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Hasbro Monopoly Here & Now Limited Edition

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8 Reviews

Manufacturer: Hasbro

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    8 Reviews
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      08.04.2011 15:47
      Very helpful



      A great updated version


      We or at least most of us have been brought up on board games, but being we are now in the electronic age I guess it was only a matter of time before the old favourites were transformed to this format. Such is the case with Scrabble and now Monopoly.

      Electronic Monopoly

      Monopoly here and now The World Edition is a snazzed up version of an old favourite which has caused as many arguments as just about anything else. It looks and feels as if it has been successfully updates being that the locations are global and the overall first impression is that of a world which has become 2 feet square.

      Firstly the board is a standard monopoly sized board with all the familiar things in the same place just renamed as a global. For instance Mayfair and Park Lane, which were the two dark blue positions and the most expensive properties on the original board are now Riga and Montreal, whilst the cheapest are now Taipei and Gdynia, wherever they may be. Apart from being global it seems to be much more up market too since gold and jets are very prominent. The board is very colourful and inviting for a game.. Each location has a picture inset and they or at least some of them are picturesque.

      There is NO money in the new Monopoly there is and electronic banker. There are six credit cards each number 1 - 6. On one end of each there are a series of bumps so that the unit can recognise which card has been inserted. There are two vacant slots for the cards to be inserted into; one is for credits and the other for withdrawals. So if a players lands on Montreal and you are fortunate enough to own it and quick enough to make your rent claim, then you pass your card to the banker who puts it in the green credit slot. The poor sod who has to pay the rent gives his card to the banker who puts that into the withdrawal slot, he then types in the amount owed and it is transferred instantly from one card to the other and the display indicates the balances of each card, obviously if you reach zero the banker eliminates you from the game.

      The banker unit requires two AA batteries and is quite small being 5 inches wide and 4 inches deep. It stands maybe 1.5 inches high and looks like a big calculator. There is a big button showing the shaking of hands and this is the bankers complete transaction button, once pressed it is irreversible. The Banker will preload each players card with 15 million, and since there are six credit cards there can be a maximum of six players unlesss of course you team up.

      The game is played as per the original whereby you roll the dice and move round the board buying property and putting buildings on it to get big rent. The buildings have also undergone a revamp, and are now skyscrapers and very modern. There are some nice little twists in the community chest cards and the Chance cards, which are better kept secret, so no spoilers from me. Obviously since you are starting with such a large sum the prices of property have risen well over inflation so don't think your loaded it will soon dissappear.

      The electronic factor makes the game a bit faster and because of this a game doesn't last as long as the original, and I for one think this is an advantage since some games just went on a bit long in the old days. The general feel of the game with the bright new board and the new feel is very now and it was nice to play it again.

      I guess the original had perhaps run it's course, but this modern and fun revamp has certainly made me want to have a game now and then. At around £20 it isn't too expensive and is definitely a big improvement on the original, the banker bit is fun and quick, but more importantly it is accurate so there's no arguing over anyone nicking anyone else's cash, which can be a plus or not as the case may be.


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        08.01.2009 17:39
        Very helpful



        A briliant game with so many changes to make it more modern

        I was bought this for Christmas by my mum who knows what a huge Monopoly fan I am.

        When I first opened it I was surprised at just how different to traditional Monopoly it is.

        All the street names are named after the top 22 cities in the world with cities such as London, Paris and Rome. See bottom of review for full list of cities included on board.

        The houses and hotel are also completely different and are made to represent the different buildings around the world. They feature mud huts, pyramids and skyscrapers.

        The playing counters have also been specially designed to represent different continents with 4 being designed for each continent. The game pieces you recieve are picked at random but you will recieve one game piece from each continent. See bottom of review for full list of playing pieces available.

        The very best feature of this game by far is that there is no money at all!! Instead you have 6 credit cards in different colours and each player has a a card each loaded with 15 million to start.

        Each time you pass go you put your card into the plus side of the electronic bank and it adds 2 million to your balance. When completing a transaction with another player you both put your cards in the electronic bank, one in the plus side and one in the minus, enter the amount to be transfered and watch it as it goes from one card to the next.

