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Hasbro Guess Who Extra

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5 Reviews

Brand: Hasbro / Age: 6 Years+ / For 2 players

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    5 Reviews
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      22.11.2012 12:00
      Very helpful



      Stick to the original

      ==Guess Who Extra==

      Guess Who is a classic game that has been around for many years and I didn't think that it was possible to improve on the game or change it in any way. However Hasbro, the makers of the game, obviously have come up with a way that they think does improve it or at least bring the game into the electronic age that we are in.

      The Guess Who Extra is extra because of the fact that it is now played on a board which now has lights and sounds. Not only this but the game sheets have been changed and there are far more people and objects which can be picked for the opponent to try and identify.

      The game itself is recommended for players aged 6 years old and over but Jack was bought this last Christmas when he was around 4 ½ and had no trouble in playing it since that time. Only two players can play at a time and it is not a game that a child can play alone.

      The downside of this game now being electronic is that it does require 2 AA batteries which, like a lot of these electronic toys, are not included with the game and need to be purchased separately. Installing them is pretty simple however and once these are in place the game is ready to be played.

      The concept of the game is pretty much the same in that both players need to insert a game card into their side of the board and this card has to be the same for both players. The board is now one piece and unlike the game of old which was made up of two separate boards this one has to be played with the players sitting close together which can often be tricky and not always ideal. Once the cards are inserted each player needs to choose a person, animal, monster or object (depending on which game card has been agreed on) and then the opponent will need to ask a question which will get either a yes no answer in order to find the person, animal or object that the other player has picked.

      The electronic side of the game works by either the players choosing to play against the clock so that when the game begins the green button on top of the play board is hit and a rather annoying electronic beeping will start up putting the pressure on the player who is asking the questeion as it needs to be asked before the timer has gone off. If the answer to the question is yes then the green button gets hit and if the answer to the question is no then the red button on the top of the game board need to be hit. Both of the buttons on top give out a different type of noise, which are just as annoying as each other.

      The buttons flash as they are hit and are counting down which can also be a little off putting and personally we never play the timer game as this is not only annoying but can make everyone feel a little on edge rather than excited. You can opt not to play with the timer but just use the two top buttons to answer your questions I.e. hit the red for no or the green button for yes.

      There are a ton of different cards which are included in the game and all of the cards have different sides to them and there are a total of 6 boards to choose from. Of course there has to be double of each card so that each player can have one on their side of the board.

      I personally prefer the old style cards as these newer ones have pictures that are not as clear or as well done as the game of old and I can't say I like the characters that are made from items around the home. They have things like a washing machine on them but they have given it arms and sunglasses to of course make it easier for the questions to be asked in order to illuminate the objects. The other game cards include monsters, animals, funny people and young people none of which I am as fond of as the old Guess Who game cards.

      Jack finds the game interesting to play but a lot of the time he prefers to play without the electronic element at all and we just play the game as though it was the original Guess Who which is a lot easier as you don't have the annoyance of the lights or the sounds which in our opinion doesn't make for a better game in the least. I think the original game was a little bit better because of the far nicer game cards and the fact that you both had a board that you could sit apart from each other and also the old one could be played in the car where as this one can't as you have to be facing each other in order for the game to work properly and your opponent not see your chosen person.

      All in all I think for a board game that is now priced over £20 (depending on where you get it from) that it really hasn't improved that much and all the added extras that Hasbro have tried to add on to make the game a better one just really hasn't worked. The original format worked so well and I can't see why when something is not broke that it needs to be fixed!

      It is thus my opinion that if you were thinking of buying a Guess Who game that you would be better off saving yourself a few pounds and buy the original game. You also won't need to fork out on batteries or be annoyed by the computer like sounds of this Extra version of the classic game.

