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Mattel Scene It?

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Scene It, is the world's first DVD board game, featuring hundreds of Hollywood stars and film clips from major movie studios. Scene It is a breakthrough, one-of-a-kind product that combines the fun of a classic board game with the visual excitement of DVD technology, and appeals to both casual movie-goers and dedicated film buffs. In addition to movie trivia cards and questions about scenes featured on the Scene It? DVD, the game keeps players of all levels engaged with 11 unique on-screen challenges. Enjoy scenes from your favorite movies as you and your friends race around the game board. Pop the Scene It DVD into your player and set up the unique FlexTime board for a long or short game. Then watch movie clips on your TV and answer questions about films, scenes, actors, famous lines, and more. Metal game pieces include popcorn, film reel and movie camera. Get to the Winner’s Circle, correctly answer the Final Cut.

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    8 Reviews
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      13.02.2010 21:33
      Very helpful



      Great if not expensive DVD game

      Scene it? Original

      Do you love games?
      Do you love DVD's?
      Then this may just be the game for you!

      We were having some friends around who love to play board games, and my husband is not really the board game lover, so in my search for something to make everyone happy, I fell upon 'Scene it?' The DVD board game which centers on movie trivia, something which my husband does enjoy!

      *****The product*****

      All that is required is a DVD player and a television, everything else is included in the box!

      What is included:
      1 DVD
      1 Playing Board
      4 Playing Pieces
      160 Trivia Cards
      30 Buzz Cards
      4 Reference Cards
      1 six-sided dice
      1 eight-sided dice
      1 instruction sheet

      Simply pop the DVD disc into your player and let the fun begin!
      Scene it is not only enjoyed by film buffs. My sister-in-law is not a huge movie-lover, yet she really enjoyed this game as well. Not only does it have movie clips and movie trivia, it also offers questions on observation (watching a movie clip and answering questions on it), memory games (What colour was that shirt he was wearing?), word play (Such as hangman), and puzzle solving of many kinds. For example, you may know who did the voice of Princess Fiona in Shrek, but what colour was the ribbon she was wearing? Watch the clips closely to find out.

      The DVD randomizes the movie clips each time you play, or you can preset different games, so no game is the same. You can also fold the board in half if you want to play a shorter game, yet the game is not overly long in full board mode, so I have never bothered folding it.

      *****The Game*****

      The board is in the shape of three circles put together as either person-verses-person or group-verses-group, race around the board, answering trivia questions from both cards and the DVD to reach the final cut and win the game.

      There are many different areas of the game, and it is all very easy to work out, as well as having handy reference cards to aid you along the way.

      The challenges you meet in the game include:

      * All Play Challenges : Different challenges from movie clips on the DVD are played as all teams have the chance to shout out the answer. Some of the great categories include Distorted reality (A blurred vision of a clip, actor or freeze frame), Spellbinders (Think hangman for example), Sound clips (What film is the clip from), Invisibles (A freeze fame without the actor for you to guess the film), Rising Stars (From young to old), and so much more.

      * My Play Challenges : Only the rolling player or team can answer the DVD trivia question, covering the same categories as above.

      * Take Three Challenge : A trivia card is picked out by the opposing team/player and read out against the timer. In Take Three, you are given three clues and you must identify the actor, actress of movie before the time runs out.

      * Songs and Slogans : Another trivia card section where players must answer a question associated with a song, slogan or tagline.

      * Pop Culture Challenge : Again, a movie trivia card where players must answer a question related to pop culture.

      * Buzz Cards : The Buzz cards are a little like risk cards. They will either give you a helping hand, such as move you forward on the board, or make another player lose a turn, or they can work against you, such as moving you backwards or your opponent forward.

      * Player Choice : Rolling this category allows the player to chose any challenge to help them forward.

      This is basically how the game runs all the way around the board. It was extremely fun, especially as some of our friends were very competitive, and there were so many trivia questions of different natures to allow everyone of all likes and dislike and all ages (12+) to have fun and join in.
      Once you get nearer the end of the board, though, the game changes slightly.

      There are two ways to win the game. One way, a very simple yet difficult trivia question, which if answered incorrectly moves you onto the other way which, in my opinion, was near impossible!

      These ways include:

      * All Play to Win : You have beaten your opponents around the board and are now sitting on the all play to win space. You must choose this specialist category on the DVD and all players compete for the correct answer.

