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Drumond Park Family Fortunes

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4 Reviews

Drumond Park / family board game.

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    4 Reviews
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      25.01.2014 22:24



      Excellent family game

      We played this a few times over Christmas after receiving it as a gift - therefore I cannot comment on price as I didn't purchase it.
      The youngest person to play was aged 5 and eldest near 60 and we all enjoyed it a lot. You split into teams and it is just like the show where it's two members to press the buzzer the quickest and have the highest scoring answer to hand, then it's the teams decision whether to play or pass. Highly entertaining and a lot of fun. For anyone wanted to get the family round the table and avoid the usual games of trivia pursuit or sharades then I suggest you give this a go. Just don't opt to be the scorer if you want to be involved.
      Big money round, which is the final round, is as intense and nail biting as the TV programme!


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      27.06.2012 20:04



      Great Game For All The Family.

      We purchased this game some time around last christmas to play over the holiday. It was on offer, i must admit that's why we got it, however i would buy it again if i lost it. It's hours of great fun.
      I was woried at first that after you've played it once, that would be it, as obviously there is limited question cards. But after playing this game hundreds of times and still not running out, i think we could start again and not remember the questions!

      The box includes a whiteboard (scoreboard) and pen which both work well, the pen dries up very quick but any washable marker will work so this is not an issue. You also get an electronic pad, which has a buzzer for each team, a incorrect sounding buzzer and two timmers for playing with. Im not sure on the exact number but there is hundreds of questions in there aswell.
      Now the game comes with instructions, but really it is exactly the same as the TV show, minus the big cash prizes of course! You even get special prizes, or points, on certain answers just like the real thing.

      Whenever iv'e played we usually have seven people playing which is easy, 3 on each team and one 'host', but i have even played down to just 3 people, one on each team and it's still great fun. Just don't get to carried away in the competition as this has caused some fallouts in my house!
      Anyway, great value for money, im not 100% sure what i paid but i think it was under a tenner. The quality is what you pay for, i mean it's not great but nothing has ever broken on me and i guess there's no real need for it to, unless you have little children chewing the cards you should be fine!

      Definatey try this game out, great for when the family's over!

      *This review is also on my ciao, under the username TheMorningRain


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      18.05.2012 16:28
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Plenty of Fun and none of the bad jokes from that Kay bloke

      Most people in this country, and beyond, have heard of a television show called family fortunes. A game that many years ago involved the general public taking part in a show to try and win some money, and possibly some prizes, by answering questions about what other people may or may not have said.
      Sadly though these days the general public have had their noses pushed out and it is down to those people who crave publicity that appear on the show, (you may know them as celebrities... but I don't like to use that word to describe them), and their families, trying to win money for their favourite charity, which is a good cause. But they have the chance to win prizes for themselves even though they can afford the cost of the prizes that they may win as they aren't short of a bob or two.
      Bring back the original show so that the general public can win a prize or two instead of those camera hungry chavs that go by the name of .... You know what....
      (Sorry, rant over...)

      Anyway, from this once entertaining television show, (until the chavs took over), there was no doubt going to be an array of packages to try and make extra money for those people involved, and before too long the shelves in the shops were filled with such items.
      One particular item is in fact the board game that is Family Fortunes and is played in the same manner as the television show, although you don't win prizes and the money isn't real. But look on the bright side, at least you don't have to put up with that lanky loudmouth who thinks he's funny when he's asking the questions... (at least he makes himself laugh, which is something I suppose!!)

      So, Family Fortunes board game then...is it any good?

      Let's start off with how the game is played, but for all those people that have seen the show on the television then you'll know how to play it, but if you haven't then I'll give you a brief idea of how to play it, with both the television game and this board game being played in the same way, sort of.

      You can skip this bit if you wish to... I won't be offended at all).

      The game...
      Two contestant stand opposite each other with a hand near the buzzer, then the quiz master asks a typical question, such as..
      "We're looking for the top five answers. We surveyed a hundred people and asked them what animal lives in a cage?"
      The contestant who hit's the buzzer first has the first guess, trying to get the top answer, if they don't get the top answer then the other contestant has a guess. Who ever gets the highest answer then has the choice of playing or passing, either having a go at guessing the answers themselves or letting their opponents have a go.
      What ever they decide it is then a matter of the chosen contestant to have a go at guessing the top five answers from the board, with each answer having a set amount of point depending on how many people surveyed chose that particular answer.
      If this contestant gets all answers on the board without making three mistakes they then win that round and take all the points accumulated in that round.
      If a contestant guesses wrong three times then it is given over to the other contestant to have a guess, where the second contestant only has to get one of the answers on the board rather than all of them.

      The contestant who wins the round gets all the points that appear on the board.
      This question and answer format continues for three round which have single points and then another two rounds which are double points, or money rounds.

