traditional Monopoly game. If you don’t I am sorry but I can’t think of how to do it without effectively review the standard Monopoly game as well.

            --£-- The Box --£--

            Now normal Monopoly comes in a red and white box. The Disney edition comes in a metallic box that is mainly blue and purple. It still bears the familiar red Monopoly logo but the majority of the box is taken up by a picture of lot’s of Disney characters and of course the Disney castle. I won’t list all the characters but they include, Bambi, Scrooge McDuck, (who takes centre stage – well it is a game about money after all), Alice, Simba and Cinderella so there is a good mix of characters there.

            The picture is lovely, (especially with the metallic effect), you can see how the style of illustration/animation has changed over time from Snow White to Moulan.

            On the front of the box is a picture of the 8 metal playing pieces and the back displays the blurb and a picture of the board, money, playing pieces, dice, cards and houses and hotels.

            The plastic tray inside the box is deep blue and has plenty of compartments to keep all the pieces safe.

            --£-- The Board --£--

            The board is metallic and it folds into four sections so that it will fit in the box. The centre of the board has the same picture as the front of the box except that the “Show Time” and “Magic Moments” are marked on. (Show Time and Magic Moments replace the Chance and Community Chest cards).

            There is the same amount of properties as there is on the normal Monopoly board.

            --£-- The Properties --£--

            Instead of buying properties such as Pall Mall and Euston Road in Disney Monopoly you buy properties with film themes such as Neverland from Peter Pan and The Circus Tent from Dumbo. The cards look the same on the back with all the mortgage details.

            The top of each card is colour coded to the street just as in the normal version but it has the name of the film at the top in the style used for the film. Below this is the name of the property and the rent details. The cost of houses and hotels for that property is listed at the bottom.

            Instead of the stations there are modes of transport from Disney films. The four modes of transport are:

            Captain Hook’s Ship
            Cruella De Vil’s Car
            Aladdin’s Flying Carpet
            Cinderella’s Coach

            They are the same on the back as normal Monopoly cards and have black and white pictures of the named transport on the front. I think it is a shame that these pictures are in black and white as they would look lovely in colour.

            Instead of the utilities there is a Magic Wand and Pixie Dust. The abilities of the “utilities” are the same as standard Monopoly. Once again the back is the same and there are black and white pictures on the front.

            --£-- The Money --£--

            The money is from the bank of Scrooge McDuck. They are the same colour as normal Monopoly money and the same values but they have a picture of Mr McDuck on the front. The money feels a little thin and is white on the back.

            --£-- The Houses and Hotels --£--

            The houses and hotels are really lovely. The houses are white rabbit cottages, (green), and the hotels are sleeping beauty castles, (Blue). They are still made of plastic but they seem sturdier and have a lot more detail than the normal houses and hotels.

            --£-- Show Time and Magic Moments Cards --£--

            These replace the Chance and Community Chest cards. They are very similar and include cards such as, “It’s your unbirthday, collect 10 from each player” and “you lose your way in the Queen of Heart’s maze, move back 3 spaces”.

            The magic moments have pictures of Whinne-the-Pooh and his friends and the Show Time show Micky Mouse and friends.

            These are nice as it gets you talking about what films they are from and what they were in the original game.

            --£-- The Playing Pieces --£--

            There are 8 metal playing pieces, to me it looks like they are made out of pewter but I cannot confirm this.

            The playing pieces are:

            Alice, (from Alice’s adventure in Wonderland)
            Lady and Tramp, (from the Lady and the Tramp)
            Snow White, (from Snow White)
            Cinderella, (from Cinderella)
            Mooglie, (from Jungle Book)
            Peter Pan, (from Peter Pan)
            Dumbo, (from Dumbo) and
            Pinocchio, (from Pinocchio)

            The pieces are really lovely and very detailed and each piece had Disney stamped into the base. I would guestimate, (I cannot find my ruler), that each piece is about an inch tall. Some are taller than others however so this is just a rough estimate.

            --£-- The Dice --£--

            Well there really isn’t a lot to say about the dice except they are slightly larger than the standard dice and are clear with specks of glitter in them. I don’t know if they are same colour in all the sets but the ones in my set are deep blue and gold.

            --£-- The Rule Book --£--

            The rule book features the same picture as the box and the board as well as the red Monopoly logo.

            Inside it says, “Game Rules plus Special Rules for this Edition”. The basic rules are in here as well as descriptions of the changes to the board etc but no actual different rules. I don’t know if they were meant to be included or if they were referring to the descriptions of the differences.

            Starting on page 4 of the booklet are film synopsis of all the films featured on the board; there are 22 in total. It is a really nice touch to have included this and they are quite interesting and include facts like Pocahontas was the first Disney film to be based on historical fact.

            At the end of the booklet there are 2 different rules variations, one for a short game and one for a time limit game. This is a good idea as sometimes you just want a quick game of Monopoly and not a long drawn out battle for world domination.

