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Mattel Wiggly Worms Game

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2 Reviews

Brand: Mattel / Age: 4 Years+

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    2 Reviews
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      04.07.2010 00:15
      Very helpful
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      Good fun game which entertains.

      This is one of my son's first games. He received it from Santa last Christmas who was visiting a playgroup we attended.

      It is aimed at 4 years plus and the aim of the game is to catch all the wiggly worms from their worm holes in the apple. My son loves apples so I am glad he hasn't started to associate worms and apples lol.

      This comes in a small box and contains a plastic apple which has 20 worm holes in it and has a timer on it. 20 wriggly worms which are all green but have a different coloured tail, yellow,blue red and green. Also four cards each with a different colour worm on it which represent the worm coloured tails.
      As the game and box is quite small it is handy for taking on holidays or car trips.

      Now the game is for 2-4 players and the aim of the game is to have all your worms with the same colour tail which matches the colour of your picked card. Each colour has 5 worms.

      You take turns picking out a worm and use the timer which is a little lever which you pull up to start your turn. Once the timer is started the worms all start wriggling up and down but you can't see the tails of them, You have to try to pick the worms out and if you find your colour you keep it out. When the timer stops and the worms go still it is time for the next player.
      You need to watch when the other players take their turns and try to remember where your coloured ones are. It isn't as simple as it sounds as the worms are quite tricky to get a hold of, Wriggly little Blighters that go back down as you try to pick them up.

      My son loved playing this lots when he first had it but the novelty wore off after a while.
      I find the timer is slightly noisy when in use and you need to keep all the bits together as they are small worms so if one or two were to become lost it would ruin the game.
      I don't have to let my son win on this game as his fingers manage to pick out worms easier then mine anyway.

      Having just looked up the price this game costs £10.00 in Tesco's.


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        09.02.2009 18:53
        Very helpful
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        See review.

        My children, and my son especially, are getting just to the right age for board games, especially the ones that they can play together without any outside help.
        As one of the presents off one of his mates at his party, this game was ideal. Easy to set up, easy to play with relatively few rules to abide by.

        The game I will now review is - "Wiggly worms".

        The contents of the box is as follows -

        1 apple with worm holes
        20 worms, five each of red, blue, yellow and green.
        4 matching cards to go with the above colours.

        The basic premise of this game is that you mix all the colours of the worms up, bearing in mind the worms are the same colour, with the tail end being the colour coded part.

        You push one worm into each hole, this leaves just the round smiley faces of each worm visible.

        Each child picks a card from the choice of four available, this obviously means that there is a limit of four players per game, once the colour of each player is established the game can begin.

        There is a timer arm at the side of the apple that after being pulled gently starts a spiral shaped cog under the worms. This gives the effect that the worms are popping up at random times, much like the popular "hitting" games you find at the many arcades all over the coast!
        Then for the duration of the timer one player will take as many worms out of their holes looking for the matching colour to their card.
        If a worm is picked out that is not a matching colour the player has to shout out the colour before placing back into the hole, this gives the player that does hold that colour the chance to remember where it was put ready for their turn!

        The game then continues until one player has found all their worms, simple!

        This is a lovely game, easy to play and set up again and again. The other plus side is the fact that it doesn't take batteries, so there is none of the checking all the games at bedtime to make sure they are switch off, the cost of replacing so many batteries are extortionate!

        Please be aware though, the worms are quite small, so there is an age restriction on it, this being 4+. Also as the game is considerably smaller than the box, to save room I have taken it out and put it into a separate container. Not only does this save room but in my opinion is essential due to how east it would be to lose some worms, then the game wouldn't be as much fun to play!

        As this was a gift I don't know the exact price of the game. I have checked on www.amazon.co.uk
        But am pretty sure that Connor's friend didn't pay the £17.95 that this game is advertised on there for.
        In my opinion it would have purchased for around the £10.00 mark, perfect for the quality of the game, and more like the money I would spend on a party gift... there are codes of conduct you know! (LOL!)

        This is a lovely simple game that my kids have enjoyed playing and I have enjoyed the five minutes peace with, highly recommended!

        For more information visit Amazon (website above).

        Thanks for reading x


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      • Product Details

        A great fun game with superb smiley worms which will have children scrambling to collect them while they can. Pull back the lever and inside their holes in a solid, chunky red plastic apple, the Wiggly Worms will bob up and down trying to escape your clutches. There are 20 of the slippery characters in all, with their tails painted in one of four different colours. Players must choose one of four coloured cards and then attempt to seize worms whose tails are painted the corresponding colour when they briefly pop up.

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