        It does take a bit of getting used to when you paying millions to buy a property and thousands in rent but once you do it's a great game. It's been brought up to date on so many levels especially with the addition of the credit cards.

        With the old monopoly game clear up used to take a while with all the money lying around, which is very easy to tear or lose, but with the credit cards this problem is gone.

        I would recomend this game to any monopoly fan.

        The full list of cities included on the board (in order from brown to navy) is:

        New York
        Hong Kong
        Cape Town

        The full list of playing pieces available is:

        North America- Canadian Mountie, Cowboy Hat, Baseball Glove and Nascar.

        South America- Inca Mask, Inca Statue, Easter Island Moai and Football.

        Europe- London Cab, Pretzel, Matador and Windmill.

        Africa- Safari Hat, Egyptian Head Mask, African Mask and Camel.

        Asia- Chinese Dragon, Tuk-Tuk, Russian Dolls and Sumo Wrestler.

        Australia- Kangaroo, Koala, Surfer and Boomerang.

        Well there you go hope you have as much fun with this game as I have.


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          29.11.2008 21:08
          Very helpful



          cool game

          i have recently been given this game as a present as i am a big monopoly fan and have many versions of this classic game.
          as i opened the shiny box which had a very modern picture on the front, i was really excited to see my very own hand held visa machine!!
          this machine is to be used with the six different colored bank cards so i could with 5 other players.
          i also noticed that the six playing pieces have changed and they are now a mobile phone, a plane, a skateboard, a roller skate, a racing car and i was really pleased to see a my favorite food a burger!
          another difference is that instead of the normal houses and hotels its apartments and hotels the apartments can be stacked on top of each other as you buy them.

          as i unfolded the playing board i noticed that unlike the others its really shiny and modern, as for the properties they are all in london but still different.
          my friends and i have had really good fun with this credit card game.
          its one of our favs.

          hope you enjoy the game as much as i did.


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            16.10.2007 16:06
            Very helpful



            Keele is finally on the map! Oh yes!

            A few months ago the people of Monopoly held an online ‘competition’ to decide which cities got a place on the new Monopoly board. You could vote once a day for which ever city you wanted. If you weren’t from a city you could enter your place for the ‘wild card’ – i.e. the most voted for place that wasn’t a city! Anyway, a lot of students got involved and voted for where ever their University was. I’m studying at Keele and so obviously voted for Keele… anyway, after a month or so of voting the results were announced – Keele was the highest wild card entry and therefore got a place on the board (Colchester and Middlesbrough were the only other two wild card entries to make the board)! For those of you who haven’t heard of Keele, it’s a little village/ town in Staffordshire (near Stoke on Trent – which incidentally got on the board too!).

            This is what Wikipedia say: “Keele, while being a small village of population less than 4000, managed to get high up on the leader board and at one point, the top position, thanks to the local university named after it. One student at the university, with help from others, rallied the student and staff population together to get Keele on the new board. The cause was called "Keele on the Monopoly Map", and e-mails quickly were being sent around the campus email system. Keele University has a combined student and staff population of just over 13,000” we also had various newspaper articles about Keele getting on the Monopoly board :) yes, it’s true, us students really have nothing better to do than try to get on the Monopoly board…

            Therefore when the new Monopoly board went on sale, I felt obliged to buy it! The game is essentially the same, same rules etc.

            The places are now:
            Old Kent Road – Liverpool
            Whitechapel – Leeds
            The Angel Islington – Middlesbrough
            Euston Road – Cardiff
            Pentonville Road – York
            Pall Mall – Colchester
            Whitehall – Manchester
            Northumberland Avenue – London
            Bow Street – Derby
            Marlborough Street – Plymouth
            Vine Street – Lincoln
            Strand – Dundee
            Fleet Street – Keele
            Trafalgar Square – Norwich
            Leicester Square – Birmingham
            Coventry Street – Oxford
            Piccadilly – Stoke on Trent
            Regent Street – Sheffield
            Oxford Street – Cambridge
            Bond Street – Nottingham
            Park Lane – Exeter
            Mayfair – St Albans

            I’m used to playing the old Monopoly with £1, £5,… £5,000. Now however they’ve changed it, so that £1 is now £10k, £5 is £500k,…, £5,000 is £5million. After a while you get used to it, but to start off with it would get confusing, especially when someone asked you for £160,000 instead of £16 because I would immediately start to pay as if it were £160 in normal money… I resorted to thinking in colours - £1m is orange so £100, £200,000 is green so £20 etc. Anyway, I’m sure if you are slightly more awake and not half watching Grand Designs, you probably wouldn’t need to use as much brain power!

