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Cheatwell Humm Bug

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3 Reviews

Humm Bug is a mixture of fun and nostalgia in which you're challenged to hum and guess the tunes to songs ? both famous and infamous ? from the 50s to the 90s.

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    3 Reviews
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      25.03.2011 18:24
      Very helpful



      Humm Bug - The Hum 'n' Guesing game.

      Humm Bug - The Hum 'n'Guesing game.

      Humm Bug is a game from board game masters Cheatwell Games. Like all of their games Humm Bug is very easy to play and great fun.

      The game is essentially a first pass the post chase game. Each team takes it in turns to pick a card and hum a song from the 50's up until the noughties against the clock. If your team guesses correctly you move forward if not you stay where you are.

      We played this game at Christmas and had a great laugh. There is a wide variety of questions from The Rolling Stones to Britney Spears, although children will not do very well with the older songs. I don't know what it is about humming but it tends to send people into fits of giggles - if you can decipher the tune between laughing you will do well. The rules of the game are that you can only hum the tune no la,la la's etc. It is a shame they do not specify no actions as my Dad won the game by seeming to know the actions to a multitude of songs including the Macerena and The Locomotion! Sit down Dad you are embarrassing yourself and everyone else and no we don't need to see you and me Mam do the Lambada grrr. It is also pretty funny when someone doesn't know the song so just has to make up the way they think the song should sound.

      Cheatwell Games on the whole are not expensive board games - I got this one for about £12 from Amazon.


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      15.01.2010 12:56
      Very helpful



      An easy yet repetative game

      Humm Bug

      'Delux Quality Cheatwell Games' are renowned for great games, if slightly slow games, and Humm Bug - The Hum 'n' Guessin Game is no different.

      Old songs, new songs, love songs, blue songs...Hum Bug is said to be the ultimate muscial collection packed with a hilarious board game of fun.

      *****The Product*****

      What is included;

      * Over 1000 Classic tunes on playing cards
      * Playing card dispensers
      * Sand timer
      * Game time CD timer with 70 tracks** (see note below)
      * Playing board
      * Rules and counters

      ** Note: The game can be played with or without the CD, yet if you decide to use the CD you obviously need to supply a CD player as game sets still have not become that generous!

      3-16 players can join in the fun and it is stated that it is for ages 14+. Although it doesnt specify why, I believe it is because there are more older songs from years as far back as 1960 which children under 14 certainly would not know (unless they have been brought up with their parents music!)

      *****The Packaging*****

      The product is presented in a well kept, bright square shaped box which is slightly smaller than an average game box (excuse my measuring, there is never a ruler around when you need one!).

      Each of the pieces have their own spaces within the box, keeping it both tidy and less likely to lose or ruin the pieces, which is great when you have young children around. Also, the lid is quite stiff to open, even after a few plays, again, great for the children aspect.

      *****The Game*****

      The object of the game is extremely simple. Have fun by humming tunes and guessing the 'popular' songs and theme tunes.

      You move along the colourful gameboard, humming songs which fall into the colour categories along the way whilst the other players strive to guess the song you are humming - remembering it is only humming, no singing, whistling or nose humming (a trait of my friend!) You have only 15 seconds to hum that tune!

      If the song is guessed correctly in the time limit you move forward as does the person who guessed correctly. The guessing player also has a chance to get a bonus go if they can name the artist!


      *****The Cards*****

      There are two sets of cards, blue-backed and yellow-backed and each have the following categories on them;

      Blue-Backed cards;

      * Blue: Songs released before or during 1959
      * Green: Songs from 1960 to 1969
      * Yellow: Songs from 1970 to 1979
      * Red: Songs from 1980 to 1989
      * Star: Miscellaneous: eg: theme tunes, musicals, jazz, hymns etc.

      Yellow-Backed cards

      * Green: Songs from 1960 to 1969
      * Yellow: Songs from 1970 to 1979
      * Red: Songs from 1980 to 1989
      * Blue: Songs from 1990 to present day** (see note below)
      * Star: Miscellaneous: eg: theme tunes, musicals, jazz, hymns etc.

