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Hasbro Cluedo Reinvention

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6 Reviews

Brand: Hasbro / For 3 - 6 players / Age: 8 Years+

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    6 Reviews
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      25.05.2012 22:37
      Very helpful



      Fabulous fun for over eights.

      Working with primary age children has its benefits. Some afternoons I get to sit and play board games, and that's always fun. When this game arrived in our setting the children were anxious to get started, while I was just plain anxious. My dad bought me Cluedo when I was about 10 and we sat down to play it as a family and totally failed at actually figuring out how to play. I was worried that after getting excited the kids might be let down by the overly complicated (as I remember them) rules.

      Surprisingly after reading the instructions for this version, which weren't too lengthy, we had the game set up and ready to play in five minutes. Success! I've since played this game on many occasions with the children. It always works better with more players. A game with two people gets old, fast. It is recommended for 3-6 players, but can be played with two. I've found that Cluedo is suitable for children 8 and up, depending on their level of understanding. The children are keen to play it, and enjoy the responsibility of setting up the board and sorting the cards.

      For some reason when playing with the children Plum is often our killer (about 50% of the time!) It's got to the stage where one child (unless he has the Plum card) instantly marks Plum off as the perpetrator on his sheet. Not a smart way to play, but it has worked for him on more than one instance. You will find yourself becoming attached to a particular character, and this may cause heated arguments about who gets to be this character before the game begins. I think this is true of most good board games.

      The rules of the game are fairly simple. All the cards except 3 (a guest, a room and a weapon) are shared equally among the players. The 3 remaining are put into an envelope so no one can see. Everyone has to mark off the cards they receive on a grid sheet and then try to figure out which cards everyone else has so that they can determine what the 3 secret cards are, and therefore who the murderer is, in which room the crime was committed and what weapon was used to commit the crime. Basically.

      This is a fab game for children. It's really good for their cognitive development, especially their logical thinking and problem solving skills. It's also a great game for encouraging turn taking (something that a lot of children struggle with)

      It is equally as good for adults. Shortly after playing this game in work I rushed out and bought it for my own home, and I play it fairly regularly with my partner and our friends. What's interesting is the way that everyone marks off their sheets, and what strategies they use. One friend uses one whole side of a grid sheet, which can be used for several games, on a single playthrough.

      The game can be bought for a little over £10 on amazon - a real bargain.

      The only thing I dislike about the game is the 'clock cards' There are 8 clock cards, mixed in with all the other intrigue cards. The first 7 do nothing when they are pulled. Whoever pulls the last clock card is killed by the murderer and is out of the game. I find this leaves everyone a little frustrated (child or adult) and there is a sense that time has been wasted. I tend to just take these cards out of the deck before we start playing.


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        02.12.2011 17:44
        Very helpful



        A classic game.


        I have always been a huge fan of Cluedo, it is a fun and tactical game which can be enjoyed by all the family. It is a murder mystery board game in which players must identify who is guilty of a murder, where it took place and which weapon was used. First of all cards are picked to determine who the murderer is, where it happened and with what and then they are secretly put into an envelope so that no one playing knows the truth. Each player then chooses a character and rolls the dice to move around the board, making their way into the various rooms. Rumours are then started by the players of who committed the murder, where and with what in order to narrow down the suspects. Players can choose to see other players cards and each player has a check list to use to keep track of their suspicions. Once a player feels confident enough that they have solved the mystery they can make their way to the centre of the board and make an accusation. Only they can see the cards in the envelope and if they are right they win and if they are wrong then they are out whilst the other players continue with the game.

        This version of Cluedo is published by the American company Hasbro. If I have ever seen 'Americanisation' on a board game then this is certainly it! Hasbro have taken the original game and turned it into something quite different.

        The game is designed for 3 to 6 players and it is recommended for anybody 9+.