      If the rolling player wins the challenge, that player advances to the winners circle and wins the game. If the rolling player loses the challenge (either no one answers correctly or another player wins the challenge) then the player has to move to the final cut ring and await their next turn to take the final cut challenge which is near impossible!
      This all play to win is the easiest way to win, yet the questions/challenges are not always easy! Personally, I was always sent to the final cut!

      * Final Cut : You must choose the DVD Final cut section on the DVD (or you may choose to play the trivia cards instead). In the final cut, the player must answer up to three questions correctly to win the game. The number of questions correspond to the number in the ring you are in (3,2 and 1). If the player misses a question, they move in one ring and await their next turn unless they are on the ring marked '1' in which they stay until they complete that challenge. Once the challenge is completed, they win the game!

      This is a long drawn out way of winning the game and took us quite a long time to pass it. On our second game, we cut this out completely and used only the All play to win feature.


      This DVD game, like many others, is quite expensive. We brought ours for £30 and I have seen this game going for between £30 and £45. Very expensive and, although a very fun and exciting game, I felt it was slightly over priced for what it was.


      This game and all its components come in an average size board game box with relevant spaces inside for each of the different pieces to keep them all tidy and well kept.

      *****Other Information*****

      There are many games which can be played without any repeats of questions or challenges, though there are also add-ons which are available from around £10 with even more DVD challenges, card trivia and more hours of fun.

      There are also other scene it games, such as Football Scene It and Friends Scene It to heighten your experience with this game.
      Manufacturers information (United Kingdom, though there are other address' throughout the word)

      Mattel U.K. Ltd
      Vanwall Business Park
      SL6 4UB
      Helpline: 01628 500303

      *****Overall Thoughts*****

      After playing this game a few times now, with different groups of friends, I am still enjoying it as much as the first time. Each game is different and the atmosphere between your friends only heightens the fun.

      I personally think that the cost is slightly high for what the game is, though, and would recommend to potential buyers to look around for cheaper offers. We brought our from Tesco's which was the cheapest place at the time, yet still check elsewhere otherwise you may not be happy.

      It is a great game for ages 12+, although my 12 year old niece was able to join in less than the adults, so I would say that it is better played with older teenagers and adults more so.

      Would I recommend this game? Yes I would, yet with the heed of the cost.


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        08.11.2009 19:23
        Very helpful



        have you scene it !

        Mattel's Scene it is the Dvd board game that the whole family can enjoy.

        The Game not just for film lovers is a wonderfull addition and sure to be a classic like such games as scrabble or monopoly for family favorites.

        The idea is you follow the instructions on the disc and you guess catogories such as what the film clip is or who is the actor. If you get it right you move up the board. The premise is simple and easy and anyone new to board games will find it thrilling and fun.

        The Game is best used with 3-4 players and there are so many questions you will find some new ones even after a few games.

        The Board is easy to use and does not confuse. What makes the game so good is the interaction it gives you with you through the dvd, it talks you therough as you play the game and there is also the option to play a shortened version of the game

        A great board game for all the family


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        17.10.2009 09:29
        Very helpful



        A great game for parties!

        ** INTRODUCTION **

        I am a huge fan of board games in general and was given the 'Friends' edition of the 'Scene it' board game a while ago as a gift. Because I love the Friends edition of the game so much my partner snapped up the 'regular' edition when he saw it for sale at a car boot sale recently.

        Some of the packaging was still intact, and it was fairly obvious to my partner that the game had never been played. He managed to buy the game for the fantastic bargain of £2!!

        The game is similar to a traditional board game in that each player (or team, if you prefer to play with more people) has a counter and rolls a dice in turn. The twist to the Scene it game is that there is an interactive element to it, which is provided by the use of a DVD alongside the game. This has been cleverly set up to coincide with different rounds throughout the game.

        ** THE CONTENTS **

        Upon opening the box, there is a circular-shaped board, a small pile of "Buzz" cards, four counters, 4 category reference cards (one for each player or team) a purple plastic box containing the question cards, a DVD in a cardboard cover, an instruction sheet and two black dice (one is cube shaped with numbers on and one is more triangular, with a range of symbols on it).

