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Let's Play! Bear Hunt Book, DVD & Game Set

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2 Reviews

Includes hardcover book, board game for the whole family, and entertaining DVD.

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    2 Reviews
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      19.05.2010 12:28



      A really good present for a young child

      Once my 4 year old daughter found out there was a package of Bear Hunt book, DVD and board game, this was on the top of her letter to Santa, and luckily Santa did'nt disappoint.

      Of course, the book is the much-loved classic, a must for any young child's bookcase. With a great, repetitive rhyme and fabulous drawings by Helen Oxenbury, this story of a family's trek through grass, river, mud, forests and snowstorms will capture the hearts of children and adults alike. It positively invites chanting along and accompanying actions and once you've all memorized the rhyme, it will get even the most reluctant and tired children walking.

      The game is a pretty standard board game wtih dice and cards that tell you if you can go or not. It follows the story perfectly, right down to being chased all the way home by the bear, and has the same lovely illustrations. Up to six people can play and my daughter really loves playing it.

      The DVD is a great bonus, absolutely faithful to the book and therefore only six minutes long.

      A great package and a fantastic gift for pre-schoolers.


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      24.08.2009 01:06
      Very helpful



      A wonderful set for any child, great gift idea.


      The whole set is delighful but it will be easier if I review each item on its own first....

      BOOK (hardback):
      This classic childrens book by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury won a smarties book prize.

      It is so simple but wonderful with lots of exciting description and repetition enabling children to become familiar with it.

      It is about a bear hunt adventure that a family go on but they keep facing obstacles - long wavy grass,a deep cold river, thick oozy mud, a big dark forest, a swirling whirling snowstorm and eventually a narrow gloomy cave!

      They cant go over them, they cant go under them. OH NO! they have to go through them!

      All is fine until they get inside the cave and see a bear, they backtrack through all the different things they went through and run home into bed under the covers where they make the sensible decision not to go on a bear hunt again!

      Is exactly as the book reads making it ideal for you to follow along with the book or watch it alone. It also combines colour and black and white and uses a very catchy tune for the 'we're going on a bear hunt, we're going to catch a big one' bit! The running time is 6 minutes and is a U rating.

      The game can be played with 2-6 players, it suggests age 3 years plus as there are small parts, so if you are allowing younger ones to play then do supervise carefully.

      It is great quality and all the pieces including spinner and cards are strong cardboard.

      The game uses a spinner and can be played with colours OR numbers depending on what your child is most familiar with.

      The playing pieces are the characters from the book/dvd, you move around the board according to how you spin -either to the next orange circle for example, if playing the colour option or 3 spaces if using numbers.

      The board is layed out just like the adventure in the story/dvd- going through the grass, mud, snow etc. As you reach each section there is a pile of UH OH cards, if it is red you have to wait until your next turn, green you can spin again!

      When you reach the cave there are 'Whats that?' cards, if it is a bear you spin again, if it is empty you have to wait until your next turn and pick a card again before you start your race back home!

      Towards the end there are 'oh no go back 2 spaces' circles just to add to the anticipation of who will win!!

      The first player to reach home is the winner.

      Reading the book or watching the DVD before playing the game is beneficial for children as it will support their enjoyment and interaction with the game.

      The set comes in a nice box that keeps it altogether.
      Having 3 different formats is brilliant, the book is a classic, the dvd brings the book alive and the game makes children part of the adventure.

      It is a firm favourite in our house, we usually have a whole 'bear hunt' session using the book,DVD and game but they are all just as fun on their own! The game and DVD are not long either so I find them a good treat before bed if my little one gets his pjs on quickly!

      When playing the game at first, you will need to refer to the instructions to see what the cards mean, but after playing a couple of times you'll remember!

      The book can be bought on its own but I have not seen the DVD or game sold on their own anywhere.

      I would definitely recommend this as a set particularly for the 3-6 age group, it is great fun for all the family and also educational for children too!

      ISBN 978-1-4063-1261-4
      RRP £19.99 (Although I got mine half price from book people)
      published by Walker books


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    • Product Details

      The classic picture book is brought to life in a fun board game for all the family (up to six players).

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