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Disney Party and Co.

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Manufacturer: Jumbo / Age: 4 Years+

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    2 Reviews
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      02.05.2011 19:19
      Very helpful



      An enjoyable family game

      My daughters often like us to play games together as a family, so when it was my youngest's sixth birthday, I was looking for a game that we could all play. As it turned out, in Toys R Us, I spotted the Disney Party & Co game that was on offer and selling at half price. I didn't really know anything about it but as my girls love Disney and it looked like good fun, I decided to buy it! Natalie was very excited to receive it for her birthday and we have since played it and enjoyed it a few times. The game is described on the box as 'a feast of Disney magic for everyone' and the recommended ages are from 4 to 99 so it could definitely be described as a family game. As you need to play in teams you do also need a minimum of four players.

      When we first started playing the game it reminded me of a number of other games that we have such as Pictionary and Cranium. In fact it is most like Cranium, as it has a number of varied activities, but with a Disney theme. Because it is based on Disney films it does actually mean that there is a more even playing field between children and adults, and in the case of my daughters, I'm not even sure if they have an unfair advantage as they seem to have the capacity to watch Disney DVDs over and over again!

      There are quite a few components to the game but it does not take too long to set up and it was simple enough for my seven and a half old daughter to work out and do for herself. The contents include the following:

      A talking Mickey Mouse who stands on a base in the middle of the board and tells you which game is next;
      A sketch and guess board with a marker and cloth;
      A four piece interlocking game board that fits together like a jigsaw;
      Party glasses;
      320 challenge cards for four categories;
      sixteen magnetic Disney characters;
      four oblong collecting pieces and
      A Who Am I? Sleeve

      I think that just by listing these you can start to get a flavour of the games that are involved. All of the pieces feel quite sturdy and they seem to be of good quality that won't get bent or broken easily.
      There are also instructions that are very easy to follow especially as there are quite a few pictures - as I mentioned earlier my daughter was able to set the game up so they needed to be relatively straightforward.
      The aim of the game is to be the first team to collect four Disney characters by completing various challenges. You find out what the challenge is going to be by pushing the green button at the base of the plastic Mickey Mouse figure. You do have to put up with a very annoying squeaky Mickey voice although that is only my adult's perspective - my daughters love it! I should mention that this does also require two triple A batteries that are not supplied. I did not actually realise this (although it I stated on the box) and we had to scrabble around to find some batteries before we started playing.

      There are five different challenges and some are more loosely based on Disney films than others. If you complete a challenge within the time limit, you collect a magnetic Disney character. There is a red button on Mickey's base that will start the countdown timer.

      The first challenge is called 'What am I doing?' In this game you pick up a card and you see a Disney character doing something like playing cards, driving a car, playing volleyball etc and you have to mime these actions for your team to guess. Next is 'sketch and Guess' which is very much like Pictionary. There are either objects or Disney characters shown on the cards and the aim is to draw these for your team to guess in the time allowed. I like the fact that a wipe clean boar, marker and cloth are supplied for these. With both these challenges there are varying degrees of difficulty but it did feel that both my seven and six year old daughters were well able to have a go and sometimes they were much better at them than their dad or me! The third challenge is 'Party-glasses' which causes great hilarity with my daughters as you have to wear some very funny looking glasses. They are made from card and look a little like the 3D glasses that you wear at the cinema. You look through these at a partly drawn Disney character on a card and have to guess who it is. This challenge is much more suited to my daughters who seem to know virtually every Disney character's name that ever existed! Next is 'who am I?' In this challenge you place a picture of a character or object from a film into a sleeve where only a small part is revealed and have to guess who or what it is. Again this is much easier if you know many Disney films! Finally is 'Find Something...' and this is the challenge that probably has the least to do with Disney. When Mickey tells you to do this challenge, you have to go and find an object of a certain colour abd be the first to bring it back. It's good fun for kids but probably my least favourite challenge - probably because I am lazy and don't want to get up!

      Everything fits well into the sturdy attractive box and on the whole it feels like a well thought out organised game that is also a lot of fun that everyone (young or old) can join in. We have played it quite a few times with our girls and have all enjoyed it. In a way it is a shame that you need at least four people to play though, as we have to wait for Daddy to come home from work, or sometimes the girls just want to play on their own. They are quite resourceful though and generally make up their own versions that they seem to enjoy just as much.