        Discover the Secrets

        This edition of Cluedo by Hasbro is a modern twist on the classic game. The concept is of course the same only the murder takes place at a millionaires mansion. I do like the original version of this game however I also like how this version is refreshed. It is really bright and colourful and the design of the packaging is modern and different with the makers using actual pictures of real people for the characters.

        The board itself folds into quarters and the rooms on it are very different to the original version. I really like the rooms on the board as they are fun and different compared to the old ones.
        There is:
        *An indoor swimming pool in the centre of the board where the envelope goes and where you must go to in order to make an accusation.
        *A kitchen fully equipped with a gas cooker, microwave, spilt milk and breakfast bar.
        *A dining room with a large table and meal laid out.
        *A guest house with a lounge area and plasma TV.
        *A hallway with what seems to be lots of sports trophies.
        *An observatory with a PC and telescope.
        *A living room complete with an L-shaped sofa and widescreen TV.
        *An actual theatre with 20 seats.
        *A spa with a hot tub and massage table.
        *An outdoor patio with sun beds.

        The weapons and characters in the game differ slightly.
        Weapons: Bat, Pistol, Candlestick, Knife, Rope, Axe, Dumbbell, Poison and Trophy.
        Characters: Kasandra Scarlet, Jacob Green, Jack Mustard, Diane White, Victor Plum and Eleanor Peacock.

        The game comes with 3 sets of cards; rumour, intrigue and personality.
        Rumour: there is a rumour card for every guest, weapon and room. You must see as many of these cards as possible in order to narrow down people, places and things.
        Intrigue: you get these cards when you roll a question mark on one of the dice, land on a question mark on the board or when you are moved to a room as part of another players rumour. Each one of the cards has a statement on it which you can keep hold of and use to your advantage, e.g. take another turn or the player on your right must show you a card.
        Personality: there is one card for each guest. The card has a special power on it and can be used at any time throughout the game.

        It usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour to complete a game of Cluedo, depending on how many players there are. It takes no more than 5 minutes to set up the board.

        Is it any good?

        I really like this version of Cluedo, it is really fun and different. However I also like the original version as I have grown up with it and I like how vintage it is. I am so used to the characters and rooms on the original version that it took me a while to get used to the changes on this one. It is refreshing to play this game with different rooms and weapons and there seems to be more opportunities to get ahead in the game with the personality and intrigue cards. I think that this game is a success however I don't necessarily prefer it to the original! It is a great game for all the family to play, especially at Christmas!

        This game can be bought from any good toy shops and supermarkets for about £15.

        Thank you for reading : )

        Review also on Ciao under luceey.


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          02.01.2010 16:06
          Very helpful



          A fun family game

          I hadn't played Cluedo for years, but we wanted a new game to play during family get togethers over Christmas, so decided to try the updated version of Cluedo.

          Cluedo is a board game where you try to solve a murder, and the first one to do it correctly wins the game. You have to guess the murder, which room it was comitted in, and the weapon that what used.

          There is one card to represent each character, weapon and room. At the start of the game one each of these is chosen and put into an envelope. The rest of the cards are distributed equaly amost the players. The idea is to work out by process of elimination which 3 cards are in the envelope, i.e. whodunnit!

          Each player is one of the characters in the game, and moves around the board by rolling the dice. Once you're in a room you can make a guess at the murderer, room and weapon. Once you've made a guess if the player on your left has one of the cards, they have to show it to you (and no one else), if not it moves to the next player and so on. You have a little sheet where you eliminate cards you've seen

          This is where Cluedo's real strength lies, in that it's a game of strategy, asking the right things to get to see the cards you need. Although a fair amount of luck is usually involved as well. This also creates the fun, as you try not to give anything away to, or mislead your opponents.

          There are also intrigue cards that you get throughout the game, which give you advantages such as extra turns, or to see players cards, which add an extra dimension to the game.

          The game itself seems good quality, the board is thick and seems quite robust, the graphics on the board, box and cards are nice too. The pieces that represent the characters and plastic and feel a bit cheap compared to the metal models of the weapons, but they do the job. These pieces are really small so watch out they don't get lost.

