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Hasbro Trivial Pursuit DVD Game

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Brand: Hasbro / Age: 15 Years+ / For 2 to 4 players

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    1 Review
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      01.09.2009 14:34
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      Fun Addition To The Trivial Pursuit Range

      This is another in a long line of Trivial Pursuit games that have been issued since the original version of the game first appeared. The major difference here, of course, is that this particular version includes a DVD which is used whenever a player lands on a wedge or when they reach the centre.

      The box contains:-
      + one gameboard
      + one DVD
      + 300 question and answer cards
      + card holder
      + one standard die
      + four scoring wheels
      + 30 coloured wedges

      The categories for this game are:-

      + TV (TV shows, commercials, presenters and actors)
      + Trends (Innovations to fashion icons and idioms of modern times)
      + Gossip (Celebrities and headlines)
      + Music (Performers to charts and lyrics)
      + Film (Hollywood blockbusters to low-budget independent films)
      + Sport and Games (Sport through to leisure activities and computer games)

      I don't want to go into any depth about the rules of Trivial Pursuit, what the board looks like etc because I'm sure that most of you out there have probably seen a Trivial Pursuit board & played a game of some description at one time or another. Suffice to say that the board layout is the same as the original game with 6 "blocks" between each wedge and with two of these being roll again space.
      This version of the game suggest that you may want to use "Party Play" mode in which anyone can shout out the answers to the DVD question (ie whenever anyone lands on a wedge).

      The DVD offers five different types of question and these are selected for you at random. You have no choice at all over what type of question you'll get when you land on a wedge!

      The five different types of question are:-

      + Audio clip: This is only played once and could be a snatch of a song or a quote etc.

      + Video clip: As with the audio clip this is only played once so pay attention!

      + Matching puzzle: You'll see a large picture with four smaller ones beneath it. There'll be a question asking you to find the link between the large picture and one of the smaller ones, or you may be asked to identify the odd one out.

      + Scrambled puzzle: You see a picture of a scoring wheel on the screen. Behind it lies a famous face or an object. Use the arrow keys to reveal what's behind sections of the scoring wheel but you've got to be quick because you only have 20 seconds before the answer is revealed!

      + Newspaper headline: One or more words of a headline will be concealed. Guess what they are.

      You can use the ENTER button to reveal the answer to the question. In all categories (except the scrambled puzzle) the other player(s) are able to offer alternative guesses to the question if they don't have the wedge themselves and think that your answer is wrong. If you've already had the question in the game there is the option to dismiss it and have another one asked.


      Let's get the few niggles out of the way first.

      Firstly, the scoring wheels are see through with the colour featuring around the outer edge at the top of the wheel and, obviously, the pieces of plastic that dissect the wheel into six pieces. My game hasn't had massive amount of use but I can already see like scratches and nicks in the colour, presumably from the wedges hitting against them in the bag. Over time this colour may well come off and make it impossible for players to identify which wheel is which. Even without that players with visual impairments might find it hard to distinguish which wheel is which because the colour may be so difficult for them to see.

      The other niggle comes on the board. The colours used for this game are:- Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple and Yellow. The actual blocks themselves, around the edge of the board and on the "pathways" to the centre are completely fine and it's readily apparent which colour is supposed to be which. The Blue, Green and Purple wedge spaces are also fine but the wedge spaces representing Orange, Pink & Yellow are nothing like the wedge pieces in the bag or the blocks on the board. The Yellow wedge space looks closer in colour to Orange and there's very little to choose bit the Orange and Pink wedge spaces. It took us a while to work out that the space between the paths to the centre is actually coloured the same colour as one of the adjacent wedge spaces. That's the only way you can easily distinguish which wedge space is meant to be which colour!

      On the plus side the DVD questions add a new dimension to the game particularly the audio clips and the scrambled puzzles questions. The video clip, matching puzzle and newspaper headlines are all straightforward visual questions so, in a sense they're no different at all to reading a written question from a question card. The audio clip, of course, relies purely on your ability to listen and to recognise what you're hearing whilst the scrambled puzzle, whilst a visual question, only allows you to see one section of the face or picture at any given time so it's slightly more tricky than the other visual questions (& is therefore the category I dread getting the most!)

      Overall though this is a fun addition to the Trivial Pursuit 'family' and is well worth playing / purchasing if you get the chance to. The inclusion of the DVD adds a new element to proceedings and the time taken to play the game can be quite a bit shorter if you allow other players to make guesses on the wedge space questions.

      As with the 1980s Trivial Pursuit review I've included a few questions so you can judge the difficulty level for yourselves.


      + Whose email address is chunkylover53@aol.com?
      + Which was the first UK soap to show a character breastfeeding in public?
      + Which was the favoured cafe in Friends?

      + What is 'CID' in a text message
      + What is the main drug in Red Bull?
      + What item of clothing has brought fame to Jimmy Choo?

      + Of whom did Divine Brown say: Rating it out of ten I'd give it six. I've seen bigger, I've seen smaller. But it was cute!"?
      + Who, in 2000, became the first actor to earn a guaranteed $25 million for one movie?
      + Which Brazilian 2002 World Cup star was described by a very friendly lap dancer as being "like a pneumatic drill"?

      + Whose "Dirrty" video was too much for most pre-watershed programmes?
      + Which movie spawned Madonna's "Vogue"?
      + Which 2000 video displayed Kylie's derriere in gold hot pants?

      + What provides the city's energy in Monster's Inc?
      + Which star of Titanic ignored advice to change his name to Lenny Williams if he wanted to be successful?
      + How many Oscar nominations did Madonna receive for Evita?

      Sport and Games:
      + Which city hosted the Chariots Of Fire Olympics?
      + What betting odd are known as a double carpet?
      + What do the letter WD signify on a netball bib?


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    • Product Details

      It's Trivial Pursuit dedicated to pop culture and the topics that everyone loves to talk about! It's all you love about Trivial Pursuit - the cards, the gameboard and the rules - and now with an interactive DVD! Answer all new card questions -- then go to the DVD to answer an on-screen question to win a scoring wedge! Everyone will have a chance in this cool new edition of this iconic game. Including 6 catergories on popular culture - Film, TV, Music, Sports & Games and Gossip , the race is on! The first person or team to collect all 6 scoring wedges wins!

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