        I will point out that I have several other interactive DVD board games, all of which have required some sort of setting-up with the DVD player, or the game's remote control or something similar. Not so with the Scene it game; all you need to do is take the DVD from the box and pop it into your DVD player, and hey presto! Setting up is complete! You can then keep the DVD on, set up your board, and away you go!

        A little touch of genius with the Scene it game is that you have two options for choosing your game in that the board is designed to allow you to either fully extend the board for a longer game or if you prefer, you can fold it into a circle for a shorter game. This board is called a "Flextime" board, is unique to the "Scene it" games. We have actually played both games, and found that the formats were quite similar, but obviously the game using the extended board does last longer.

        ** SETTING UP **

        When playing the game for the first time, we preferred to use the option on the DVD menu called "How to Play", which is basically an on-screen demonstration. It clearly states in the instructions that this is an option for learning how to play the game. The DVD menu works like any other DVD menu, whereby you can move up and down the menu by using your remote control. It is really easy to do and we didn't find any problems with it when using it throughout the game.

        Alternatively, you can choose to either read the instruction leaflet then begin with the "Set up" option which again can be found on the DVD menu.

        ** PLAYING THE GAME **

        To begin the game, you simply each select a counter or mover, placing them on the START square on the board, and position the board where all players can see it. You place the "Buzz cards" on the appropriate circle on the board, and distribute a category reference card to each player. This card basically just lets each player know what each symbol on the triangular-shaped dice represents, and subsequently what challenge they will need to take in order to complete their turn.

        One player needs to be the 'DVD master', and they will be responsible for operating the DVD player (and in charge of the remote control) throughout the game.

        Each player rolls the numbered dice in turn, with the player who has rolled the highest number going first. The first player then rolls both the numbered dice and the triangular dice (with the symbols on) together, moving the number of spaces as shown on the number dice. Depending on what symbol the player has rolled, players will need to complete either a DVD or a Trivia card challenge.

        The Trivia cards contain three different types of question, such as 'pop culture'. The rolling player is asked their question (by an opponent of course) which corresponds to the symbol on the triangular dice that they have thrown.

        The Trivia cards are relatively straight forward - you answer the question which corresponds to the symbol you have rolled on the triangular dice. If the player answers their question correctly, they roll again and have another go.

        There are also "BUZZ" cards which should be read aloud and the instructions carried out by the rolling player. Buzz cards remind me of the "Chance" cards in a traditional game of Monopoly, in that some are winners and some are losers. An example of this would be that the rolling player has to move back three spaces.

        Alternatively, there are several DVD challenges to be completed with the use of the DVD. The Trivia cards do not need to be used for the DVD challenges.

        There are two possible DVD challenges - the first is the "my play" challenge, which basically involves the DVD master using the remote control and selecting "my play" from the DVD menu. The rolling player then attempts to answer the question that appears on the television screen, which corresponds to the clip that has just been shown. If they answer the question correctly, they get to roll again and have another go.

        The other challenge is the "all play" challenge which similarly involves the DVD master selecting "all play" from the DVD menu. The difference this time however, is that any player can answer the challenge that follows, with the winner being the first player who clearly shouts out the correct answer. So, as you can see, there is plenty of opportunity for control of the game to be stolen! (Much to my other half's dismay!)

        And so the game carries on in this fashion - rolling dice, reading out questions, watching the DVD and moving counters around the board. This continues merrily until one player reaches the "STOP" square on the board. (It actually states "stop - all play to win").

        ** WINNING THE GAME **

        The player who has landed on the STOP square then has two ways in which they can win the game and be crowned winner! The first is the "All play to win" option. This basically means that the DVD master once again chooses the correct option from the DVD menu. All players then compete in this challenge. If the rolling player wins this challenge, then that player can advance to the winners circle on the board and that's it - they have won the game!!

        If, however, another player wins this challenge, they have the option of either moving their own counter forward three spaces, or forcing another player to take a BUZZ card, and carry out its instructions. The game would then continue, with each player or team rolling in turn.

        Assuming that the player that missed out on the winning title the last round has not been overtaken by somebody else (arrgh, how frustrating!), then they will be given another chance to steal the winner's crown when it once again reaches their turn. This is done in the "Final Cut" game. This is another option on the DVD menu, which the DVD master would select.