      I think a score of 3 out of 5 stars is in order for this board game. The game is fun and great for kids to play but the minus marks are for all the so called improvements which I don't feel have actually worked.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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      04.11.2012 16:48
      Very helpful



      Good fun game for all the family

      I am sure everyone can remember the old guess who game with the cards, providing loads of fun trying to figure out which character the other person picked. Well this is the same game brought up to date with a little bit of electronic wizardry.
      The game itself is advertised for 6 years and over but to be honest you could probably get away with 4 and above as there really is nothing to it.
      This version of Guess Who looks like a laptop when you take it out the box and cleverly folds out so it can stand itself (in the shape of an upturned v).
      It requires a couple of AAA batteries and you should bear in mind that these are not supplied if you are giving it as a present.
      When each player takes a turn answering they press the green or red buttons to indicate a right or wrong answer and the appropriate sound is made (which causes much hilarity itself).
      The game can be made more difficult for older kids (or adults) by limiting the time allowed to answer and as the timer counts down the tension grows leading to lots of fun arguments about whether you answered in time!

      There are 6 sheets of multiple characters to keep interest and avoid the same characters coming up time and time again and as well as this, there is a little slider down the side so you can keep score of who is winning.
      All in all, a good simple game given a modern twist which should keep the kids (and adults) amused for a while.


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      19.01.2012 09:13
      Very helpful




      My daughter received a toy washing machine for Christmas which sadly didn't work properly and had to be returned to the manufacturers which resulted in a refund rather than a replacement. I decided to take her to the toy store so she could choose whatever she would like with the money. Of course, being just turned four with very little concept of money she opted straight for a trampoline stating she had "cash" so could buy it!! After some convincing that she couldn't actually afford a trampoline she said she wanted to choose a game and when faced with the extensive choice she went straight for Guess Who Extra. I was a little concerned that it would be too old for her as it is for age six and above, however she had received a cheap version of the standard Guess Who from one of her friends and loved it so I agreed that she could buy it.

      What is Guess Who Extra?
      Guess Who Extra is a take on the original Guess Who game but with a difference. Rather than two separate playing boards, Guess Who Extra is a fold up board that is also electronic. The board stands up like a kind of pyramid which makes it easier to see the pictures and the covers stay open when in play (it is harder to knock them down by mistake as they face downwards and to cover the picture you move the cover up and close it over the picture).

      The other difference with this version of the game is that there are several playing boards to choose from which means there are 144 different mystery faces to choose from! There are the usual suspects which are the characters from the original game and also there are household items, monsters, kids, funny faces and animals.

      Whats in the box?
      Inside the box you will find:

      Guess Who portable board
      6 double sided character sheets
      8 guessing pegs

      The game board is made out of tough plastic and seems like it is pretty sturdy. It is hinged in the middle to make the board stay together and stand up when opened out. In the centre of the hinge you will see three lights - red, green and white which can be used throughout the game. One half of the board is red and the other half is blue and this determines which cards to use depending on the player (i.e a blue card for the blue player) though I don't think this matters to any extent. The game requires two AAA batteries which are not included.

      Playing the game
      This game is so simple to set up - once you realise where the clip is that holds the board together when stored in the box. At first we were trying to prise the board apart but it felt like it was going to snap, after a closer look we realised there is a small white clip which keeps it together so simply push it in and the board releases and opens up. Once the board is open you are pretty much ready to go. Position the board in the centre of the two players and choose the character sheet that you wish to play with.

      Once you have chosen the character sheet you need to choose which character you want the other player to try and guess. At the top you will see two rows of characters and a rectangular panel that you can move across and place over your chosen person/object so you can easily see who you had! When asking the questions to your opponent the idea is to use the red and green buttons to give a correct or incorrect answer, for example "Is your character a man?", if it is you can press the green button to let them know they are correct.

      There are four little pegs that come with the game and these can be added to the slots before the game starts as like a prediction of who you think your opponent may choose. If you get it right you receive double points!

      The rules are exactly the same as the original game in that each player takes it in turns asking the questions to eliminate the characters until there is just one left to guess who! The winner is the first person to guess the character correctly.


      My daughter really really enjoys playing this game, and if I am honest I do too! Guess Who was one game I never had as a child and was only ever able to play it at a friends house so playing it now does really take me back to being a child. As stated the game is suitable for children age six and over but at four my daughter is able to play and enjoy the game. Sometimes she will need a little help in what kind of questions to ask but most of the time she does ok and manages to get through the game - the only problem being that of course she can't read the names as yet so she does struggle in that sense. Sometimes she will ask a silly question such as "does your person have a nose?", well of course they all do so we have to try and get her to say the size of the nose rather than just having one!! We quite often tend to play the game at my mums house so my daughter and I make up a team and play against Grandma! Yep, we always win as my mum really is quite rubbish at Guess Who!!