            The chance and community chest cards have changed to things like – Fined for using your mobile phone while driving, pay £150,000 fine (a little harsh one might say!). Another amusing card (obviously written by someone with personal bitterness about the subject), you receive £3million inheritance money, after paying inheritance tax you receive £1million. There are other cards such as paying money to a cathedral, paying to hire a bridge for a party (as you do), paying to rent a London flat etc.

            The rules are the same and the property prices are the same (except multiplied by £10,000!), so for example you would pay the owner of Leicester Square £22 for landing on that property, and now you would pay £220,000. My old Monopoly that I have has a booklet of rules; this new Monopoly has 4 A5 sides of rules. However, if you are used to playing Monopoly you don’t really need the rules anyway. There is a little section in the new rules that made me chuckle – it’s entitled How To Play A Quick Game Of Monopoly. If you wish to play a quick game of Monopoly, set a time limit and whoever has the most money wins (well duh!).

            The pieces have also changed much to my disappointment - I was always the dog…! There is now a burger, a mobile phone, a roller skate, a plane, a car, and a skateboard. I do miss my little doggy…!

            The game itself seems to be of a lower quality than the older version of Monopoly I have. There’s just a feeling that it’s of cheaper quality and not as well made. I know that’s happened with a lot of games and just in general, things seem to be made less well than they used to. I doubt that this Monopoly board will last as long as my old one (which is a good 20 odd years old!). Personally, I think that unless you live (or have an attachment to) any of the places on the board (or are an avid Monopoly board collector) then I wouldn’t buy the game. Obviously if you don’t have a game of Monopoly lying around somewhere then you really ought to get one (like now… go, go to the shops and get one! Shoo!), but I can’t see the advantages of this board over the original Monopoly board.

            Basically I bought the board, partly because our electricity keeps getting cut off and we don’t have a Monopoly board at this student house, but mainly because Keele was on it, and no one has ever heard of Keele and it’s like a little achievement! However, if there hadn’t been a hype about voting for Keele and it hadn’t got on the board, I wouldn’t have bothered buying it but gone for the original board instead.


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              01.08.2007 00:26



              game takes a long time to finish, but satisfaction makes it worth while

              I've got this game on my nokia 6230i its great, exactly the same as the board game.
              Its just like all other monopoly games, you have 2 dice and 2-4 players (or 2-8 on board game). The aim of the game is to 'survive the business world' so to speak. As the person who is bankrupt, (completly out of money loses, the person who survives at the end wins)
              The objects you can choose to play as include a motorola razr, laptop, airplane, car etc.

              The main properties are Airports (all london airports) (4)and phone companies (2).
              Properties include Picadilly, Euston, Marble Arch, the london eye,

              top ten on the leaderboard
              1 - Cambridge

              2 - St Albans

              3 - Sheffield

              4 - Exeter

              5 - Dundee

              6 - Stoke-On-Trent

              7 - Keele

              8 - Oxford

              9 - Nottingham

              10 - Norwich

              Wild card locations

              1 - Keele (place number 7)

              2 - Middlesbrough (place number 11)

              3 - Burgess Hill (place number 12)

              4 - Colchester (place number 13)

              5 - Ashton Gate (place number 25 - not on gameboard)

              The game is available in several countries including the USA, Canada, Newzealand etc. In other countries it includes different locations like Canada has Niagra Falls etc.

              So overall this is a great monopoly game if you like monopoly, it still has all the classics like the pass go and collect money, free parking and jail.

              The centre of the board has the monopoly man inside a red sports car.