        The Final Cut game means that the rolling player must answer up to three questions correctly to win the game. The DVD cleverly displays on-screen instructions at this juncture, so there was no need to panic about getting all this clear in our heads before play commenced. (Phew, thank goodness!)

        Play then continues until we have a winner for the game. It has proven to be quite a thrilling climax to the board game when one player who had almost won couldn't answer their questions and so the process was a much more drawn-out affair. Very exciting when other players enter the 'Final Cut' circle and at this point have a chance to steal the game!!

        ** TO CONCLUDE **

        I have done my best to explain here how the game works. I am sure that some parts of it might sound quite complicated, and to be fair when we first read the instructions we were a bit worried about whether we would be able to follow the game properly, and carry out the different challenges that were on the DVD. We really needn't have worried as the on-screen instructions contained in the DVD were so self-explanatory that we ended up trying to skip through some of them a bit later in the game. It is not a difficult game to grasp and after a couple of games, you'll be flying around that board without needing to so much as glance at your instruction leaflet!

        All in all, I love this game and we play it regularly. We have also played it when we have had some friends round and to simplify things a little have paired into teams - girls against the boys! This has proven to be a great giggle and a good addition to our night in.

        I would highly recommend this game for families with more grown-up children, parties, holidays or nights in. It has proven to be great fun and we thoroughly enjoy playing with it from time to time. I can only award it top marks - five Dooyoo stars from me!

        There are several different editions of the "Scene it" board game, such as a Harry Potter edition and a Simpsons Edition, but this 'Movies' game is available from amazon.co.uk for £14.99. The RRP for the game is actually £29.99, so this is actually a fairly competitive price.


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          08.10.2009 12:20
          Very helpful



          Fun family game.

          Scene It! The cause of family disputes and slamming doors in our house. But that's because I know all the answers.

          We got this about 3/4 years ago as we are all film buffs and I must admit some of it is difficult, especially for the younger family members. I think this is what spawned the teenage tantrums to be honest.

          The game is like many others. There is a board, two dice (one umbered, one for a category), four film related counters, a box of question card for three categories, and a pack of Buzz cards.

          To decide who goes first role the nubered dice and the highest starts.

          At this stage pop in the DVD and follow the on screen instructions. To play you simply role the numbered dice and move your counter forward that number of squares. You then role the category dice to select the question. It may be a category from the cards such as taglines for movies or it may be the DVD. If it' the DVD the categories are 'My PLay' for your team only or 'All Play for all teams. 'All Play' gets very fraught as you can steal control of the board easily.

          If you land on a 'Buzz' sqaure you take a 'Buzz' card and follow the instructions such as move forward x splace, or move back x spaces. Standard stuff.

          Now, here's the science bit. The final cut is tough to follow and we have tried it in various ways. My advice s read the instructions and interpret as you wish. We came up with a much better ending than the game with the 'All Play to Win'.

          The questions can be tough. My favourite was watching a clip of Titanic with Kate and Leo in the sea after the ship went down. We were all shouting the name, director, actor, actress, year. The question? How many times did Kate Winslet say 'Jack'? We never got that right.

          Other questions show scenes with no ctors in them or 'hangman type games', there is also cryptic clue on the DVD. All in there is plenty of variety. As with all games though if you play it often enough questions repeat and you can get booster packs. We picked up the booster in a Tesco sale for around £5 but it is normally about £15.

          Still good value for money for a fun family night in.


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          13.08.2008 23:49
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Great for film buffs to show off

          Scene It is a board game all about films. You get a board, playing pieces, two dice and a DVD.

          You roll both dice - one has a number, which relates to how many spaces you move, and the other has a symbol, which relates to the category of question you have to answer.

          There are two categories involving the DVD - these are My Play and All Play. If you roll one of these, you have to go to the relevant DVD menu and select either My Play or All Play (whichever you rolled). The DVD displays a question, sometimes you'll get a clip from a film, then answer a question about it or it may be another question on the screen. All Play questions can be answered by any player - if the rolling player gets it first, they can continue. If not, the winning player gets a bonus and play carries on.

          One of the sides of the dice relates to the Buzz card, which means you can collect a Buzz card. These usually get you to move forward / backward a certain amount of spaces.

          The other categories on the dice relate to questions on the cards. The categories are Take Three (which usually give you three bits of info to help you answer the question), Songs & Slogans (could be a question about songs from a film or slogans used to advertise the film) and Pop Culture (anything else about films!).

