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Hide and Seek In The Night Garden

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Hasbro

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    2 Reviews
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      04.04.2009 01:43
      Very helpful
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      Weve had it a week and its already a firm favourite

      On a recent visit to TK MAXX this game was stacked up by the till for a mere £1.99 so I thought it a little rude not to even though my daughter is fast outgrowing 'Night Garden'.

      This 'spot the difference' game is manufactured by the well known MB games and I have seen the same game but with the character of Winnie the Pooh and also Disney Princess, although never at this giveaway price.

      The game is aimed at age 3+. It is ideally suited for between 2 and 6 players and it states on the box that gameplay is 20 minutes although when Ive played this with my daughter it has lasted more like 10 minutes.

      This game claims to build your childs concentration, memory, communication and confidence skills.

      On opening, the box contains 6 cardboard frame pieces. These fit together like a jigsaw to make a frame.
      20 tokens that can be won.
      12 double sided picture cards.
      The instructions, which I found very easy to follow.

      To play the game, make the frame then place the picture cards into it any way upyou choose. Let the players study them for a minute or so then ask them to look away whilst you turn over 3 of the cards to show a different picture. The players then need to re-study the whole picture and try to pick out the three cards that are now different. Players win a token for each correct guess.

      My daughter is three and loves to play this game. I must admit that she is very good at it and has boasted a 13 - 7 win over mum!
      I do suspect in my defence that the crafty little thing wasnt actually turning 3 cards over though!
      This game certainly keeps my daughter entertained for half an hour or so and there is no fighting or tantrums. I love to watch her face as she concentrates and figures out the differences!

      It is enjoyable yet educational and I would definately recommend this game for the age 3 -4 mark. I would like to see my daughter play it with a similar age group and not just poor mum.

      When finished with, the pieces of this game come apart again and store nicely in the sturdy cardboard box.

      I shall be keeping an eye open for the princess one now too and would happily pay the £3.99 RRP


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        21.01.2008 11:26
        Very helpful



        Great fun game to play

        Can you spot the difference is the object of this game..

        The game features a scene from the popular children show, In The Night Garden.


        The box contains 6 cardboard frame pieces which fit together like a jigsaw which makeup the outer edge of the game.

        There are 12 double sided tiles which piece together to form the inside scene. They are not jigsaw pieces but all rectangular shape.

        There are also 20 tokens with 4 different characters on 5 of each. The character include, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka, Pinky Ponk and the Tombliboos.

        Also the box contains full instructions on how to play


        Once the game is set up you ask your child to have a close look at the picture and then they must close their eye or turn away. Once they are not looking you turn over one of the tiles which reveals a different picture. You then ask your child to turn back and see if they can spot the difference.

        If your child correctly guesses then they are rewarded a token. Each child picks a character to receive tokens from.

        The object of the game is the first person to collect all 5 of their tokens.

        The make the game slightly more difficult you can change several things in one go.

        MY OPINION

        My children have enjoyed playing this game. They are learning lots of things from this like, concentration, memory and playing together. I would have to recommend this game as it is a quite educational addition to our toy collection and the boys love to sit and play it together. Now that they have had a lot of practice they are able to play without my help.

        They found it very easy from the very beginning to set the pieces up and join the outer edge together.

        The game is made from very strong cardboard and is very robust.


        The game has been produced by MB Games

        Game play lasts for about 20 minutes.

        It is recommended for ages 3 and upwards - personally I feel a child of the age of 2 could play this with the help of an adult.

        It is for 2 to 5 players

        This game cost me £4.99 from my local Woolworth's which I feel is a bargain price.

        For more information on this or any MB game details can be found at www.hasbro.co.uk

        I also have this review posted on Ciao! udner the same name.


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      • Product Details

        Flip the tiles and find out what has changed. Builds concentration, memorisation, communication and confidence! Age: 3+

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