          It's not the cheapest board game, but is well made and sure to provide plenty of entertainment when playing with friends or family. Due to the nature of the game I'd say you really need at least 4 players, and I can recommend teaming up in pairs, for adding more fun to the game.


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          29.12.2009 10:51
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          The changes have had no adverse effect on a good board game

          I have been a huge fan of the original version of Cluedo the board game for years and loved playing it time and time again. This is the re-invented new version on the market that was brought out in 2008. The revisions made really do work pretty well though.

          For those not aware Cluedo is a murder mystery game where you choose one of six characters to play as and wander about a mansion into different rooms like the kitchen or billiards room for example. When you enter a room each player gets a chance to choose who is the murderer, weapon and room the murder was committed in. This has been decided at random at the start of the game by selecting cards but no players know the combination. For example, you can pick Colonel Mustard as the murderer, with the revolver in the Library. If you are correct with all three selections then you win the game but if you not then you get to find out which if any are right without letting anyone else know. Then by a process of elimination and your own notes you finally deduce the answer by crossing off things it's not.

          In the new version there are three new murder weapons added to the list which increases the challenge and number of solutions. The characters in the game also have a special ability which gives them a bit more individuality rather than all the same. For example, some of them may be able to take one extra turn to guess per game.

          However, the biggest change in this version is the 'intrigue cards'. These are drawn when landing on a '?' square, rolling '?' on one of the dice or when you are yourself called to a room as you are chosen as the murderer. These cards give you more options but there are some that are called 'clock' cards. These cards add a bit of suspense and tension near the end. The player drawing the last of these cards is killed by the murderer and card goes back to the pile to be drawn out again.

          The board has been updated with some modern rooms like the spa and patio and the characters have been given new full names, but I still liked the old ones really.

          By revamping this classic game they have tried to modernise it and make it more fun for all ages. I think the changes work pretty well and it's worth buying this new version of a great old game.


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            06.06.2009 15:51
            Very helpful



            Similar to classic cluedo although slightly more difficult

            Cluedo Reinvention was launched in 2008 & is an updated version of the classic Cluedo game. As with the original game the object is to find out who the murderer is, where the murder was committed & what weapon was used.

            For the purpose of this review it's probably easier to tell you what's been updated & what's new. The suspects, rooms & weapon have been updated & are listed below.

            The Suspects are:-

            + Jacob Green: A Mr. Fixit who can help you achieve your dreams, but his favours come at a price.

            + Jack Mustard: Former football player, now a sports pundit.

            + Eleanor Peacock: From a wealthy political family, she likes to fundraise, but only as long as she's in the spotlight.

            + Victor Plum: A self-made video game design billionaire.

            + Kasandra Scarlet: The hottest star on the movie scene, she's at the centre of every social event & has the attention of all the celeb magazines.

            + Diane White: Former child actress who has found it difficult to adjust to the fact she's no longer as famous as she used to be.

            The Rooms are:-

            + Dining Room
            + Guest House
            + Hall
            + Kitchen
            + Living Room
            + Observatory
            + Patio
            + Spa
            + Theatre

            The Weapons are:-

            + Axe
            + Bat
            + Candlestick
            + Dumbbell
            + Knife
            + Pistol
            + Poison
            + Rope
            + Trophy

            Making a suggestion is now called "starting a rumour". Once you've started a rumour by announcing a suspect, room & weapon your opponents act in exactly the same way that they do in classic Cluedo.

            The game also comprises a number of new elements. Firstly each of the six Cluedo suspects now has a special "power". This can only be used once during the game but players are free to use it whenever they like. The "powers" are:

            + Jacob Green: Guess for a room he's not currently in.
            + Jack Mustard: Have an extra roll.
            + Victor Plum: Two guesses on one turn.
            + Eleanor Peacock: Randomly pick a card to look at from someone you've just shown a card to.
            + Kasandra Scarlet: Look at a card that one player has just shown another.
            + Diana White: Move to any room that does not have a secret passage in it.