          The idea is to make your way all the way round the board until you reach the 'Final Cut'. When you get here, you select the Final Cut option on the DVD and have to answer 3 questions correctly in succession in order to win. If you don't manage to do this on your first try, you move in to the inner circle and try again on your next go. The amount of questions you have to answer decreases the further you get into the circle.

          This is a fabulous idea for a game and any film buffs out there should love it!


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            27.01.2007 10:09
            Very helpful



            A great family game where everyone can join in.

            So you think you know about films, well this game will sure put you to the test.
            It's basically a board game which is aided by a DVD, its good fun and an average game forgoing arguements should last between 45 mins and an hour.

            IN THE BOX

            1 Game DVD
            1 Flexitime Playing Board
            1 Dice
            1 Category Dice
            4 Playing pieces
            4 Category Reference cards
            30 Buzz cards
            160 trivia cards


            There are two options to playing. The flexitime board can be folded to reduce its size thus giving a quicker game, or it can be opened up to full size for the longer version.

            Each player chooses a playing Piece

            Place the BUZZ cards on the Buzz box on the board.

            Place the DVD into the DVD player and from the menu edit settings to suit the game you want. You can edit the amount of time allocated to answering the questions.

            Select a Player to be DVD Master.

            Decide if you are playing individually or in teams.
            We usually play in teams my Son and his girlfriend V Myself and my wife.

            Throw the dice to decide who starts. highest having the honours.

            Throw the dice and the category dice. the DVD master will then select the category from the DVD menu should the question require the DVD and the question will play. After the question has been asked the DVD master will start the timer on the DVD which will count down and then give of an alarm when the time is up. This is quite a neat feature of the game.
            On playing you may discover that some clips are played more than once............don't be fooled the question will be different.

            The category dice contains eight categories.

            RED M = My Play where only the current player can answer

            WHITE A = All Play where the first to answer wins. If the current player loses play passes to the next player.

            GREEN T = Take three guess a film, actor or actress from three clues.

            ORANGE = Songs and slogans answer a question on a soundtrack or slogan this category is probably the hardest.

            STAR = Players choice which usually means MY PLAY
            At the end of the game the tension mounts since the opposition get a chance to stop you from winning.

            Some of the questions are just straight forward watch and answer. It is not all questions though there are pixelated faces to try and guess, and pictures of stars when they were young, this one produces some strange answers.

            Others are like a film title in blanks and the blanks are slowly filled in and the first to buzz gets to answer.
            Some are pictures of stars when then were teenagers and you have to guess who they are. This one always gets us going.
            Other questions involve linking different pictures to establish a film or actor.

            On answering a question move the appropriate squares on the board obeying board instructions as you go.

            The DVD menu consists a of all the catagories plus TIMER, MAIN MENU and QUIT

            A lot of clips are of old films but a lot of stuff is for everyone.

            Once you start playing especially if alcholhol is flowing freely too it is excellent fun............everyone thinks they know the answers but some of the questions just tease. it's a real hoot.

            It's available at www.sceneit.co.uk and Woolworths, Asda, and most good Toy Shops for here’s the catch 29.99 yeah I know it's kinda expensive for a game. Only consolation is that it is great fun and there are thousands of questions and clips.

            Apart from this original there are now a few variations on the game.

            A James Bond Special

            A Mickey Mouse Special

            A Music Special

            and A FIFA world cup version which is absolutely a must for the football know it all in the family.


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              11.10.2006 17:48
              Very helpful



              Test your film knowledge with Scene It?

              This is another good family fun game for playing at home on dark winter nights! It is based on the movies and film knowledge but you don't need to be an absolute film buff to enjoy it.

              The aim of the game is to move round a film reel shaped board by answering questions about films in order to make the final cut and ultimately win the game. The board is quite versatile as it can be folded in or out to make a shorter or a longer game depending on how much time you have to play.

              There are four playing pieces so four people could play individually but we normally find that it is better and quicker to play in two teams. This usually turns into a 'battle of the sexes' when playing with friends! The playing pieces are interesting as they resemble things associated with the movies such as a camera, clapperboard and popcorn!