            --£-- Price and Availability --£--

            I paid £24.99 for this in 2002 in Debenhams and they are same price brand newt o this day. You can get this at Toys R Us for the above price and www.farscapegames.co.uk for £29.99. www.toyopia.co.uk is the cheapest I have found at £23.74.

            You can often pick these up in eBay from as little as £6.00, (including postage), up to over £40.00 so make sure you shop around a bit.

            --£-- Conclusion --£--

            I think this is a brilliant version of a great game. I really enjoy the nostalgia of all the old Disney classics and children love learning about the characters from the older films and filling us grown ups in on the newer ones.

            I would defiantly recommend this to anyone who likes Monopoly or Disney.

            Thanks for reading.


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              10.08.2003 00:41



              • "not having property"

              Disney Monopoly takes all of the great aspects of the original Milton/Bradley Monopoly game and adds all the wonderful things of Disney. What a great combo, Monopoly, a loved game by millions, and Disney, a whole new world of magic and enterainment that everyone from children to adults like. In Disney Monopoly all of the original rules are kept, but everything looks different. First of all Donald Duck is the face you will see on the play money instead of the old regular no faced play dollar bill in Monopoly. Also you will be able to buy property from all of your favorite Disney classics such as Alladin, Steamboat Willie, Cinderella, and even Pinnochio. Another great aspect is that now the whole family will want to play. Little ones will love buying property and moving their character gamepieces. Grandparents will enjoy quality time with their grandkids too. Plus parents can use the game to teach their young ones the importance of saving money and basic arithmatic by paying rent to other players. Disney monopoly is a great buy because it is inexpensive, a great party game, and could make a great gift. One of my favorite aspects of the game is the houses and hotels or should I say cottages and castles. You now will own cottages and Disney Castles that are made to look actually pretty cool. Also you will be given pixie dust and magic moment cards instead of the usual chance and community chance. So if you are looking to spend a little extra time with your kids and enjoy the game of monopoly then go out and buy this special edition Disney Monopoly game today. I enjoyed it and you will too.


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                23.02.2002 18:55
                Very helpful



                Maybe I have been surrounded by children for too long or perhaps I am just trying to make excuses for myself, but as time goes by I seem to enjoy Disney more and more. So when I was out shopping for a gift for a couple of friends and I spotted this special edition of Monopoly I could only resist it for the shortest time before I caved in and got my money out. I should tell you that I have always enjoyed the traditional game and have many happy memories of time spent playing this as a child with my siblings and parents and then later with my own children. Now my foster children love to play and I encourage them as I feel board games are good for social interaction (till the fights break out). For any that has not seen the traditional game I will give a brief outline of the game. Monopoly involves moving around a board at the throw of a pair of dice, starting at the square marked Go. The aim is to buy property as you land on it and later if you collect a complete set of one colour (usually three but some times two) you can begin to build houses, at a cost of course! Four houses can be built on each street and if funds permit you can then build a hotel. Some squares on the board give other instructions, maybe to pay taxes or even to go to jail; we’re not told what for maybe it is failing to pay previous taxes! There are also forfeit cards some good some not so good. Each time you pass the Go square you collect £200.Once you own property you can claim rent from any other player that lands on it, if you have houses or a hotel you can claim more sounds like life really! Now to the Disney version and first the board. The four corner squares, Go, Jail, Free Parking and Go to Jail are the same but all the others are unique to this version. Each property square is now represented by a Disney films, some old classics like Bambi, Sleeping Beauty and Dumbo but some of the more up to date ones feature as well, Toy Story, Mulan
                and Lion King to name but a few. The forfeit cards known on the original as Chance and community are here known as Pixie Dust and magic Moments. Here I have to apologise to any one that I ever play this game with, as I seem unable to land on a Magic Moment square without bursting into the old Perry Como song! The eight playing pieces are again Disney characters and here is the main fault I have with the game. The pieces are Pinocchio, Dumbo, Mowgli, Peter Pan, Lady and the Tramp, Alice, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. Now the last three, when in play look very similar and with so many different shaped characters to chose from I would have thought they could have chosen more different shaped ones. The money is the same apart from a picture of Donald Duck on it. The property cards are places to do with the film shown on the board for example the two browns are, Toy Story..Andy’sRoom and Tarzan..Jungle Treehouse. Instead of the old square houses and hotels you have shaped White Rabbit Cottages and Sleeping Beauty Castles. The game comes with a good clear instruction leaflet and the game rules. This also included a brief film synopsis of each of the films represented on in the game. Okay that is the fact now would I recommend it? Well overall I think I would. They haven’t messed about with the rules they have just changed the ascetics of the game. It has certainly brought a renewed interest in the game of Monopoly to our house as the old traditional set has been long forgotten in the back of a cupboard! I do find the playing pieces annoying as I have said but I can find no other fault with it. It is has a really bright new look to it and it pleases me! So yes if you like Monopoly and you have children this is fun, but if like my husband you hate the game it won’t change your mind. I had hoped that the new look and the passing of time he may give it another chance but no he s
                till runs from the room the moment anyone reaches for the game!


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