            Once you've set the board up you will notice that there are a number of squares on the board which contain question marks. You will also notice that one of the dice has a question mark on it as well.

            If the question mark appears on your roll or you land on a square with a question mark you must draw an Intrigue card. These cards can help your progress throughout the game, for example, allowing you to add 6 onto your dice score, giving you en axtra roll, allowing you to see a card that an opponent has just shown somebody else etc. They can also be used to impede the progress of your opponents eg: by sending them back to their start square or by allowing you to leave a rumour unanswered.

            There are also 8 clock cards in the Intrigue deck. The first seven are left face up at the side of the board to show how many have been drawn. Should you draw the eighth clock card then you are killed & can no longer start rumours or make an accusation. You also have to place all of your cards face up so that the other player's can see them.
            The 8th clock card is then returned to the Intrigue deck (leaving the first seven still showing face up at the side of the board) & another player is killed if it is drawn again.
            In theory then it's possible for all the players to end up dead & the mystery to remain unsolved but I've never experienced this happening in a game.

            If you like Cluedo & are perhaps looking for a bit more of a challenge then I recommend this game. The Intrigue cards are particularly useful & you need to think about when the best time to play them is.

            To make the game slightly more complex you can always place a number of Rumour (suspect, weapon, room) cards in the rooms around the board rather than dealing them all out, or you could leave some by the side of the board & allow anyone who draws a clock from the Intrigue deck to take a card.

            If, however, you struggle with classic Cluedo then this is perhaps not the game for you.


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              10.01.2009 16:55
              Very helpful



              A great new up to date version of cluedo with a few added twists

              I bought this game to play on christmas night with familyas we all love cluedo and this is the up to date 2008 version.

              Now I'm sure that everyone has played cluedo at least once but just in case it's a murder mystery game where you move around the board trying to find who who has comitted a murder where and with what.

              Cluedo reinvention has all new rooms, new first names for the characters and new weapons. I'll list these at the end for anyone who wants to know what they are.

              Everything looks much more modern and updated especially the board and the cards.

              The new versiona lso has an added twist with the additon of 'Intrige cards'. These are an extra card that are drawn during the game that give you extra turns or a few more spaces to move when you roll the dice. Beware though because drawing some cards can result in the death of another player.

              Each player also has a 'special personality' card which gives each player a special skill of their own that can be used once in each game. Again I will list them at the bottom for those who want to know.

              The one thing that I didn't like about the new game were the playing pieces. I have previously played cluedo where the playing pieces looked just like mini people and were very realistic and with this being the new version you expect them to have improved even more. Instead I found that the pieces are nothing more then a rectangle of clear plastic with a coloured question mark on to signify who is who. I was really disapointed with this but once you start playing you soon forget about it.

              It is a really good game and any cluedo fan is sure to love it.

              Now for those of you that like to know the characters full names and special powers are:

              Kasandra Scarlet- Look at a card that one player has just shown another.
              Jack Mustard- Can have an extra roll.
              Victor PLum- Can have two guesses on one turn.
              Jacob Green- Can have a guess for a room that he is not currently in.
              Diana White- Move to any room that does not have a secret passage without rolling.
              Eleanor Peacock- Randomly pick a card to look at from someone you have just shown a card to.

              The rooms are:

              Dining Room
              Living Room
              Guest House

              The weapons are:



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          • Product Details

            The mystery you love to solve again and again is even more intense in this super gripping version! Cluedo is back with a modern twist : a soiree at a millionaire mogul's mansion turned deadly, and you must find out who is responsible for murdering the host... There's no Revolver or Billiard Room this time but could it have been Scarlet with The Barbell in The Spa? Open up the tabloid-style instructions to get the scoop on the updated rooms, weapons, and guests. A deck of Intrigue Cards adds suspense to your game with cards that can help you solve the crime faster or result in a second victim! Narrow down which rumours are true and which are just hearsay... Get caught up in the scandal of the century!

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