      One thing we really like about the game is the various options of characters to choose from. My daughter always chooses monsters or funny faces as they are the most fun for her. We have tried the household item one which is very cartoon-like with each appliance having a face and arms and legs but that is still a little difficult for her as yet.

      While it is a good feature that the game is electronic, in all honesty we tend to forget about the buttons and just simply answer yes or no to the questions (pressing the button seems to be an afterthought). It doesn't affect the game in any way by not using the buttons but my daughter does like the round of applause you get at the end if you win!

      The only negative we have found with this game is that the sliding tile at the top which you move to position over your chosen character falls off very easily but it clips back on with ease, its just a bit annoying thats all. I really like how the game is all set up when you open the box as with the standard game you have to make the boards up which is a little fiddly but this is just simply ready to go as soon as the batteries (if you wish) are inserted.

      We purchased Guess Who Extra from Smyths Toy Store while it was on offer at £11.99 which is a great price for the game as it can be found for around £20 in some places so it is really worth shopping around for. I would happily recommend this game, its great fun and as it is a flip board you can even play it in the car on long journeys!

      Thank you for reading my review.


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        03.11.2011 08:29
        Very helpful



        A great game!

        My son owned Guess Who but had decided he wanted to have Guess Who extra for Christmas last year. As it happened the original Guess Who ended up getting broken not long before Christmas because I some how snapped one of the character holders off and it made playing very difficult. I bought Guess Who extra for my son as a Christmas present for my son as he wanted and this is my review of it.

        ==What is it?==

        Guess Who extra is basically a game with the same principles as the original Guess Who which I am sure the majority of us will have played at some point. The difference with the extra version is that it features a fold up game board rather than two separate boards and electronics. As well as the original Guess Who board as well there are other cardboard boards featuring kids, household items, funny faces, animals and monsters which means there is more scope to play other games using the same rules at the original game.

        The game is suitable for players age six plus apparently but to be honest I do think slightly younger children could play the game using the usual suspects game board as this is the simplest. A game will take around ten minutes to play and it is intended for two players but I see no reason why you couldn't play this game in teams of two taking it in turns to ask your opponent a question.

        ==Our experience==

        My son really enjoys playing this game and to be honest so do I! It takes me back to my own childhood to a certain extent because yes the faces have been modernised a bit on the usual suspect's board but the basics are still the same and I have fond memories of playing this game as a child. This is one game that my son can get out and not only myself but other members of our family and my friends are happy to play with him. My son also plays this game with his friends from school when they come round for their tea and a play and they can do this pretty much independently now they are six.

        As a rule my son and I do tend to play the game using the usual suspect's game board which is the one with all the familiar faces on from the original game board...although every time we play my son thinks Paul is a girl! He does look very feminine but has a full on beard so not sure where the reasoning comes from there! The reason that we play this board is because it is the easiest to ask questions to figure out who your opponent's person is. Some of the other boards are really quite difficult to think of things to ask to work out which is their item...the household items one in particular is really tricky! We do play the other boards from time to time of course but not all that often. Within this game there are little pegs which can be added to slots in the board and are used to predict whom your opponent may be. If you correctly guess and you have a peg in that position you are awarded double points. We don't always use the pegs as they can be a bit fiddly to get in the holes but it is something we do from time to time.

        I like the fact that the game is transportable because it folds over in to a good size which is easily carried so could be taken on car journeys for children to play for example.

        The game board is made from plastic and feels pretty well made for the most part. It is hinged in the middle so when you open it you have a joined board with one half which is red and the other which is blue. On the top of the board there is a red, white and green light which you can use to press instead of answering your opponents question so red is no and green is yes. When a game is won and the button pressed it will congratulate you on winning the game. To be honest it is very rare we use the electronic buttons on the game as we prefer to just actually speak to one another and answer the questions ourselves! Initially my son saw the buttons as a bit of a novelty but even he doesn't bother with them now which is nice because obviously the game needs batteries but we don't really need to use them! The original batteries are still in the game from last Christmas and for reference it needs two AAA batteries.