              The mobile version of this game costs £3.50, the board game around £10.00

              If you like the monopoly series and love london, you'd like this game, theres nothing special about it, its the same as other monopolies, I have the original monopoly board game as well and find its basically the same, the picture on this is more shiney and the locations are more familiar to me.


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                02.05.2007 12:28
                Very helpful



                Sometimes new is not always better.

                There’s nothing like a game of Monopoly to bring out the worst in people. When I was just a wee girl, I always won and my secret was to buy the cheapest and the most expensive properties and slap hotels on them all. Nobody dared land on my side of the board. I liked the cheap and cheerful Old Kent Road and the rich and expensive Mayfair and didn’t much care for the middle of the road places in between.

                The traditional game of Monopoly has been around for years, since the 1930s in fact when it was invented by Mr Darrow. In recent years the game has been given a variety of makeovers and you can get Monopoly in a make your own edition, in Simpsons or Manchester United flavours amongst many others. An up to date ‘Here and Now’ edition is one of the latest additions to the collection and reflects the ever expensive and ever changing capital city that is London.

                Most people will have heard of and played Monopoly at some point. For those unfamiliar with the game, it is a board game for 2-6 players. Each person starts with the same amount of money and by throwing two dice, move around the board buying property at their will and paying rent when landing on an opponents land. It is a game of luck (the roll of the dice), but of skill in being able to manage your money by buying properties wisely.

                Give Me Some Credit
                There are no bank notes at all in this version of Monopoly, instead the game relies on credit card transactions. This is rather cleverly done using a small hand held machine, rather like a calculator. Everyone starts off with 15 million pounds on their individual credit card (color coded to identify one from another). If you owe someone rent, your credit card is inserted in the debit side of the machine and your opponent’s card is placed in the credit side. The first jingle debits the money electronically from one card and a second sound indicates the money has been credited to the other account. The balance of each card is shown on the electronic device.

                Getting Around
                Modes of transport around the board have been updated. Gone are the symbols of old London such as the top hat and Victorian iron, replaced by six modern life artifacts; mobile phone, rollerblade, skateboard, burger, aeroplane and racing car. The board is essentially the same as the traditional Monopoly board with the same colour codes for the property groupings, the same chance and community chest squares and the same corner squares. Advancing to Go will net you £2 million each time you pass but getting out of jail will cost you £500K. In this game prices have been multiplied by 10 000 compared with the original game, that’s what I call mega inflation.

                Properties around the board have changed with the times too. All the railway stations have turned into airports, the utilities Electrics and Water have become Telecoms and Satellite and every coloured property has a new name to reflect changing areas of importance and wealth in the city. Having never lived south of the Midlands, some of the names on the board are unfamiliar to me including Limehouse and Wardour Street. To those familiar with London, the names and places may be very familiar. I find this a bit annoying. Go back to Bishopsgate doesn’t have the same ring as Go Back to Old Kent Road and Kensington Palace Gardens just isn’t Mayfair.

                If you manage to accumulate millions, you can start to buy property. In ‘Here & Now’ these are not houses and hotels that you buy, they are apartments and hotels. The green apartments neatly stack on top of each other, much easier to manage if anyone knocks the board.

                If you land on a chance or community chest you may receive £2m because your internet company is doing well which does sound somewhat better than £20 for winning a beauty competition in the original game.

                Old v New
                The Here and Now version is certainly novel and a lot of fun for the first few games. However, there are quite a few drawbacks. One annoying aspect is that you never know at a glance how much money you have on your card. The banker needs to keep informing the players how much they have. It is also harder to keep up with how much others have on their card too. In the original game it is easy to spot the rich players by the size or absence of their pile of pink £500 notes.

                Another big area of contention is whether the designated banker is paying proper attention. It is very easy for whoever is in control of the credit card machine to debit and credit the wrong way round. After playing this game a few times, I have to conclude that you need a designated banker if more than four are playing. It is quite a time consuming task to be a player and a banker.

