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Hangman Deluxe

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Manufacturer Erwin Ravau.

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    1 Review
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      25.01.2001 19:22
      Very helpful



      Now this is a game that's sure to bring back a few memories especially for us oldies!! Memories maybe of an exciting two hour lesson in Biology suffering the Reproduction of the Frog!! This was enough to make many a bored child,reach for a pen and scrap of paper and start to draw out those familiar ------. Followed by the sniggering as the pen slowly starts to recreate a hangman frame and hopefully lead onto the full hung stick Man. Well now You dont need the good old pen and scrap of paper because its available in a box titled the "Deluxe Hangman" made by Games Chest. Inside You will find all You need to puzzle Your opponent. There are two hard plastic cases,containing lots of letters. The clever bit is the hanging of the Man. When You open the box there is a yellow sticker on the top with various pictures drawn in stages leading up to the full hanging of the Man. A handy white lever is moved across to each stage as the opponent guesses wrong. Just place your word along the top and get the other player guessing. Little white pegs are also supplied so You can keep track of hopefully all the games You are winning!! The only way for cheating in this game is if the sun is shining behind Your opponents,it is enough to enable You to see His letters. I watched My children playing this game and I could feel Myself yearning to have a go. The entertainment factor is really good and all You need to play this game is cleverly contained in one box. It is especially helpful for My eight year old son as its giving Him some practise at learning to spell.Although We have had a few mis spellings,thats why I ended up well and truely hung and wondered why? The only disadvantage I can find is that You cant use more than eight letter words,as there is not room on the top for anymore. Well worth the £7.99 its a good old traditional puzzler. <
      br>It keeps the children occupied,they are using there brains to work out the word the other person has and thats got to be more beneficial for them than just vegetating in front of the television for hours.


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