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Medieval Madness Pinball

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Type: Adult Games

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    1 Review
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      26.03.2001 04:40
      Very helpful



      This is a machine that can be found a lot at bars and cafetaria, although not as often as one used to. I was lucky enough to find one of these beauties when I was on holiday in Les Arcs (France) on a skiing trip. To explain this, you should know that I am not much of a skieer, but went along with my girlfriend. After two days, I decided that that was not my sport, and planned my holiday differently. When the others were on their daily skiing trip, I wanderer the resort, and bumped into the Medieval Madness board. Of course I filled it with francs right away, and played it a couple of times. Great fun. As this is one of the relatively 'modern' pinballs, it contains a dot matrix. This really adds to the fun, since it allows for much more of a storyline during the game. With this machine, your task is to storm a castle, and make it explode. For this, you need to hit the port to the castle of course, break down the gates, and after that, shoot your ball through the now open gate. While you try this, you are being taunted by the (mad) castle-owner. when you finally shoot the ball into the castle, it then breaks down in a large bang, both on the dot matrix, and on the pinball table. Of course, after that, you are expected to go on to the next castle, which is defended more heavily (you have to hit the gate more often to get through). There is much more on the board. Especially the trolls are much fun. They pop up from under the table, after which you are to shoot them as much and as fast as possible. Of course there is much more to be known about the board, but since this is an op, and not a tuturial (or a sales-story), I'll leave that to you to discover. There is however one point I must add. I have the feeling that the board lay-out has one big flaw. The biggest threat for a pinball machine is when you seem to loose many balls for some reason, that you can't do much about. The table is a
      llowed to be difficult, but must never be unfair. I'm afraid that this is just what happened with this board. When you hit the gate to the castle from your right flipper, the ball is guided back in such an angle, that only too often, it will land precicely in the middle between the two flippers. Therefore, you easily loose the ball, at one of the most important actions on the board, attacking the castle. This totally goes against the fairness-rule. Its a shame. Apart from this flaw, the game is really good. If you are in a gameroom and this is one of a few machines on display, try it once or twice for yourself. If you fail to spot the same problem I had, than you will have a wonderful gam with it. If however you do run into the same problem, try your luck at the Elvira machine right next to it.


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