                The metal mover items are quite fun and the apartments and hotels are a definite improvement compared to the original game. The charm of the old named properties are lost in this game but for those more familiar with London, this may not be seen to be the case. Overall it is a newer version of a well loved game. You still get all the same arguments and family feuds but there’s something quite healthy about that. I’m just waiting for the game when the batteries die.


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                  17.09.2006 22:48
                  Not Helpful



                  Would recommend - Purchase alongside old monopoly if you cannot give it up.

                  I love this game. At first I was unsure whether it would be as good as the original, but you have to take the chance of you will never know. I think Hasbro have hit the market great with this game and many are still reluctant to purchase it!

                  I could almost guarentee that you would not regret buying it.

                  Play with adults or children, as a child this game taught me about money, with this new version it can only emphasise what it taught myself as money is worth a lot less these days.

                  Many nights in as a student spent playing this game! I do miss the old place names though.


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                    03.02.2006 14:27
                    Very helpful



                    Great fun

                    Surely everyone has played Monopoly? I've loved playing it from a young age. I remember playing it with my family over Christmas and my sister throwing a tantrum as she never won. Also as a child I played it with my friends and played our own little versions and rules which made it more interesting. I even bought the American version when I was on holiday in the States over 10 years ago. Having a different version made things more interesting.

                    **HISTORY OF THE GAME**

                    In 1933 Charles Darrow decided to invent a board game to make some money after the Depression. He made it with an oilcloth for the board, the cards were hand-written and the tokens were rumoured to be lucky charms from his wifes bracelet.

                    Friends wanted their own sets so a friend of his produced some sets for $2.50 each. He couldn't keep up with the demand though. He approached Parker Brothers in 1934 for them to mass produce it. They turned him down as they said the game was too complicated and the players went round and round the board rather than reaching a final goal. Darrow went on by himself and proved to Parker Brothers how popular the game was. They changed their minds and in 1935 they bought the rights to the game.

                    It was so popular that its now been sold in 80 countries and in 26 different languages. Each country has used its own currency and based the places on an area in their country. So when it came to England it was based on London rather than the Atlantic City places.

                    Over the years Monopoly changed very little. They did revamp it in 1972 but nothing major was changed. They increased the tokens and the title deeds. The money was also printed on both sides to make it look more authentic. Then in 1990 a Leeds version was created for charity. Several other versions have been produced since. There was a World Cup game, The Simpsons and various other places such as Cornwall and Glasgow. The Here and Now version celebrates its 70th year. It is a Limited Edition and will only be on sale till the end of this year.


                    The rules are exactly the same (I'll explain later in case you don't know them!) One of the first things that you notice are the places are all different. Tell a lie Trafalgar Square is still there, it's the only place that has stayed the same though. Old Kent Road has become Portobello Road Market and Mayfair is now The City. Other places include Wimbledon, Wembley Stadium, Hyde Park, Covent Garden, Soho and Notting Hill. The railway stations have been changed to airports: Gatwick, Heathrow, Stanstead and London City Airport. The Utilities (water works and electric company) have becomeTelecoms and The Sun.

                    There are new playing pieces as well. There is a mobile, burger, racing car, roller boot, skateboard and aeroplane. There is also a London bus that comes in a different type of metal (it just looks darker than the others do). The houses have been changed to apartments. They are still green and the hotels are still red. One thing that is good is the apartments can be stacked up on top of each other. It is a little bit fiddly but it's much easier to keep the board free of clutter. I remember with the original version it was easy to knock over houses when rolling the dice.

                    As you can imagine the prices have gone up ever so slightly as well?! You now start the game with £15 million instead of the £1500 you used to get. Now every time you pass Go you get £2 million and not the £200 as before. Basically all the amounts are really the same, with a few noughts added on! So to buy an airport costs you £2 million (railways were £200) and to buy The City costs £4 million (£400 before with Mayfair). The rent is the same. If you landed on Old Kent Road with no house it cost you £2. Portobello Road Market costs £20k.

                    Obviously the money has changed as well. The denominations start at £10k and got up to £5 million. You get the same amount of each not as you did in the original version as well.

