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Hasbro Cluedo DVD Game

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2 Reviews

Brand: Hasbro / Age: 8 Years+ / For 2 or more players

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    2 Reviews
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      30.04.2010 12:40
      Very helpful
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      Not the best version of Cluedo

      As with most of the classic board games that are available Cluedo wanted to bring itself into the twenty first century and so released a DVD version of the game.

      Cluedo is a mystery solving game, you ask people questions to try and solve the mystery. Whilst bringing itself into the twenty first century Cluedo has now become politically correct. Cluedo is now not for solving murders but instead burglaries! In my opinion that's not quite so much fun, but never mind, the idea of the game is still the same! In this game of Cluedo you are looking for who (which suspect was the thief), what (which item was stolen), where (from which location was the item stolen) and when (at what time did the theft occur) this is done by using your clue sheet. This is your little notebook to figure out whodunnit by noting down answers to questions you ask other players and information given by the DVD.

      The game comes with a board, ten different suspects that you can play as (they've added four extra people), 42 cards showing different suspects, items, locations and times, a magnifying glass, a case file envelope, detective notepad (cluepad) and four plastic padlocks.

      What confuses me about this game is that they have added more of everything to the original game and I'm not sure why. The board now has more rooms with the new ones including the fountain, rose garden and Butler's Pantry.

      Added to the six original characters (Mustard, Green, Plum, White, Scarlett and Peacock) we now have Mrs Meadow-Brook, Lady Lavender, Prince Azure and Rusty. Again I'm not sure why there are more but what I enjoy about the characters is that each one has been made into a fairly detailed piece to move around the board.

      The items in the game are now just plain weird. Obviously because these are things that would be stolen rather than used to kill someone there are items such as a pocket watch, rare book and telescope. What I used to love about Cluedo is the fact you had the little plastic murder weapons that you used to make a 'guess' with. None of that in this game! The padlocks are used to lock secret passageways in certain games, which I just think is stupid.

      However, all of the above (even if weird) is obviously used to bring a new twist to the game and make it more challenging.

      The game has ten cases that are 'ready made'. The DVD guide shows you how to set up the game and choose the cards that are required to be hidden in the case file pack in the centre of the board. This is where the magnifying glass comes in. On the back of all the cards there are hidden symbols which can only be seen by using the magnifying glass. This is how you set up the game without knowing the answers. The game also tells you which characters will be involved in the game and you must play as these characters. Personally I find this very annoying, whenever I play Cluedo I'm Miss Scarlett, there's no discussions about it, that's just it. Even when I play on Cluedo on the IT box I'm Miss Scarlett!

      Whilst playing the game the DVD stays on in the background playing music that suits the mystery game (though it does get annoying after awhile). The DVD sits on a menu mode which has five options. The first is 'take a secret passage' the game does still contain secret passageways between rooms at either end of the board, this is useful to move around the board quicker. However, the DVD doesn't make it quite so simple, taking a secret passage often ends with a bad thing happening to you such as loosing a turn because you got lost in the maze of underground tunnels etc. The game makes the secret passages seem like a way of cheating which they aren't.

      You can also summon the butler instead of taking a turn. He will give all the players a clue, though this is more ambiguous than asking another player outright it can be quite useful. There is also an inspector who tries to make the game go quicker, he brings new clues and information to different players approximately after every fifteen minutes. This can be a little annoying as he does interrupt the flow of the game. Viewing some of his clues does require you to complete a small challenge usually along the lines of watching a small video and being asked a simple question afterwards. The inspector will also ask you to move cards to the middle of the board, for example if you have a certain item or the most cards out of the players he will ask you to place it in the middle so all players can see.

      At the end of thwe game you also make your guess through the DVD. This is all done via the magnifying glass and hidden symbols so that other players can't see. Personally I find it a really annoying way to enter in the information. The ten cases on the DVD will stay the same and the outcome never changes. However, the game does have a 'general case' mode which will give a new outcome every time.

      The game is for 3 - 5 players and makes for a good gaming night in. However, I think if given the choice between a classic game of Cluedo or this one, I would probably go for the original as it's less complicated and although the DVD does add a fun element it is also annoying at the same time and I find that rather than adding to the game it interrupts it. The only reason this is getting stars from me is because at the end of the day this game is Cluedo and Cluedo is a great game, it's just that this version is just poorly thought out. At the moment the game seems to be selling between £20.00 and £40.00, if you can find it on the lower end of this price range then I would recommend it as at the end of the day you can just convert this DVD game in to a normal Cluedo game!


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        13.06.2009 01:26
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Recommended if you think standard Cluedo is too easy

        This DVD game is another in the "Cluedo" family of games & was first released in 2005. On opening the box you will find:-

        + 1 DVD
        + 1 Gameboard
        + 42 cards
        + 10 mover tokens
        + 1 red magnifying glass
        + 1 detective notepad
        + 4 plastic padlocks.

        ~ Introduction ~

        Doctor Black is hosting a special event for some of his friends. Unfortunately one of them has, at some point, stolen something from somewhere in the house. Your job, as a detective, is to discover:-

        + WHO stole the item in question?
        + WHAT item was stolen?
        + WHERE was the item stolen from?
        + WHEN was the item stolen?

        Inspector Brown & Ashe The Butler are on hand to offer help & assistance as you work your way through Tudor Mansion in order to find out the truth about the theft.

