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Ideal Dream Phone The Secret Admirer

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Manufacturer: Ideal / Type: Board Game

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    1 Review
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      08.12.2012 21:30
      Very helpful



      Innocent girly fun

      I used to have this game when I was younger and couldn't believe when I spotted it at my friends house a couple of weeks ago. I told her younger sister to set it up and we would have a go. The girl who had the game is 14 and found it childish, as did we, but it was funny to remember how excited we used to get playing it when we were little.

      The idea of dream phone is for each player to guess who has a crush on them using clues given in phone calls. The game is aimed at young girls ages 8 and over. The game is for between 1-4 players. You will need batteries for the phone, the size depends on which phone comes with the edition you get.

      The original game comes with a pink plastic stand to place your huge pink phone in along with the cards, newer editions come with smaller pink phones, one style is like a flip open mobile phone and these days you can receive text messages with clues as well as calls on the phone.

      The game also comes with a board and some sheets for you to tick off clues to help you figure out who your mystery admirer is.

      There are 24 possibilities of who the admirer is, each has a card with their phone number on. Each player is given 3 cards of boys to phone, the rest are left in a pile on the board. They are also each given a 'speakerphone', 'share a secret' and a 'mum says hang up' card.

      Each player takes it in turns to pick up a card. The card will have a boys number on, the girl is to phone the number and listen to the clues. There is a redial button if you didn't hear the clue properly. They then have to look at the board to use their clue and cross off people on their sheet.

      The board shows which boys hang around in which settings. There are 6 settings with 4 boys in each. The settings include a mall, snack shop and movies. If your clue says 'he's not at the movies' you can eliminate 4 boys from your sheet.
      The boys are pictured on the board so another clue and one I can always remember coming up often (don't ask why) is "he's not wearing yellow.

      When you have finished your phone call you must place the card of the person you just called in the discard pile and pick a new one from the pile in the middle of the board.
      Before making the call, the player has to tell everyone else who they are phoning. The other players can use one of the other 3 special cards before they make their call. The speakerphone card means the player has to press the speakerphone button before dialing, meaning that all players can hear the clue.
      The share a secret card means the player making the call has to let the person who played the card hear the clue, but not the other players.
      The mum says hang up card means the player misses their turn and can't hear the clue. This is a good one to use after a few clues when you think another player may be about to guess. Each player only has one of each of these games so needs to carefully decide when to use them.

      When you think you have guessed who it is you need to wait your turn and tell everyone you are going to guess, giving them a chance to play one of the special cards. IF nobody does you press the guess button and dial that boys number. If he tells you it's not him you need to discard the card and wait for your next turn to guess again. If you have guessed correctly you have won the game!

      There is a new game button to start over again. This can be a pain too because if someone presses it by mistake (hands up! It had to be me) you have to start all over again. You also have to start all over again if nobody touches the phone for a few minutes as it turns itself off and deletes the game.

      You can play as many times as you like. When I was younger we used to play for hours.

      I used to love this game and imagine young girls today would also enjoy it. It's a good one to get a group of girls giggling, especially when their admirer isn't the boy they wanted it to be. I think it has a limited age range, over 8's is a suitable age but it depends on the maturity of the girl in particular up to what age it would still be entertaining to.

      The game is available in Argos for £19.99.


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