              Some of the questions are on trivia cards but others have to be answered following watching short clips on the DVD that comes with the game. The questions on the trivia cards fall into three sections - Take three (where typically you are given three movies or actors and have to work put the link between the three), songs and slogans (particularly to guess what film certain taglines were associated with) and Popular culture (which is basically trivia questions based on the movies). With all these categories the greater your film knowledge is the better, but you can get by with a little guesswork as well! There is also a thirty second timer on the DVD which you can use to make sure that teams do not take too long oner their answers!

              There are two question categories which are based on using the DVD. The first is My Play where you always have to watch a clip which is then followed by a question on the screen. These are sometimes based on direct observation of the clip - for example what was the colour of Princess Fiona's ribbon in the Shrek clip - but others might ask you the name of the actor playing a certain role. This can sometimes be frustrating as you will watch a clip very intently trying to memorise all the details only to find this was not necessary at all in order to name the actor! There are 180 different clips on the DVD and each have a number of questions associated with them. These come up entirely at random so even if you see the same clip intwo successive games you are not likely to be asked the same question.

              The other section that relies on the DVD, and is also my favourite, is All Play. Here, the questions still are based on films but most take the form of different word clues. For example, you might have a grid with spaces for all the letters of the words in a film title. These are gradually filled in and you try to be the first person to guess the film before all the words are revealed! Another example is where you have cryptic clues to the film title and another is where you have the rebus type clues where you have different pictures which represent words or parts of words and when they are put together you can guess the film title. The All Play questions are the only ones when both teams are trying to answer at the same time so you have to be quick!

              In order to determine which questions you have to answer you move around the board in the usual way rolling a traditional numbered die. When you land on a square you then roll a rather peculiar looking eight sided die which determines whether it is any of the above categories. This die might also land on a Buzz card which is similar to the chance type cards in Momopoly where either through good or bad luck you can move forwards or backwards or miss a turn!

              When you have finally moved all around the board you have to face the Final Cut in order to win the game. These are also on the DVD under the heading 'All Play to Win'. If you don't answer all three in the one go, next time you only have to answer the remaining number! These are also for everyone to join in so the other team can have a good go at stopping you winning!

              I think that this is a really good game and I don't even have a really good film knowledge. However, I do like to get myself on a team with someone who has seen a few more films than I have! It's enjoyable watching the clips and there is a real variety. I have already mentioned 'Shrek' but there are so many more - too many to list! Also even though i have played this game quite a few times I probably haven't seen them all!

              At the moment the boxed game is selling on Amazon for £29.97 but there is also a sequel pack for just under£20. This is probably a very good addition as when you have had the game for a while, you are obviously not getting clips of the latest films. I also noticed on Amazon that there are themed games too - for example Harry Potter Scene It and Friends Scene It too! So I guess that if you are into either of these they would be a good buy too!

              So I certainly do recommend this game. It's good family fun from about twelve years upwards, and as a bonus you might even decide to watch some films as a result of playing the game!


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                14.09.2006 01:14
                Very helpful



                Something different from the usual board games

                Most people may not have heard of Scene It? I only got it after I was getting bored and running out of things to keep myself amused. Some will find things like Monopoly boring and this is a good alternative. Scene It? is basically a film trivia board game, which also has an interactive DVD that goes with it. It is a fun game that would be ideal for a rainy day in or even to play at a party with a group of friends. It is suitable for ages as well as there is a mixture of film clips so it isn't just new releases.

                Scene It? can be played with 2-4 players. This doesn't sound much but you can make teams if there are more than 4 of you. They recommend that it is for the ages of 12 +

                ***Getting started***

                The easiest way to get going is to follow the 'How to play' from the DVD menu. It shows you how to play step by step. Of course if you prefer to read the instructions then you can do so. The first few times of playing I found myself referring back to some sections in the instructions. It isn't hugely complicated but I do get confused easily so having them to hand was definitely a good thing for me.

                ***Setting the board up***

                After seeing how to play, or indeed reading the instructions then you need to set the board up. You get a playing board that you can fold to play a shorter game or keep extended to play the standard length game. You'll need to chose one of the 4 playing pieces (a clapper board, box of popcorn, film reel or a movie camera) and place it at the start. You also need to decide who'll be the 'DVD master' in other words who is in charge of the DVD remote. Each player (or team) will get a category reference card, which will remind them of what the symbols on the eight-sided category die represent. The trivia cards and the Buzz cards will need a shuffle and the Buzz cards placed on the board.

