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Brand: Innovention Toys / Type: Chess style strategy game featuring lasers

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    2 Reviews
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      12.08.2011 11:12
      Very helpful
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      Chess hybrid with lasers!

      I don't even remember when I first found out about this game but from the moment I did I was obsessed with getting it for myself. Well the obsession was with the Khet 1 but since it was not available in my area and getting it would cost a fortune (the game itself was quite expensive plus it was heavy so the shipping costs were abnormal), it was a dream almost forgotten. Well until somewhere in the beginning of this year when I noticed Khet 2.0 is coming out! Woohoo! It was/is half the price the version 1 was plus it is a lot lighter so the expenses for the game were neglect-able. Pre-ordered the thing through Firebox and waited for a long 6 months so they got it in stock (long, long wait), all was well though since even the official Khet store was constantly running out of supplies because of the high demand for this game.

      "What's the game all about?"

      I read somewhere once that this game has the strategy of chess and checkers combined with lasers (or something like that). I would agree with it. If you are a fan of chess this game will entertain you! It is not exactly similar to it though. But the strategy, oh the strategy!

      It is a two player game, one player is red the other silver (gray). Each player has one sphinx figurine, the coolest of them all - the one that fires the laser, one Pharaoh figurine - the one that needs to be annihilated by the opponent, two Anubis and two Scarab figurines which have their own abilities and movements, and a few "pawns" who have a mirror on side and are vulnerable on others.

      The point of this game is to hit the Pharaoh figurine with the laser beam. You start the game with the figurines already spread through the board by the configuration that is either given in the manuals (there are 3 beginning configurations) or as you get to understand the game make your own starting configurations. The players take turns in moving or rotating the figurines and ending each turn with shooting the laser beam (and hopefully eliminating enemy figurines). All figurines can be killed (with exception of Scarab) at certain conditions (with pawns it is if they are hit on the un-mirrored surface) so with each move you have to be extra careful to figure out the possibilities of laser trajectory of your move, your opponents move and even better for a few moves in advance. It is a brain twister! I have only played it with the configurations that are given in the manuals many, many times and not one game was the same, there are thousand of possibilities and strategies so it is unlikely (if you have a decent opponent) that you will get bored with this game. In this aspect I would say that it is the same as chess - I played it a million times and not one game was the same.

      I enjoy playing this game over and over again, true it must be with an opponent that is at my level or above. The game itself is not hard to understand, the manual is really short and to be honest there are not many rules to this game so understanding the game will not be a problem for anybody.

      "This and that"

      The game comes in a beautiful box with Egyptian/laser themed graphics, the box seems durable enough and it has a handle on the top (nice touch!) so it is easy to carry around. You open it without any big efforts but when it is closed it will stay closed.

      The game board and the figurines are safely stored in the box, each figurine has their own "moulded" space to be put in to.

      It is suitable for ages 9+ but I would still be careful since lasers are involved and kids do like to play with them, which can be dangerous if it is pointed in the eyes.

      I do feel this game is "good for the brains" and lasers do make it more appealing for kids (and adults, lets not be fooled I love lasers!). This sort of games should be encouraged!

      There was (or still is, I would not know) an online version of this game so you can check it out before purchase but bare in mind the real Khet is in my opinion a 100 times better.


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        24.03.2011 19:24
        Very helpful



        Chess with lasers....

        Many people think that Chess is the ultimate game of strategy even to the point of calling people who are a bit good (well maybe really good) at Chess Grand Master!! Now I agree that chess is a brilliant game but if we are honest it is a bit dated and fuddy duddy, what could possibly happen to chess to bring it into the 21st century??? Well lasers of course. This is clearly what the makes of Khet thought when making their strategy board game.

        Khet is a game of strategy for 2 players.

        The game is played on an inset chequered board with a laser on the players right hand corner. Each player uses either a set of red or grey playing pieces based on Egyptian designs pharaoh, obelisk, pyramid and djed column, the key pieces being the Pharaohs. The aim of the game is to hit your opponents Pharaoh with your laser beam. You do this by strategically placing your mirrored pyramids so that your laser beam will bounce of the mirrors and hit your opponents Pharaoh.

        The basic game play is thus:

        1. Players take alternating turns.
        2. You can move any piece 1 square in any direction or rotate a piece.
        3. You press your laser and see where it takes you.
        4. If the laser lands direct on a playing piece that piece is removed from the game.
        5. Play continues until either players Pharaoh receives a hit.

        When I looked through the rules of this game it seemed really complicated but it is not. It is definitely the type of game you have to set up and and go through the game rules as you play. There are a few different ways to set the game up based on a more attacking or defensive game.

        This is a really interesting, addictive and brain testing game. The basics are easy to pick up as you don't have to worry about which pieces can move in which direction or how far. I found the angles and reflective elements of the game will drove me crazy at first. It took me about half an hour just to work out how to make my laser go anywhere other than straight ahead whilst my boyfriend was pinging about all over the place - maybe its a female poor spacial awareness type thing but at least we can multi task. Once you have got your head around the effect the mirrors and angles have you feel really clever, are on your way and it is time to develop a strategy.

        My boyfriend and I have been playing this game for about a year and are completely addicted. Every game is different without the repetitive patterns we have found ourselves falling into with chess. The whole game play is fiendishly clever and you will really need to be on your toes. You can also purchase extra pieces to incorporate into the game to add another dimension.

        Everything about this game is great and it is sure to keep you entertained for hours. I purchased Khet from Amazon for £30 but you can probably find it cheaper elsewere.


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