        The suspects are:-

        + Colonel Mustard
        + Reverend Green
        + Porfessor Plum
        + Prince Azure
        + Rusty
        + Mrs. White
        + Miss Scarlett
        + Mrs. Peacock
        + Mrs. Meadow-Brook
        + Lady Lavender

        The times are:-

        + Dawn
        + Breakfast
        + Late Morning
        + Lunch
        + Early Afternoon
        + Tea Time
        + Dusk
        + Dinner
        + Night
        + Midnight

        The items are:-

        + Telescope
        + Revolver
        + Rare Book
        + Wallet
        + Gold Pen
        + Letter Opener
        + Crystal Paperweight
        + Medal
        + Pocket Watch
        + Jade Hairpin
        + Scarab Brooch

        ~ The Board ~

        On opening the board you'll notice that's it's different to other Cluedo boards. The loactions on the board are:-

        + Hall
        + Lounge
        + Dining Room
        + Kitchen
        + Ballroom
        + Conservatory
        + Library
        + Study
        + Rose Garden
        + Fountain

        There is also an Evidence Room which is where the players start & where they will return to to make their final accusation. In one corner you'll also see the Butler's Pantry. The item cards are placed here.

        You'll also notice that there are no squares on this board. Each location is connected by a "walkway" which means that you can move directly from one location to an adjoining location without being "in limbo" between two locations.

        ~ Starting The Game ~

        Place the DVD in your DVD player. You can select from one of 10 numbered cases or 1 General Case. The 10 numbered cases will have the same solution each time you play them. The solution to the General Case changes each time it is played.

        Once, you've selected your case you'll be told which cards to place in the case file envelope. This is done by using the red magnifying glass & looking for the relevant picture on the back of the cards. The item cards are placed in the Butler's Pantry whilst the suspect, location & time cards are dealt out to the players as you would in a standard game of Cluedo.

        ~ Gameplay ~

        The DVD will tell you which movers to use for the case you have selected & which player goes first. Play then continues in a clockwise direction. At the start of a game players will:-

        01) Move to an adjacent location then,
        02) Make a suggestion.

        Usually, at the start of the game, some doors or secret passages will be locked. The DVD will tell you which these are. Players are not able to move through locked doors or enter locked secret passages until they have been unlocked. Inspector Brown will tell you when the locks can be removed.

        Once you've reached an new location it's time to make a suggestion. Suggestions can only have THREE elements so, with each suggestion you make you must leave out either a location, a suspect, an item or a time. So, you can, for example, enter the conservatory and suggest a suspect, an item and a time. If you do suggest a location it must be the same location as the room you are in.

        Once you've made your suggestion the player on your left must show you one of the relevant cards if (s)he has one. If not, then the other players must do the same in turn as would happen in a standard game of Cluedo. There is however, no need to move the suspect to the location in this game.

        As the game progresses the locked doors / secret passages will be unlocked and new options become available on the game menu. These can be used instead of making a suggestion and are:-

        + Summon The Butler
        + Look At An Item Card
        + Read A Note

        ~ Summon The Butler ~

        This option will bring Ashe to your location. He'll give you some gossip about something he's seen or heard & will present you with an item he's found. At this point you take the top card from the pile of cards in the Butler's Pantry & cross off the relevant item on your detective sheet.

        ~ Look At An Item Card ~

        Inspector Brown is also busy searching for items in Tudor Mansion. When he locates an item the DVD will tell you to move a card from the Butler's Pantry to a location on the board. When you reach the location in question the Inspector will allow you to look at the item card as long as you can prove your detective skills. A short clip will play once you've selected the "LOOK AT AN ITEM CARD" option & the Inspector will ask you a question. If you get the question right then you get to look at the card. The card remains where it is so that the other players can also view it.

        ~ Read A Note ~

        Inspector Brown will also write notes in his notebook from time to time. Players can choose to read one of his notes by selecting the "READ AN INSPECTOR'S NOTE" option from the menu & then use the red magnifying glass to read a number on the TV screen. The player then find the relevant number in the Inspector's notes to see what information the inspector has to share.

        ~ Other Events ~

        Warning! Using a secret passage is a gamble. You may find the passage blocked & be sent back to your starting location, or you may overhear a conversation that provides you with further information. Think about using them as you may not necessarily reach the location that you wanted to.

        Occasionally Inspector Brown may become frustrated with the lack of progress on the case and will require players to turn a card into the Evidence Room. Players are allowed to check the cards in the Evidence Room at any time. However, if Inspector Brown requires you to turn in more cards to the Evidence Room than you have in your hand then you are out of the game.

        The winner is the first person to reach the Evidence Room & enter the suspect, time, items & location correctly.

        ~ The General Case Game ~

        As with the numbered cases, the DVD will tell you how to set up the General Case game. There are however a number of differences:-

        + You do not need to discover what time the event took place in this game. You are only looking for the WHO, WHEN and WHERE.

        + Ashe The Butler is not available to help you out.

        ~ Opinion ~

        As with "Cluedo Mysteries" there's a possible issue with the red magnifying glass. People who are colour blind or who have poor eyesight may find it difficult to read the the information on the back of the cards as well as on the screen.

        Due to the fact that you need to identify four separate pieces of information in the numbered games this is perhaps a slightly more difficult game than the usual Cluedo games. So, if you have problems with winning other games of Cluedo this is perhaps not the game for you.

        However, if you want a bit more of a challenge then this could well be the game for you. Gameplay can last over an hour but you'll need to pick up a copy from e-bay or a site with a trader's option such as Amazon as it's no longer on general sale.


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      • Product Details

        The usual suspects are wreaking havoc at Tudor Mansion, and Scotland Yard needs your help! Can you crack these challenging interactive cases, plus unlimited others in the special bonus game?

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