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Hasbro Don't Wake Hulk

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Brand: Hasbro Milton Bradley / Age: 3 years + / Players: 2-4

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    1 Review
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      25.02.2011 08:59
      Very helpful



      A decent game which doesn't take up too much time

      My son has so many board games at home and I know it will be something that I continue to add to because I feel playing them offers great family time where you can focus totally on that and nothing else. I also think that playing board games helps a child to learn social skills and other important things such as turn taking.

      The game don't wake Hulk is basically the same game as the MB game don't wake Dad but it is based around the marvel super hero the incredible hulk and also features other characters from the marvel series making it a popular choice with young boys!

      The game comes in a reasonably sturdy cardboard box which features a smiling incredible hulk sitting up in bed. We are told that the game is suitable for children aged 3+ and that two to four players can play this at any one time. When you open up the box you have the game board, the incredible hulk in a chunky purple plastic bed, a die, marvel character pawns and a deck of sixteen cards.

      To begin play you should firstly set up the game which is pretty straight forward. You need to position the plastic bed in the holes provided on the game board and then choose whichever pawn you would like to be. Usually my son and I fight over spiderman! Once the game board is set up you should share out the sixteen cards between the players and lay them out in front of you.

      The game begins by the youngest player rolling the dice. The dice has purple, red, yellow and green faces on and these correspond to all the coloured spaces on the game board. The player should move their pawn to the first space of the colour they have rolled. On most of the spaces on the board there will be a picture of a marvel character and a number besides the picture; these correspond to the cards which have been previously dealt. You should check to see if you have that picture in your pile and if you do your pawn is safe. If they other player has the card with the picture on though you have to press a button on the hulks bed however many times it says next to the picture! If the hulk then jumps up in bed you must go back to the last rolled space and in turn you win the card that beat you off the other player.

      The game sounds quite complicated but the actual fact is that it is really simple to play! My son is five now but has had this game since he was three and a half and he has been able to play it with ease from as soon as he got it. The game is usually completed within around fifteen minutes which means it isn't too time consuming nor requires too much sitting still for a young child who may be playing it. My son loved this game when he first got it and although we still play it occasionally now I would say he is getting slightly bored by it now, and it is certainly more suited to those three to four year olds in my opinion. As the game play is so simple it is really easy for them to follow but I think as a child gets older they are looking to more advanced games which require a little bit more thinking to them.

      The game seems to be made of good quality materials and we have had no issues with the bed being faulty despite numerous game plays and lots of pushing the button on the bed! I would say that the pawns could do with being made from slightly tougher cardboard though as some of them have become damaged over the years. The game is still playable, of course, but some of the card does look quite damaged in places. The game board itself is still in excellent condition and this is what I would expect from something manufactured by MB and Hasbro games to be honest anyway.

      I picked this game up from Debenhams a couple of years ago for ten pounds if I remember rightly and I cannot seem to find a price for it online at the moment as it out of stock at amazon and I can't find it anywhere else! However, should you see this game somewhere at a reasonable price I would say it makes an excellent gift for a pre school aged boy and it will probably last them for a couple of years before they start to get a bit bored by the simple game play.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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