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Mattel Scene It? Twilight Edition

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2 Reviews

Brand: Mattel / Age: 13 years + / Players: 2 or more

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    2 Reviews
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      15.01.2012 19:17
      Very helpful



      great game for all the family

      I brought this game from one of our local cash and carrys for £5.00 and to be honest my family love playing it. We have all seen all the twilight films so the game was rather easy for us.

      So what it Scene it Twilight addition?

      Well Scene it is a dvd board game in which you and other players anwer questions and play mini games to will the game. The questions are based on films that have been released. In the Twilight addition the questions are all related to the first film in the Twilight saga.

      The packaging consists of a very sturdy box with Scene it Twilight writting across the middle in yellow with a picture of the Twilight cast on the bottom of the box. Inside the box there is everything you need to play the game all having its own place inside an injection moulded plastic casing.

      The pieces you get in the box are fate cards, question cards, a numbered die, an action die, the dvd, the board game itself and the counters.
      You get 4 counters in the box which all relate to the film, so you get Bella's truck, Bellas house, a baseball and Edwards piano. They are made from a silver metal and are very sturdy and quite heavy. The question cards come in its own box so you an put it away tidily. The board game is a strong cardboard with the picture printed over the top of it, the spaces go around in a circle and the inner section is for the player who reaches the end first and are given a round of questions to complete the game.

      The dvd is very easy to work. Once you have placed it into the dvd player the instructions come up on the screen and you are greeted with the voice of Carlisle Cullen (played by Peter Facinelli) which gives the game alot of authentisity. You pick which games you want to play and they will give you the questions or mini games depending on what dice the player rolls.

      i must admit that it isnt a very long game at all which is perfect if you hae children who want to play it. It tends to last on average about half an hour to play although if you are playing with a Twilight addict then it would be finished much quicker.

      i loved this game, the quality of everything you get is very high, it is very robusk and you dont have to worry about kiddies breaking anything. The only small pieces are the counters and they can be a choaking hazard for smaller children. Everything packs away in the box in its own compartments and even when the box is shaken a little the pieces dont move around the box and get messed up, something that really annoys me when im wanting to play a game and have to spend the first 20 minutes just putting everything in order.
      I would recommend this to anyone who likes films and enjoys board games and to any Twilightian. although if you havent seen Twilight i would recommend seeing it before playing this game.


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      22.07.2011 08:01
      Very helpful



      A great game which Twilight fans willl love

      **I asked for this suggestion to be added and dooyoo have put the wrong picture in. This review is for the deluxe edition of the game which covers all three of the Twilight movies so far **

      Some of you may already be aware that I am a huge fan of the Twilight saga and so when I saw the scene it board game for sale on play.com a little while after Christmas last year I just knew I had to have it and ordered it promptly.

      == What is it? ==

      The scene it Twilight saga deluxe is a dvd and board game. Scene it games have been about for quite some years now and are an interactive game in which you need to answer questions on clips show on the dvd as well as the usual question cards. What is great about this particular edition for me is that it covers the Twilight saga right up to the third film, Eclipse, which was released in November 2010.

      The game comes packed in a good quality box which seems hardwearing. The box features pictures from the Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse films as well as the scene it brand name. We are told that the game is suitable for people aged twelve or above as this links to the clips that are shown on the dvd from the films and that it is suitable for play for two to four players or teams.

      Inside the box everything is really neatly packed and everything has a place which I like as sometimes things can be a bit mixed up with games but with this it all goes back in to the box well after play. In the box you get a foldable board which can be used closed for a short game or opened up for a longer game, a dvd to play the game, a numbered die, a category die, four tokens linked to characters or moments in the films, fate cards, trivia cards and full instructions on how to play the game. Everything that you need to play the game feels of excellent quality and very well made. Even the little tokens made from mock silver feel somewhat premium quality compared to the usual game tokens. I think this is a scene it trademark more than anything though as it is the same with the Disney game we have too.

      == My thoughts ==

      The game isn't played all that regularly in my house simply because it is often just my son and I at home and it is rare that people who share a love for the Twilight films are round. However, when my sister or friend comes round we will often get this game out to play.

      The game is very easy to set up, providing that you have a dvd player of course! You simply unfold the game board if you are looking to play a full game or leave it as a folded circle if you are looking for a short game and then pop in the dvd and you are ready to go. We always play the full game as we make sure that we have plenty of time to play but I guess the shorter option is a good idea.

      It goes without saying that I love this game! We have played lots of games of this and it doesn't get old for me at all. Considering that since Christmas we have played it quite often on nights in we haven't really noticed the questions repeating on the dvd which is obviously a good thing. Another nice little touch is that the dvd is narrated by Peter Facinelli who plays Carlisle Cullen in the films which just adds another touch of authenticity to it.

      With this game you have two dice-one which tells you how many spaces you need to move and the other which tells you whether you take part in a dvd question meant for all, for yourself alone or one of the trivia cards. Unlike other scene it games I have played this game has an extra option of "my puzzle" which is a dvd based option for individuals and works on memory, quotes or scene order in the films as a rule. My sister always likes to choose these as she knows I cannot interrupt and make her lose her turn! You follow the process of rolling the dice until someone reaches the end and must complete an all play to win challenge on the dvd to win the game. There are various other rounds to complete should the person rolling the dice fail to get the all play to win question correct. When the player wins the game a scene from the films featuring Bella and Edward or Jacob embracing is shown...it is sods law that more often than not I get a Jacob scene when I am very much Team Edward!

      I really enjoy all of the questions that feature on this game but those that appear on the dvd are particularly good. They often feature clips or quotations from the films which I really enjoy watching. I do also enjoy the trivia questions on the cards too though as it gives me a chance to show off my Twilight geekiness! Some of the questions can be a little obscure, even for a Twilight fan such as me, so I would say you can only really play this game if you are with other fans. I have to say that playing this game does get quite competitive as we are obviously all Twilight fans who are playing! Thankfully I often play with Team Jacob fans and so they always choose the wolf token to play with and I am free to use the Cullen family crest token!

      There are some bonus activities on the dvd for when you are looking for something a bit different to do and my friends and I all love them! There are activities where you can act out certain characters and scenes from the films against a timer and your friend must guess what you are doing. We have literally been in tears doing this and my friend as a newborn vampire is still one of the funniest things I think I have ever seen! There is also a feature where you must draw things from the films against the time and your friend must guess what you are drawing and again this is hilarious. The bonus features just add an extra dimension to the game and they are a good addition but it is a shame that there aren't more of them, with around ten or fifteen options for each activity you soon work your way through them and once you have done them once that it pretty much it really.

      If you are a fan of the Twilight saga you are sure to love this game. It generally takes around half an hour to play and can be a great way to spend a night in with friends, a few drinks and a takeaway. You can pick the game up from play.com for £12.99 which I think is an excellent price for the product as a whole should you be interested.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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