        The way in which this game is made feels more secure than the other version of Guess Who that we had because the covers which you flip up and down to hide the items are already attached to the board where as on Guess Who I had to add them all on and I think this is how they ended up getting broken quite easily. I have to say I do really think this version of Guess Who just feels so much better made and also like it has more longevity in terms of play because of the different boards.

        I purchased this last Christmas for around £18.00 but it is available for £14.99 on both amazon and play so I would say for this price it is a brilliant game to have which all the family will love. I do realise that the "extra" features are basically lights which we don't use and some extra boards which aren't used all that often either but the fact that it feels so much more well made than the Guess Who we used to have and is transportable I think it is worth the money.

        Thank you for reading my review!


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          20.08.2009 14:39
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A brilliant game for all the fmily to enjoy.

          My little boy got this game for his birthday last week and I just had to let other people know how fantastic it is.

          What is it?
          Well it is the traditional guess who ? with a massive twist. Its Electronic !!!
          This guess who comes as a plastic case that folds over to make the playing boards, it still has the old fashioned red and blue teams. There are three buttons on the top of the frame, two answer buttons for yes and no and a timer button.
          Each side comes with three colour coordinated playing cards, these are double sided so you have six different themes to play with.
          The cards have five rows of characters, the first two are the ones from which you chose from and the last three are the 'suspects' and they have the little doors that close when the character is eliminated.
          The cards are slotted into the frame and clipped in place. There is a little slider which you move over your chosen character, when the other player has chosen their person you are ready to go.

          How do you play it ?

          There are a few versions of play, all are set up in the same way as described above.

          Game one = Traditional mode, this is played exactly like the traditional game except there are a few added extras. Each player picks a suspect, it is then up to the players to guess what character the other one has got by asking yes / no questions such as Is it a girl ? Do they have blonde hair?. In this new version instead of just saying yes or no you push one of the buttons green for yes or red for no button, this makes a random noise such as 'wahoo' 'yeah' 'ha ha ha' or 'boo' etc.
          The game carries on until a player guesses correctly, at this point the 'yes' button is held down for three seconds and a little winning carnival tune is played.
          As mentioned above there are six cards to choose from
          1) The usual suspects - these are exactly the same faces as the traditional game such as Philippe and Sophie with her dreadlocks.
          2) Kids - these are similar to the adults except they are children and have more modern names like Emily and Daz.
          3) Household- this is not people it is things like toaster, fridge and kettle a bit weired and the game ends quickly as they are all so different and its easy to eliminate them from suspicion
          4) Funny faces - This is my sons favorite, they are all people but with very funny faces like Percy and his giant glasses or Fred with a big curly tongue.
          5) Monsters - Lots of cute and scary monsters with great names such as Nimple and Prebatz.
          6) Animals - Lots of animals with cute and funny faces, lion with its little hair bow is my favorite.
          With so many charachters to chose from it is never boring and keeps the child thinking of new ways to explain things.

          Game two = Guess who? wild guess - This is played exactly like the first game, except at the beginning each player picks three characters that they think the other player will have, these are signified by placing little pegs into a hole on the frame. If at the end they had guessed correctly the player receives extra points.

          Game three = Tick Tock timer game, this is quite hard to play as it is fast and frantic, you have to play the game against the clock which tick tocks very loudly and gets faster and faster as the time runs out.

          Guess who two = This is where each player chooses two characters and you have to guess which two they are. It is hard as you have to work out similarites between the two otherwise you may rule out one of the suspects. This is too tricky for my son to play but my nine year old daughter likes this version as it is a bit more complex.

          Additional information, Guess who extra takes two AA batteries, it is for two players or two teams. The game states it is for age 6 plus but my son is five and really enjoys playing it, he finds some bits tricky but as he grows he will be able to enjoy those games, so it has a long life span.
          I really love this game as it is quick to set up and play, each game lasts no longer than 15 minutes so is suitable for before bed or school etc, It is also suitable for two children to play together alone without much help.
          It costs £19.99 from Argos, which is a little bit steep but it is so much fun and I can see my son enjoying playing it for years to come.


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          Designed just like an electronic notebook! This clever design means it can fold back and stand freely. Contains 6 sheets of multiple characters you can choose from, so you can play with 144 different characters! Features electronic sounds and timer to add suspense.

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