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Mattel Simpsons Scrabble

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    2 Reviews
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      01.01.2008 22:42
      Very helpful



      This game is pretty much like the normal scrabble but with the Simpsons logo

      My kids are all fans or the Simpsons, so their granda bought them The Simpsons Scrabble game for christmas, needless to say they were delighted. (not sure of the price as it was a gift)
      The game includes:

      100 letter tiles,
      4 racks
      Tile storage bag
      Playing board
      Character cards
      Score pad
      The board

      The board is two sided with the regular scrabble on one side and Simpons scabble on the other side.
      The regular side has all the usual premium squares on the usual places and the simpsons side has preimium squares that are all mixed up.

      Premium letter square
      If you land on a light blue square then this doubles the score of the letter which has landed on it, an orange square quadruples your letter score and a green square quintuples the letter score.

      Premium word squares
      This works in the nearly the same way, if you land on a light red square you word score is doubled, if you land on a dark red square it is then tripled and the purple square in the left hand corner quadruples the word score.

      The Character Cards
      Each card has a character form the Simpsons on it.At the beginning of the game each player recieves 1 card, these can either help you or they can hinder your opponent depending on which colour you get. Green cards help the person who played it and the red card hinders your opponent. The cards only have effect on the turn they are played.

      How To Play
      The game is for 2 - 4 players, each player gets a rack and has to pick seven letters from the bag, there are also two blank tiles which a player may use as a letter of their choice, or they can keep it until the end of the game and get a bonus 10 points, also at this point each player recieves a character card, at every turn each player can choose to to exchange tiles, pass or place a word on the board.

      Passing a turn
      Players may use their turn to replace some or all of their tiles, then wait until their next turn to place a word. Players may also pass their turn if they are unable to make a word.

      Starting point
      When placing the first word it should start on the middle square of the board and should read across or down.

      Scoring a word
      All letter tilles have a number on them, calculate the numbers on each tile of your word and if you have landed on a premium square this also has to be added to the score, also if the player has played a card and has been adwarded bonus points then these alo need to be added.

      50 Points bonus
      If a player uses all seven letters in one go, they get the 50 points bonus, even if they land on premium squares, although the 50 points don`t get doubled or tripled.

      End of the game
      When all letter tiles have been drawn and one player has used all his or her tiles then the game has ended and it time to calculate the scores, after the scores have been added, then it is reduced by the sum of unplayed tiles they have left. If one player has no tiles left then their score in increased by sum of the other players unplayed tiles, the player which used all their tiles is rewarded an extra 9 points. so who ever has the highest score after all this wins.

      I like this game as the whole family can join in and the kids have lots off fun. they are playing an educational game and dont even realise it, another good point is that the game is not over with in 15 or 20 mins it lasts for about an hour or so, I would highly recommend it for primary school age and above.

      Thanks for reading
      I have done this review on Ciao


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        19.12.2006 13:26
        Very helpful



        Kids may improve their spelling or Americanise it...kiss my butt, over and out..

        I love a good game of Scrabble. Being from a big family and being the quiet one who could never get a word in edgeways, Scrabble was a game I could win (along with Monopoly). It was my favourite and it always came out at Christmas.

        Scrabble is a board game that has been played in homes around the world since it was created by Mr Alfred Mosher Butts (with a name like that I like him already) in 1938. It is quite an Institution in fact because not only is it sold in 121 countries and manufactured in 21 languages, you can aspire to become the National Scrabble Champion if you so wish. There is an Association of British Scrabble Players (www.absp.org.uk) if you really get into it where you can take part in competitions and leagues.

        You are most likely to have played Scrabble at some point in your life but if this game has escaped you somehow, then it is basically an anagram board game. Each player has a random selection of 7 letters with which they have to make words which attach to words already played on the board to make what is essentially a completed crossword. The object of the game is to score points; the higher the better. The board is made up of 225 squares, some of which have double or triple word or letters for bonus points. If you are a good speller with a broad vocabulary, then you are at an advantage in this game.

        Last Christmas I decided it was a game that would be good for the kids to play, because not only is it a good family game but it can also encourage learning of how to spell words and possibly therefore improve spelling. Although we already have the traditional Scrabble, in this day of computer games and DVD interactive board games, I thought maybe a Simpsons game board might jazz the game up a little. We are all fans of the Simpsons in our house. Don’t you just love the sofa bit?

        O*O*O Dohs and Donuts O*O*O

        The Simpsons Scrabble game comes in a bright and colourful box with pictures of the Simpsons all over it. Inside the box the contents are :

        • A double sided board which folds neatly in half;
        • A pack of green and red Simpsons cards;
        • A red cloth bag with drawstring;
        • Four tile holders;
        • 100 tiles with letters of the alphabet on;
        • Instructions.

        One side of the board has the traditional Scrabble board layout with red triple word scores in their places and a big pink kiss of double word score squares in an X shape. This side of the board is for playing Scrabble in the normal way but it has Simpsons pictures on the squares that are not extra point squares. This side of the board is in muted colours (not that colourful to be honest) but the snippets of faces from the Simpsons are quite amusing and there are several that I can’t put a name to.

        The flip side of the board is what makes this game a bit more special and unique than the traditional Scrabble game. It has the heads of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie clearly visible on the board in that lovely bright yellow. There are special squares with extra points but there are more of them and this does make playing the game a bit more fun.

        O*O*O Quads and Quins O*O*O

        The top left hand corner of the board is the way to go as in this corner of the board is the purple quadruple word square as well as four quadruple letter squares and three quintuple letter squares. You won’t find these in any of the other quarters of the board. Imagine the scores you could make with a Z or a Q word here.

        O*O*O More Do-Nuts Mmm O*O*O

        Another difference with this version of Scrabble and the traditional game is that you can use Simpsons words. The instruction booklet contains a glossary of words that can be used including doh, donut, mmm, scratchy and aycarumba. Some of the words you would be allowed to play anyway such as couch, bald, itchy and zombie. But, just knowing that you are allowed to play some name words and silly words does add a little something to the game.

        A different feature of this version of the game compared with the original is that cards can be used. Each player is dealt one card which can be played at their turn if required. This adds a little extra help such as the ability to exchange four of your tiles in the bag rather than forfeit a go to exchange all seven. Other cards may give you extra points for playing a specific category word (e.g. an extra 10 points for playing an animal). It does help to keep the game flowing when children are playing. You can play the card if you want to but you don’t have to. Some of the cards are red which are either good (e.g. twins : get another go), bad (e.g. detention or getting drunk : miss a turn), or just damn funny (the Ned good neighbour card : you play your turn and give your points to another player).

        The chance of getting high scores is greater with this version of the game because there are simply more high scoring squares on the board. It is therefore easier for children to get a good score most turns which does hold their interest in the game. The best part of the game for me is that it doesn’t dissolve into a war like Monopoly where competitiveness usually gets a bit firey. You can decide to finish the game at anytime and simply just see who has the highest score.

        Obviously this game is best suited to children who are old enough to read and spell reasonably well, unless your child is exceptionally bright, that means around age 8 and upwards. If you have never watched the Simpsons or are not a fan, this game is probably not for you. A full five stars from me.

        Thanks for reading.


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