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Dixit: Odyssey

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Brand: Libellud / Type: Board Game

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    1 Review
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      29.08.2013 14:29
      Very helpful



      A great imaginative party game for all ages

      Dixit Odyssey is a very simple, beautifully designed game that can be played and enjoyed by just about anyone. I've played it with family, friends and experienced gamers alike - they've all loved it.

      In the box is a large score board, 12 coloured bunnies, 12 matching peg boards for players to choose their answer, and 24 coloured pegs. Oh and a deck of 84 cards, which are the core of the game. Each cards are significantly bigger than standard playing cards, and each one has a different painting on. The paintings are mostly quite surreal or unusual, but utterly exquisite, you'll find yourself flicking through the cards admiring the artwork.

      The idea of the game is that five cards are dealt out to each player, and players take it in turns to be the storyteller. When its your turn to be the storyteller, you choose one of your cards then give a clue. This could be by telling a story, saying a word or phrase, acting something out, even singing a song! You then place the card face down on the table. All the other players then choose one card from their hand that they think most matches with what the storyteller has said/done and also places it face down on the table. All the face down cards are then shuffled and dealt face up next to the numbered spaces on the board. Everyone except the storyteller has to then guess which is the storyteller's image by secretly voting (using their peg and peg board), then all revealing their votes at once (so players can't say to their neighbour, oh you thought it was number 3, I'll go with that too...)

      Players get points if they vote for the correct answer, or if players vote for their cards. The storyteller gets points if at least one person, but not everyone, correctly guesses their card. This is the important bit, because the storyteller has to strive to be neither too obscure or too obvious if they want the points.

      The winner is the first to 30 points (you move your coloured bunny rabbit up the scoreboard as you get points). And that's the game. There's a couple of variations including one for 7-12 players but that just alters the voting and scoring, the game is essentially the same.

      This is a great game, that can be enjoyed by anyone, even quite young children. It's basically the same name as 'Dixit' but with different cards and a different way of keeping score (the peg boards rather than just using cards). I also prefer this version, as it plays up to 12 players, whereas the original 'Dixit' only has scoring counters for upto 6 people. While the game can be played by 3-12 people, I've found the sweet spot to be 5-8 players.

      Lastly, if you play a lot, there's several expansion sets of cards which you can buy too to enhance your enjoyment of the game and give more variety.


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