      **Note: This is not the most recent Humm-Bug and so other more recent ones may have slightly different years upon them.

      I never understood why there were two specific sets of cards as neither are any different from the other except for the Blue card. You might expect one set to be easy and the other set hard, though nothing like that at all, which I found was a bit weird.

      Each set of cards sit nicely in a card dispenser and have easy access to them to remove the cards and put them back - no need to bend the cards as in some games.

      *****Winning the Game*****

      If you are expecting some sort of amazing finalle to the game then I am afraid that you will be disappointed. The only difference is that the other players can try to stop you reaching that goal of the finishing post. This is completed by the player to the left humming all five tunes on one card (using the 45 second timer) and the player waiting to win must get at least three out of five to win.

      And thats all folks! No fireworks, no excitement, just a simple 'oh, so I won then'.

      *****The Costs*****

      Although I picked up this game for £2 at a car boot sale, this game is still being sold at prices of about £14.99 (Amazon for example) which in my opinion is very overprised for what it is. To pick this game up for a couple of pound is a great buy, yet in my honest opinion it is not worth more than £5.

      *****Other Information*****

      Cheatwell games produces a wide range of games and puzzles, such as masquerade and after dinner games.

      Contact Details:
      Cheatwell Games
      OX9 4LY

      Tel: 07000 243289


      The first time we played this game it was like many others, the excitement was pulled through by good company and the unexpected (and a little alcohol!). The second time, the excitement just was not there and we saw the game for what it truly was - slow and unimaginative.

      There were a good set of songs, yet we found many repeats after a few tries, even with loads of cards and the game just became boring and not one we could really get in to.

      As mentioned above, the full cost it is still being sold at is too much in my opinion, though if you buy it for under £5 you might get a few good games before you get bored.

      Would I recommend this product? Only if you don't pay full price and as long as you like music and do not expect miracles.


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        07.01.2010 15:30
        Very helpful



        A frustrating board game if you are not up on every song writtien in the last 50 years !!!

        We always try to have a new game for Christmas and this year liked the look of HummBug. Now it says for age 14 upwards which is fine - my children are adults !! (18 and 20) so we thought it would be a good one for that period between the Queens Speech and tea!

        I actually wish we hadn't bothered. The blurb makes it look fun and I quote ""Old songs, new songs, love songs and blues songs& Humm Bug is the ultimate musical collection with over 1,000 memorable tunes ~ and a hilarious board game too!
        In this marvellous mix of fun and nostalgia you'll soon be humming famous songs from the fifties to the end of the century& timeless-classics in the Rock & Pop Hall of Fame!
        Remembering the songs is only half the battle& You have to hum the tunes for your friends to guess! Whistling, singing or la-la-ing is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN ~ and you're up against the clock! "

        All well and good, we thought, we are all musical, we can all hum but what it doesn;t allow for is the fact that not many people are going to know many of the songs. Yes - they maybe songs you have heard of but that is not the same as knowing them. Humming is a lot harder than la-la-ing but that makes no difference if you don;t know the tune in the first place.

        The object of the game is to get from one side of the board to the other first, by guessing correctly the song being hummed. Each space is surrounded by 6 dates, so you choose which song from the card to hum from one of the catagories. Thats where the problem lie - there are 6 catagories but you may end up on a space that has only 4 choices around it because of duplication - meaning that you have no idea of any of the songs. Ti became extremely frustrating and although we did manage to finish it was only because we allowed more than one card to be drawn until the player had found a song they knew !! - not quite the object of the game.

        I'm sure that playing it in teams with people of a wide spread of ages would be much more fun and not so frustrating.

        It is hard to hum and we did allow ah-ahing instead of la-laing (there is a difference!) purely because we were getting fed up.

        If you feel you must play this - then borrow a set and make sure you have lots of people with reasonable music knowledge!!


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