                Now you're ready to play!

                ***How to play it***

                To decide who goes first you need to roll the dice and the person with the highest number gets to go first. For each turn the player will need to roll both sets of dice. The numbered one obviously determines how many spaces to move forward and the category die will determine which challenge they will have. If the player gets the challenge correct then they get another turn until they get one wrong.

                As mentioned there are several categories which players could have to complete. They consist of: My Play and All Play, which are on the DVD. Take Three (T3), Songs and Slogans and Pop Culture, all of which are questions from the Trivia Cards. There are also the Buzz card and players choice (this just means they can pick any of My Play, All Play, T3, Songs and Slogans, Pop Culture or Buzz).

                **My Play**

                This is on the DVD and the DVD master will have to select 'My Play' from the menu. The player will then have to attempt to answer the question that follows the clip. There is a whole variety of ways in which this can be done. The question could be based on observation and if the player has never seen the film being shown then this doesn't matter. So one example of this could be what colour was such and such or how many times was 'x' said. These are good if you've been paying attention to the clip fully. Some require knowledge of the film and it may ask something like who directed the film or what it's called. Some you need to have general knowledge but not necessarily of the film. It could ask a question to do with the topic of the film. One question I remember was after a clip from 'Titanic' the question asked what year it sank. So even if you've not seen the film you could know the answer or indeed if it is an observation one and you've not seen it even better! When the answer comes up it also tells you the film it was taken from.

                If you've already seen the clip don't worry as there are several different questions for each clip. If you have seen the question before then all you need to do is press the 'return' button on your DVD remote and it will give you a different question.

                The clips aren't the only questions in My Play. They also have a few where you have to put four films in the order that they were released. They tend to stick to similar films and one I remember getting recently were all vampire films.

                **All Play**

                In All Play as the name suggests all the players can answer the question. If the roller gets the question correct then they carry on with their turn. If someone else gets it correct then this is the end of the rollers turn. The person who answered the question correctly can either choose to move forward a space or make another player (this can be anyone) draw a Buzz card. Once this is done then play resumes in the order that it would have done. This means that no one misses out on a turn. If no one gets the question correct then it is the end of that players turn and play proceeds to the next person.

                There is a range of different categories within All Play. This is all random as with My Play. These consist of:
                * Who Am I? - A list of characters names will appear and you have to guess which actress or actor played them.
                * Pictograms - Several pictures will appear which you need to add together to get an actor or a film.
                * Visual Puzzlers - Here several stills will be shown from a film and you have to guess the film.
                * Rising Stars - A photo of an actor or actress before they were famous will be shown and you have 20 seconds to guess who they are.
                * Distorted Reality - An image of an actor or actress will be blurred and gradually re-focus. You need to guess who they are the quickest.
                * Alternates - An alternative title of a film will appear and you have to guess the film. One example is Sweetie, I Made The Children Smaller. No prizes for that answer!
                * Spellbinder - This is like hangman and you'll see the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ for the title of the film. Gradually the blanks are filled in till it is complete so you need to be the quickest at working out the answer.
                * Invisibles - An image from a film is shown, minus the actor and you have to guess the film.

                With each of these you'll get on screen instructions telling you what you need to do. Remember everyone is playing for this so even if they are easy you need to be the quickest. As with My Play if you've got a question that has been repeated then you can hit the return and you'll get another question.

                **Trivia cards**

                The trivia cards consist of three categories. T3 (take three), S (songs and slogans) and p (pop culture). I've given the symbols as they would appear on the category die in case you were wondering. If you roll one of these then you have to answer a question from the card. The take three will ask a question that has three clues in it. So it could ask to name an actor or actress that stared in three films or maybe three items that links to a film. The songs and slogans could ask who sang the hit song for a certain film or quote a tagline and you have to identify the film. Pop culture could be a whole range of questions. For example, it could ask which film someone received their first Oscar for or maybe list a few actors and you have to guess the film.

                **Buzz cards**

                A Buzz card is much like a 'Chance' card in Monopoly. It could be something good or could very well be something bad! Some of them will instruct the player to move forward or backwards. An example of this is 'It looks like your canine co-star ate some bad dog food. Move back 2 spaces while you find a vet.' There are also several cards in which the holder can prevent another player from missing another go. These are handy to have but you must remember to play them before the player starts their turn. Once you get a Buzz card this is the end of your turn. It is also worth noting that Buzz cards can't be used against players once they reach the Final Cut ring.


