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Harry Potter - Scene It: The Complete Cinematic Journey

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Paramount / Type: Game / DVD

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    4 Reviews
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      21.01.2014 00:51
      Very helpful
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      A great game for all hp fans

      I love harry potter but couldn't warrant the £20 price tag but amazon has it got £10 last week. It turned up today and I have just finished playing it for the third time...it's strangely addictive

      The packaging is appealing with the characters in large on the box as well as the classic scene it logo and the hp logo

      The game says it is suitable for groups of people as well as 2 individual players (we played with 2 individual players) I would say it is probably better suited for teams or 3 players as the charms and spells cards seem to relate and work better with more than one other player.

      The board is an attractive shape and you can do it so you play a shorter game by keeping the board folded a bit more or you can play a longer game by opening the board up completely... We chose to do the longer game, it advises that the game can take about 35-45 mins...it took us about 30 each time with two if us.

      There are 4 pieces to choose from- the hogwarts express, a snitch, sorting hat or a broomstick (all are plastic and look a bit flimsy to be honest I think for the additional cost metal would have been nice but this is only a small thing)

      There is also a dvd which is needed to play the game so look after this or the game will be ruined

      There are question cards (there are 3 types of questions in each one on hogwarts, wizarding world and film- the third are harder but they allow you yo move an additional two spaces if answered correctly) and charm cards (these are like the monopoly chance cards and have to be followed, some can be kept for later and others have yo be used immediately)

      There are also 2 die, 1 is a black die with large white numbers from 1-6 on and the second die has the dvd options on such as my play (where you can answer the question which follows a clip) all play (everyone can answer the question these are usually a blurred location or face such needs to be guessed) my challenge (you have to complete a puzzle) or dictating which question needs to be answered on a question card or my choice where you can choose any of these options

      If you complete your question you continue you have another go until you get it wrong, so one player can appear to get far ahead, however they will reach a stop sign and at this point have yo play the all play to win option which if they get correct they win but it they get it wrong then they have to move onto the number 3 (on our goes we did not get it correct and this meant on our next go we had to answer 3 questions correctly to win- even one wrong meant it was the other persons go and so the other players caught up quickly here and on one occasion won!

      There are also bonus material which seems like a good option to extend the play especially in teams where these activities will be more enjoyable for example acting out what you are told to, a sketching game etc

      The game is great for any Harry potter fan and includes the complete 8 films of the Harry potter series making it a must have keep sake for any true hp fan

      I am extremely happy with my purchase at £10 however if u had paid £20 I would be a little disappointed for the pure fact that the pieces seem a big on the cheap side considering the cost of the game.
      One thing I like from the scene it games (I have played many before) is that they do not seem to repeat the questions and if on the rare occasion they do you can easily change it for another one.


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        23.05.2013 13:42



        Great group fun.

        As both a Board Game and Harry Potter fan I knew I had to have this when I spotted it on sale for £10 in The Works. It has provided hours of entertainment and doesn't just sit in the cupboard gathering dust.
        With the game you get the board, 2 dice, 4 different tokens which are Harry Potter themed, question cards, charms and spells cards, the DVD and instructions on how to play the game.

        Scene It? is a classic Board Game with there now being tons of versions, the concept of the game is that by using a DVD which comes with the game you answer various questions and progress round the board by rolling the dice. There are two dice to roll each turn, one with numbers on determining how many spaces you move and one with different pictures on which determines which type of question you have to answer. The different topics are:
        * My Play - The player has their own question to answer following a clip from the DV
        * All Play - All players compete to answer a question correctly off the DVD
        * My Challenge - Using the remote the player solves a puzzle on the screen
        * Hogwarts - The player answers a Hogwarts question off the question cards
        * Wizarding World - The player answers a Wizarding World question
        * Film Wizard - The player answers a question about the films
        * Player's choice- Player gets to choose any category.

        Once a player reaches the end of the Board they answer a play to win question which is harder than the rest.
        The game is fairly simple to play, you can have up to 4 individual players or 4 teams and the game takes around 30 minutes to play. The guided age is 13+, due to some of the scenes taken from the films.

        Overall this makes a great, fun game to play in a group at times like Christmas. Obviously you have to know some Harry Potter knowledge to actually enjoy the game as the game consists of questions and scenes from all 8 films.


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        26.06.2012 13:58
        Very helpful



        avoid if your a big fan - you will notice many faults!

        Me and my friends love playing board games every now and then, especiallyaround christmas time. Monopoly and cluedo are firm favourites of mine, im not a massive fan of Scene it but when I saw the Harry Potter one I knew we would all enjoy it as we are all big Harry Potter fans.

        It comes presented in a nice box with the three main Harry Potter characters on the front. In the box you get the scene it board, four playing tokens, two dice, the instructions, the charms and spells cards and the trivia cards and the dvd for playing the game and watching the movie clips.

        The aim of the game is to move around the board answering questions from particular categories on the cards or answering questions based on clips from the movie or puzzles on the dvd. If you get the question right you get another turn, if you get it wrong it moves on to the next player. The first person to reach the end of the board and answer the last 3 questions correctly wins the game.

        The game is not difficult and it is fun to play if you are a fan of the Harry Potter films, however I do prefer more challenging games such as Monopoly or Cluedo - and they do make a harry potter cluedo which I absolutely love!