      The winner of the game is the one that has the most points after the five rounds, and this contestant then goes on to what is called 'big money' round, which consists of that contestant trying to guess the top answer to five questions given, trying to get over 200 points from the five polls.
      This 'big money' questions are asked to two people, one at a time, with the second person not knowing what the first person has answered. This is where the 45 and 60 seconds buttons on the control 'buzzer' panel come into play, with the first person having 45 seconds to answer the five questions whilst the second person gets the 60 seconds in case they repeat an answer that the first person gets.

      So that's how the game is played... it may sound complicated but is a lot easier to play than I have explained, honestly, and as I mentioned, the board game is played in the same way as the television show.

      Now for the equipment needed... or what you should get in the big blue box that the game comes in.

      You should get...

      * An electronic buzzer control panel which has two buttons on the front section, one with 45 on it, the other with 60 on it, both being timers depending on which round your in and how many people are playing.
      Also on the 'buzzer' board is the players buttons, A and B, both on opposite ends so that the players are on either end.
      Then in the middle of this board there is the 'incorrect' answer button which, when pressed makes that well known sound which sounds like a big man making bottom sounds after a vindaloo.
      * 150 Question cards
      * A Score board, which is wipeable and re-useable as long as you use the pens provided, or filing that, only use white board marker pens.
      This score board has two sides to it, one side is for the five rounds, with places for the contestants scores, wrong answers and the top answers. Then the second side is for the 'Big Money' round with spaces for the answers given and the points for each answer, if any.
      * A white boards maker pen for marking the scores on the board.

      And some instructions on how to play the game

      My Opinion...

      I used to enjoy the television show, although the recent 'celebrity' version has taken the shine off what was once a rather fine show, so when I had the chance to play this at home I thought 'why not'.
      So we played it as a family, taking it in turns in being the quizmaster and contestant, and really having a good time whilst playing it, and it turned out to be quite a lot of fun.
      Although I have found that the more people on each team the better, and funnier, the game seems to be, with some really 'stupid' answers coming out of what are supposed to be 'intelligent' friends mouths.

      The bits in the box are designed pretty well, with the white board being one of those wipe clean ones, so you can wash get the marker pens off it with ease, although I do advise using a wet, or damp cloth every so often to clean the board properly. As long as you use the right pens on it and not a permanent marker pen.
      This board is designed in a triangular fashion, with two playing boards and the base so that it can stand up, and stand up pretty well it does too, although as it's made of cardboard it can get blown about a bit in the wind.
      The 'buzzer' panel needs 3 of those 'flat' batteries to make it work, you know the type, the ones that you find in watches and things like that, but you can pick these up for a about a quid so that's not too bad. Although you don't really need the buzzer board to actually play the game itself, but it does help.

      Sadly though there is a limited amount of questions and, depending on how often you play it, it's not long before you get to know the answers by heart, giving the top answers in a heartbeat.
      But you can easily make up some new 'polls' of your own if you want to, it's just a matter of a little patience and maybe a bit of a search through google or something, (internet charges may apply).

      In all, this is a fun game for all the family to sit around and generally have a good laugh whilst playing it, whacking at the buzzer as quick as you can, even though you don't know the answer as you know you'll say something in the time it takes for the quizmaster to ask you what the top 5 answers are.
      The initial questions are good enough to get you thinking, although some answers can be a bit daft, but when the supplied questions run out it doesn't take long to write up some more.

      As for the price of this television spin off of a board game.
      Well, this one sells for around £15.00 - £20.00 which is not too bad at all really considering the fact that it is one of those games that all the family can play and has hours of entertainment and lots of 'sillyness'.

      © Blissman70 2012


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        02.01.2012 12:47
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        see review x

        I used to love watching this quiz show when it first ever started years ago, so when I saw the game on sale for £20 I decided to buy it.

        What comes in the box

        150 question cards
        1 buzzer
        1 dry wipe board
        1 pen
        1 set of instructions

        The game

        The game is just like the game show, I would say you need to play with a minimum of 3 people, 1 person for each team and 1 person to ask the questions.

        The person who holds the questions also keeps hold of the buzzer. The questions are asked and the first one to give the top answer takes control of the board, you play it just as the you do in the game show, you need to get all the answers on the card, if you get an answer wrong the buzzer is pressed, which makes the same noise as you hear on the game show. You play each round as you would in the show and the one with the most points at the end wins.

        My opinion

        This is a good game to play, and it does last quite a while. It is fun for all the family to play and I would say you could have 5 members on each team then one quiz master. I think it can get a little bit boring if there is just two of you and also a little harder to get the answers.

        The only this game is that after a few months of playing you get to know the answers off some of the cards so it makes the game easier, and also a little unfair if you play against people who have not played it. But it is a good fun game to play and can keep you entertained for hours


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