      At present (April 2011), the game can be bought on Amazon for £23.99 which is probably the sort of price you would expect to pay for this sort of game. However it is probably worth shopping around and you might be lucky like me and find it on a half price offer. This obviously made it great value for me. It is a great family game though and I would definitely recommend it - even at the higher price!


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        13.01.2010 23:31
        Very helpful



        fun Disney themed party game

        Well, here I am reviewing yet another of my daughters Christmas presents. This was infact a present for the whole family from Mr Claus himself. Being Disney obsessed I knew that it would be a winner from the start.....

        It was purchased for £14 or something if my memory serves me correctly (I do have strong links with Mr C incase you were wondering!) and I think like quite a few of our presents it came from TK Maxx.

        The game is quite simple and is ideal for young kids as there is no reading involved and it's really quite fun.

        The box is lovely and colourful and looks like a real Disney party is happening in the box with lots of Disney guests. The game is well packaged in a strong plastic holder type insert (decorated with stars!) so that it packs away neatly and is kept in tip top condition. The board is divided into 4 sections which fit neatly into the box and slot together like a jigsaw. The board is lovely and thick and glossy - very high quality and is adorned with a host of Disney characters. Within each of these you have a small removable magnetic bit on which to stick your characters when you win a round. There are 4 of these so 4 teams can play. It is pretty annoying having to play as teams it works like this.... you carry out a task eg drawing and your team guess what it is - if they are correct your team score the point. I failed to realise this when I bought it as there are only 3 of us in the house so have had to adapt the rules slightly for individuals to play - my daughter isn't bothered though as its still good fun!

        So you have put your board together - you have placed the 4 decks of game cards in the spaces provided and lastly my favourite part - a talking Mickey Mouse!! Turn him on and put in the middle of the board. Press the green board and Mickey will tell you which game you are going to play. Don't forget to decide on your team - choose from Toy story, Nemo, Winnie the Pooh or Jungle Book. When you are ready press the red button which will start a timer for you to finish the question - do it in the time or you don't get the point! If you win a point you add one of your characters from the team to your board - basically the first team to win 4 is the winner.

        So what games/rounds are available?
        1. What am I doing? These cards have a picture of a Disney character on doing something - you have to act out what they are going and your team is supposed to guess - you can use gestures and noises but no words (my 3 year old hasn't quite grasped the no speaking bit yet!!) They are pretty simple, things such as kissing, reading and eating ice cream.

        2. Sketch and Guess... Pick a card and your team try to guess what you are drawing - a bit like pictionary! The game comes with crayon, wipeable board and cloth. There is a good mixture of things on these cards, some easier to draw than others... a heart, a cupcake and Lightening McQueen amongst many others!

        3.Party Glasses....My favourite - probably because I'm quite good at it! You get a pair of party glasses to wear - they have mickey ears on them so you look a total sight to start with! They are tinted red a bit like the old 3D ones you used to get. One this deck of cards there is a Disney character to guess. The majority of the outline of the character is in yellow and not visible through the glasses. There is a couple of lines in black which is what you can see. Simply wear the glasses, look stupid and guess the character to win the point for your team! All the well known ones are there - Bambi, Tramp, Ariel, Goofy, the list goes on- you get the picture!

        4. Who am I? You get a little sleeve with a hole in the middle - simply slide a character card in and try and guess who you see through the hole. Again all the favourites are there - My daughter is brilliant at this!!

        5.Find something.... Mickey will tell you all to find something and the first back to the board with that item wins the point - simple! E.g. find something of a certain colour or shape.

        There are 80 cards per category listed above so there is plenty of different possibilities and something that you will want to play again and again. Mickey tells you which categories to play at random so there really are no 2 games exactly the same -Don't forget the batteries though - Mickey takes 2x AA batteries but does turn himself off should you forget!

        I know that you are supposed to play in teams but this is ideal for my 3 year old playing individually as it means that games do not last too long - about 10 mins and it keeps her interested. There is no reading required as Mickey talks you through it so she does not need too much help. The age recommendation on the box is 4 - 99 years! It is made by the well known games and jigsaw manufacturer -Jumbo and currently available form Amazon for £19.99. They also do an adult version of this game which is not Disney themed - this looks fun too if you have a crowd to play with


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