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Green s Elmer Snap

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Manufacturer: Green Board Games / Type: Board Game

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    1 Review
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      01.11.2012 10:59
      Very helpful



      Loads of fun


      My daughter likes to play games with us and although I don't mind playing game with her she gets fed up with long games and it generally ends up with her misbehaving. She already has some domino cards and pairs games so I was looking for another game which wouldn't take too long to play and came across these snap cards.

      ==Price and Availability==

      Whenever I am looking for ideas I tend to turn to the trusted Amazon site and this is where I found this game, I haven't seen these cards anywhere else. The cards are from the company Green Board and they costs me about £3.50 and came with free delivery so I think that the game was a decent price and we have had our worth out of it as it has been played with a lot.

      == Packaging==

      The game comes in a small cardboard box the same size of a normal deck of cards, the box has a pale green background but it is coloured in such a way that you can see the pencil lines so it looks a bit like grass. The logo for the Green Board Company is in the top left hand corner and then there is a picture of Elmer the multicoloured elephant on the front and the information that the cards are for ages 3 and up. The box is very brightly coloured as you would expect from an Elmer product but just like the box from a normal pack of cards the box isn't all that sturdy so we have taped the bottom of it to stop the cards falling out.

      ==The Cards==

      Inside the box you get 52 playing cards along with 3 instruction cards although very simple instructions are also on the back of the box. The cards are of normal playing card size, the cards have rounded edges making them friendlier for children and they are of medium thickness. On each card you have a picture and the name of the character written underneath in Bold black capital letters. The cards have Rose the pink Elephant, a cheeky looking Rabbit, 3 Monkeys swinging from a branch, Elmer the multicoloured Elephant, a grumpy looking Tiger, a Zebra, a snake, a Crocodile, a Lion, a grey Elephant, a Hippo, Wilbur the black and white checked Elephant and finally Grandpa Eldo. The cards are all nice and bold and use colourings the same way as in the book which I always think are nicely presented.

      ==The Game==

      The cards can be used to play two different games, you can play pairs or snap and you have instruction cards for both. To play snap you have to shuffle the deck of cards and deal the cards out evenly between all your players, you take it in turns to turn over a card and if it matches the card you are placing it on top of you have to be the first playing to shout snap. When you have shouted snap as long as you are correct that there is a match then you pick up the cards and add them to the bottom of your pile, the winner is the person left with all the cards when everyone else has run out. My eldest daughter is 5 so she understands how to play this game easily although you have to keep on eye on her otherwise she looks at each card before she plays it. She keeps asking if you will share your card with her when she is starting to run out of cards and we have had a few tantrums when she has lost the game but I keep explaining to her that she cannot win everytime and she is getting better at playing games fairly.

      To play pairs with the cards you simply shuffle the deck and then place each card on the playing surface face down, you then take it in turns to turn over 2 cards to try and find a match, if you find a match you take the cards and have another go until all the cards have been matched into their pairs and the winner is the person with the most pairs. My daughter already has 3 different character pairs games so we don't play pairs with these cards.


      We enjoy playing with these cards, a game only takes a few minutes so it is easy to fit in a game even when you are busy and ca be played just about anywhere. The cards are pretty good quality although the box isn't quite so much but we have rectified this with a little tape. The cards are all lovely colours and drawings which is nice and we also use the words on the cards to help with my daughters reading. Sophie often picks this game to play when I say we can play a game so I know she enjoys playing it and it is getting to the stage that we can play a game without it ending up in a tantrum. My younger daughter is only 2 and she tries to play too, it is quite cute as we give her the instruction cards and she sits on my knee making her own little pile and shouting nap as she cannot pronounce her s yet. I think this game was a really good buy, we have played with it loads and we will carry on playing with it for years to come yet although I'm sure once Emily is old enough to play properly we will have tantrums again.


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    This unique deck of cards Snap and Pairs, Manufacturer: Green Board Games

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