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Galt 3D Dino Dominos

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Brand: Galt / Age: 4 Years+

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    1 Review
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      25.02.2009 08:15
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      A good set of different dominos that will challenge

      My son loves playing dominos and so, when I happened across a set of Dino Dominos in a local charity shop for £1 it was an easy purchase. Most will be familiar with the concept of dominos: essentially a game where you aim to get rid of all of your playing pieces as fast as possible by matching numbers/shapes/pictures (according to the set being used). Galt's Dino Dominos version of the game is hardly different save for the fact that it comprises interlocking pieces that stand up creating a 3D game.

      I wasn't sure how my son (at 2) would cope with the concept of the "3D" game (although he was adept at the standard game) but I was pleasantly surprised. Really, there's little difference to a flat set of dominos - you match pictures of cartoon dinosaurs but, as the game is "3D" you also need to match slots such that a dino with a slot at the top is matched with a dino with a slot at the bottom so that the two fit together and stand up. This could, so easily, have been a step too far but, thankfully, within a few turns my son grasped the concept and understands why not all dinos that appear to be the same can be played.

      There are some advantages with the fact that the game is "3D" one of which is that the game is actually more robust. So often a careless foot can destroy a traditional game of dominos played on the floor but, with this version, as the dominos are physically linked it's not an issue. This version also challenges the fine motor skills a little more than a traditional set due to the jigsaw-like linking action that is required.

      The dominos themselves are made of stiffened card. A couple were bent along the slots when we received the set and I suspect that this could quite easily happen by accident and so this version might not be so good for children who are wont to throw toys or be heavy-handed with them. If, however, your child can handle a standard large-piece jigsaw then I see no reason why these should not be suitable. The pictures are clear and appealing.

      I've found that the game encourages turn-taking and clearly taxes observational skills. The fact that there are always two places to go is good as it shows the concept of alternatives. Colours and numbers can also be taught whilst playing this game.

      Clearly, when playing with a young child, it often pays to facilitate their play on your turn and the size of these cards means that it is easy to do this as a young child would not be able to hold these in one hand or conceal them as you might in a standard game of dominos. I'm not that nice that I always let my son win though!

      I have had one game (out of about 40 or so) that resulted in a stalemate but it appears that, even with the most inept play, most games will end with one player using all of their pieces.

      For a child that likes construction, who needs a little more than standard dominos, or who loves dinosaurs I would recommend this set.


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    • Product Details

      Match up the friendly dinosaurs in this fun three-dimensional domino game.

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