                When more than one player gets the question correct and at the same time then there are tie breakers, which you select from the DVD menu. I haven't had to use this yet but I had a look for this review and they weren't what I expected. I thought they'd be film questions, but I was wrong. They are silly really. One said the shortest out of them won the tie break and another said the person with the biggest hands was the winner.

                **All Play To Win**

                Once you reach this section of the board you get a chance to answer a question from the DVD menu. If you get the question correct then you are the winner. However, as the title suggests everyone plays this so you not only need to be correct but the first person to answer it. If someone else gets the answer first then you move to the outer ring on the Final Cut and then wait till your next turn. The game then returns to the next player in sequence. The questions asked here are from the same categories as in All Play. So you could get a Pictogram or a Spellbinder or any of the other categories I mentioned earlier.

                **Final Cut**

                Once you reach this section you have to answer up to 3 questions from the DVD correctly in order to win. When you fail to get the question in All Play To Win you move to the outer ring (numbered 3) and then if you don't win from there you move to 2 and then to 1. This time there are no clips or pictures but simply a question, which could be on anything film wise. You get 10 seconds to answer the question and at the end the screen prompt will ask if you answered correctly or not. If you didn't then that is the end of your go. If you do then you'll get another one if you are on the third or second ring. If you were on ring one then you are the winner! I've noticed that the questions all seem to be connected by topic. So they could all be about dogs or even money. There are on-screen instructions for this part so if that didn't make sense then when you're playing it does.

                **The DVD**

                *Main menu*
                Here you can select the How to play section to find out how to play it as mentioned earlier. Timer Settings allows you to pick from 30 seconds, 20 seconds and 10 seconds. This can be used on the trivia cards if you want the players to have to answer within the allocated time. I've never bothered with this though. You can also avoid repeat questions by going to Pre-Set Game Play. If you leave it then it will be on random, which could mean that you get some questions repeated more often than others do. Also from the main menu you can select Play The Game which will take you to the Game menu

                *Game menu*
                Here you can select the timer if you are restricting time on the trivia card questions. All Play, My Play, All Play To Win, Final Cut and Tie-breakers are found in this section.

                The DVD is really easy to navigate and all the challenges have on screen prompts so you can't really go wrong.

                **What I thought**

                The first few times I played this game I thought one bit was confusing. After playing it a few times I had no problems with it. Then I left it a year before playing it again so it was like playing it for the first time again. Maybe it is just me but I kept getting confused if you lost out on the All Play section. I didn't get why the person who won it got to move forward a space or pick the loser to have a Buzz card. I now know this was because I've only played it with one other person and they obviously get their go next anyway. If there were more players this wouldn't necessarily be the case. I now understand this but a few times I did have to double-check the rules and kept getting confused.

                Playing it is fun and the variety of challenges mean things don't get boring. I think had the game not had the DVD part then it would be dull just answering questions. I've not overplayed it so I don't know how many times you'd need to play it in a short space to get bored of it. I suppose this would happen with any game though. I don't actually recall winning a game but I've still had a laugh playing it. I found that I was really good at certain categories and would prefer the pictograms as I got those first every time (I think!) It really does depend on which questions you get and if you keep rolling high numbers. Things can change easily as well. You could be behind and then go on to win.

                The length of the game can vary but I would say each one has taken between 30 minutes and 45 minutes. If you wanted to play a shorter length then you can fold the playing board. If you wanted a longer game then they suggest that before you move what you have rolled you have to answer the challenge. In other words before you move you have to get the challenge correct. So if you keep getting it wrong then you won't move at all!

                The only problem with playing it over and over would be that the questions would eventually be repeated. However, they do sell add on packs if you want some new questions to liven things up.

                **Not a film buff?**

                If you're not into films then it doesn't matter as you can still do fairly well. If you don't think you'd enjoy it then they do other editions. Music, Sport, 007, Harry Potter and Friends to name a few.

                If you're still not convinced then go to:


                Here you can play a demo game. You will need the Macromedia Flash 7 Plug-in and a high-speed Internet connection.

                Scene It? is £29.99 on Amazon and the sequel pack is £19.99


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