        I do have one HUGE criticism of this board game however, when we were playing we found that quite a few of the supposedly correct answers to the trivia questions on the card were wrong. At first we thought maybe it was just us, but after getting a few wrong that we were sure we were right on we googled the answers and doubled checked them - and we were right. Now, how can such a well known and popular game such as Scene it get some basic trivia questions wrong on their cards?! This really made us never want to play the game again. Incidently, I also have the Twilight Scene it, bought for me as a gift, and the first time we sat and played this together we also found the same problem with the answers to the trivia cards.

        Because of this I will steer clear of any Scene it games in the future, if they cannot get this part of the game right then it is really not worth playing at all!


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          12.01.2012 08:39
          Very helpful



          JK Rowling would struggle on some questions but an enjoyable game none the less!

          My son is a huge fan of the Harry Potter films and I really enjoy them too and so when I was on amazon one day and saw the Harry Potter scene it covering the complete cinematic journey I immediately pre ordered it for my son for Christmas.

          ==The packaging==

          The game comes presented in a good quality cardboard box which features the product name as well as a picture of some of the main characters from the Harry Potter films. We are told on the front of the box that the game is suitable for people aged 13 plus and for two or more players or teams. We are advised that a game should take around thirty to forty five minutes to play.

          ==Inside the box==

          Inside the box you get

          -4 x playing tokens which are the Hogwarts Express, Hedwig the owl, the golden snitch and a broomstick.
          -2 x dice used for selecting a category of play and moving around the board.
          -game board
          -DVD for play
          -charms and spells cards
          -trivia cards
          -set of instructions and rules

          ==Playing the game and our opinion==

          To play the game you should firstly set up the game board which is a simple process as you just open it out and place the charms and spells cards on the board as well as the playing tokens. You should also put the DVD in to the DVD player so that it is ready for any DVD based questions. It literally takes around a minute or two to set the game up so you are ready to play quickly as there is no assembly or anything involved.

          The youngest player begins play much to my son's delight as he is usually the youngest player! There are two dice to roll one being numbered for moving around the board and the other having symbols on it as the category die. There are various categories in which you can play this game and these are as follows:

          All play: As the name suggests all player can attempt to answer this DVD based question in a bid to win a charms and spell card and to take play away from the roller. Questions in this section tend to be anagrams or guessing a character or place from a distorted image.

          My play: Only the roller of the dice may answer the initial question in this feature which follows a short clip from one of the Harry Potter films. All players must pay attention though as a related all play question will follow next which again gives the chance of winning a charm and spells card. This is a good feature I feel as it helps to keep players interested during the clip in a my play where as in a couple of other scene it games we have many players switch off during someone else's my play.

          My puzzle: This is another DVD based question which is purely for the player who rolled the dice. This is an interactive question in which the player uses the remote control to answer. Examples of questions here include selecting which house various students belong to or matching a spell name with its outcome.

          Trivia cards: These questions do not rely on the DVD at all and a question is simply read from the card by another player for you to answer.

          We have various scene it games at home because we do really enjoy them and I think they are great games to get out when you have people round for a get together and things. My son has always managed to play them and have fun doing so and so I paid little attention to the aged thirteen plus guidelines on the box. I have to say that I think predominantly the guideline is there because some of the films are a 12 rating and so the game needs to be the same as it features snippets from the films. As I have made a conscious decision to allow my son to watch the Harry Potter films with me I saw no need not to buy the game too but this said we have found that playing this game is really hard purely because of the difficulty in the questions! As I mentioned earlier my son and I love the films but many questions in the game ask for minor characters names or for those relating to specific rooms in Hogwarts which is really tricky I feel! My friend also bought this game for her daughter and feels the same as me so it is not just me who thinks it is a hard game.

          Whilst there are some ridiculously hard questions such as the riddle letter anagrams which move around as the timer ticks down there are some questions which pop up which are easier and it actually gives you a real sense of achievement when you get one right and are allowed a second roll of the dice!

          A nice feature in this game is the charms and spells cards which can be won during all play questions. They feature things such as if a player rolls a six you can choose to freeze them and move six yourself. In some other scene it games we have the bonus cards are simply a case of move forward a space or miss a go and such like and so I do feel these cards make it a bit more interesting and you are more excited to try and get one!

          Whilst this game is quite hard to play it is still one that my son and I enjoy and we have played it lots of times already since he got it at Christmas. I do think that perhaps you need to be J K Rowling to know all of the answers to the questions but it is a fun game to play none the less! My son and I are planning on watching all of the films again to see if that boosts our performance a little! I do think this is a game my son will grow in to though as well and I would imagine we will have many years of play from it. I do think that whilst the game is hard and more often than not we get questions wrong the most important thing is to enjoy spending time together playing the game and we do that so it is a winner really.

          You can purchase this game from amazon for £21.97 should you be interested. Despite the difficulty I do think that it is a good game which Harry Potter of all ages would enjoy. Also on the DVD are some bonus activities where you can sketch, act or say clues to portray something from the film. Again these are quite obscure things and so as yet we haven't really bothered with these but I think when we have played the game a little more we will have fun with these features.

          Thank you for reading my review!


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