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Millennium Orion 6 in 1

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Brand: Millennium

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    1 Review
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      20.04.2013 20:19
      Very helpful



      6 games you can play alone or with someone else

      The Millennium Orion 6 in 1 board game is a traditional board game with a difference. Not only can you play against someone else as you normally would, but you can also play against the computer. As you may have already guessed it is 6 games in 1; Chess, Checkers, Reversi, 4 in a Row, Grasshopper and Nim.

      About the board:
      The board is set out like a chess board with black and white squares. These squares all have sensors so that when you are playing against the computer it knows where you have gone.

      To the side of the board is the computer part. Here you can set up what game you want to play and change settings like the volume. The speaker and screen are also here so that you know if you've made a wrong move or what settings you are changing and which square the computer is going during games.

      Due to it being a computer is does need batteries which are not included. It takes 4 AA batteries.

      The Games:
      The manual goes through each game and tells you how to play them if you don't already know. The games are all popular classics and they all work well on this board.

      I won't go through the games and how to play them as the chances are you know how to play at least one of the games listed and you can easily find the instructions online or in the instructions with this game on how to play them all.

      With 6 games there's something for everyone, no matter what your age or skill level.
      For most of the games you use counters, but for the chess game there are chess pieces. Each piece is magnetic so the playing pieces are always connected or jumping together (or apart, depending on which way you have the pieces). When on the board you have to make sure they don't accidentally stick together. The chess pieces are fine as the magnet is underneath the pieces, but the counters are magnetic on both sides and if they get too close they sometimes jump together, especially in Draughts when you're jumping pieces or attempting to flip them over in Reversi.

      Playing against the computer:
      Playing against the computer is simple. You can choose from any of the 6 games and various skill levels. It's easy to set up as the instructions tell you what to do and it's just a case of pressing the right buttons so that the screen displays what you want. The screen is quite small, but I've never had any problems reading what's on it as it is usually shortened versions of the words or a couple of letters and numbers telling you a square. Annoyingly the digits do flash on and off but they are bold and quite big. However, the numbers on each square are quite small! You could easily find out which row goes to which letter and work out by counting the squares where you need to go if you can't read it and when playing the game it will bleep at you if you place the counter in the wrong place or attempt an illegal move.

      Once it is set up the computer will tell you where to place the playing piece for it's turn.
      Whenever you place a piece down you need to put pressure on the square so it knows where you have gone and that you have completed the computers moves correctly.

      Personally my favourite is Reversi, which I'd never played before getting this. Sadly my Mum isn't so interested in playing this as I always win and my Dad isn't really interested in board games. Luckily I can always play against the computer!

      I can quickly set this up by just pressing the Start button and selecting the game I want. You can change levels if you want and then you press the Start button again to start the game.

      In Reversi the computer will tell you not only where it wants to go but which counters need to be turned over for both you and itself, so there's no way you can miss turning a counter over which is useful as the whole aim of the game is to be the one with the most counters on your colour to win.

      The computer beeps for every move you make so you know that it has registered the move. It's quite easy to keep track of whose go it is, but every so often you may find you pick up the counter the wrong way (as it's black one side and white the other) or move the wrong colour. The computer will tell you that you've made a mistake if you move wrong and you can always separate the counters into black and white so it's less confusing.

      With the counters all being magnetic it's hard to lose them (although if you do lose any it's likely to be a long strip of at least 10 due to them sticking together). The playing pieces and board are quite durable. I've somehow ended up with one chess piece that has a loose magnet underneath, but if that happens I'm sure you could put it back if you wanted. I've never bothered, I just don't lift the piece when playing so it just stays in the base and slides along the board with the piece.

      Overall it's great being able to play a two player game or alone or with someone else. It's easy to set up the game if you are using the computer and the instructions explain how to use it as well as how to play the games. Recommended.


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