                    Community Chest and Chance have also been updated. Some are the same such as Advance to Go. They are all the same idea so if you are lucky enough to have apartments and hotels you can get caught out! Here are a few examples of the cards:

                    Community Chest:
                    You win a reality TV show collect £100K
                    You are investigated for identity fraud. Go to jail...
                    Your internet company takes off collect £2M

                    You sell your Wembley Season Ticket in an online auction collect £500K
                    Rush hour traffic! Go back three spaces.
                    Pay private school fees of £1.5M

                    **HOW TO PLAY IT**

                    For those few people out there who have never played it then let me explain.

                    First of all someone has to be chosen as a banker. They are then in charge of the money, title deed cards and the apartments and hotels. When I play someone is usually the banker and someone else normally fishes out the relevant title deed card.

                    To decide who goes first roll the dice. The person with the highest number starts. If more than 2 people are playing then play continues clockwise.

                    When it's your turn you throw the dice and move clockwise around the board. Depending on what square you land on you can buy a property if it isn't already owned, pay rent if the property is owned by someone else, pay tax, go to jail or read a Community Chest or Chance card.

                    According to the rules if you land on a property that isn't owned and you decide NOT to buy it then the property is then auctioned. I must admit I've never played it this way, we normally just wait until someone lands on it and wants to buy it. Anyway the banker starts bidding off at a price another player is willing to play and the person with the highest bid then pays that amount for the property. Even if you decided not to buy it originally you can join in the bidding.

                    When you own a group of properties that are the same colour you can build apartments and hotels on them. When players start doing this it starts to get interesting. If no one has a full set then players can make deals and sell property to each other. One game I played with my then boyfriend we had to do this as neither of us had a full set. Once we came to an agreement we both had a couple of complete sets and the fun began!

                    You can mortgage, sell buildings or sell property if you don't have enough money to pay other players or fines. If you cannot do this then you are out of the game. If this does happen and you owe the bank then all your title deeds must be returned and they are then auctioned off (or can be sold when another player lands on it if you play it the way I do). If another player is owed then they get all the money you have left and all your properties.

                    If you roll a double then you get another go afterwards. Be careful though, if you throw 3 doubles you have to go to jail! Whilst on the subject of jail its worth mentioning how you can get out. Noooo you can't bribe the banker!? You can pay £500k and get out straight away. If you'd rather stay there (sometimes its safer!) then you can see if you can throw a double. You get three chances to roll a double. If on your third go you haven't thrown a double then you have to pay £500k. If you roll a double before this then you can get out for free. You can also use a 'Get out of jail free' card from Community Chest or Chance if you have one. Its also worth mentioning that when you're in jail you can still collect rent on your properties but only if they are not mortgaged.

                    When someone lands on your property its up to you to ask for the rent. If you don't notice before then next player rolls the dice then it's your loss. It pays when you are playing people who don't notice. You can be sure that if you land on someones property with a hotel that they will notice though!

                    It isn't a game of luck. You need to spend wisely and decide which properties you should buy. Never let another player get a full set if you can help it. If one player owns Wimbledon and another owns The Oval is it really necessary to buy Wembley stadium? These are all the pink set in place of Pall Mall, Whitehall and Northumberland Avenue. It's also worth getting all the Airports if possible. When you own all one you get £2 million instead of £250k if one is owned.

                    Its important to remember the aim of the game: to avoid getting bankrupt. So try and be as cunning and devious as you can to bankrupt other players.

                    I've also learnt that the orange set (Natural History Museum, Science Museum and Tate Modern) is most likely to be landed on. So if you land on them then buy and build! I have lost several games, as I didn't build on the properties quick enough.

                    **OTHER BITS**

                    Many people suggest that Charles Darrow plagiarised Monopoly, and it had been originally devised by Lizzie Magie who created the Landlord's Game, patented in 1904.

                    The most commonly thrown dice total is 7.

                    All in all I highly recommend this game. Its fun and its nice to have it more up to date.

                    The cheapest I could find it online was for £18.94 on Amazon. This includes P&P.


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                  • Product Details

                    New updated movers. 70th anniversary edition. World famous property trading board game. Move around the board buying and selling properties. For 2 - 8 players. Manufacturers recommended age 8+

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