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My First Operation

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Manufacturer: Hasbro / Type: Board Game

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    1 Review
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      11.01.2012 09:17
      Very helpful



      Could have been a good game

      In the run up to Christmas, every time we were out shopping in a toy store my daughter would head straight for the games and each time she would pick out Operation as one that she wanted for her birthday. Obviously as she was just turning four years old Operation was too old for her so I was disappointed that I was unable to buy her something that she really wanted. Our local newsagent started up a Christmas club and in their catalogue there was a "My First Operation" which was aimed at children aged four ad above so that seemed ideal to buy for her.

      My First Operation is a younger version of the highly popular game Operation. The box is bright red in colour and features a large picture on the front of two young children playing the game with a cartoon surgeon standing behind them "supervising". The patient in this game is a bright pink pig and he has a tummy ache and needs help to stop it.

      "Roly the pig has been a real greedy guts and gobbled up too much food. Now he's got tummy ache and needs and operation. Remove the food from his tummy but don't hurt him or his snout will light up and he'll squeal!"

      Roly the pig on his bed
      Tweezers (which are attached to the bed)
      5 food shapes
      15 food cards

      To play the game for the first time you will need to remove all the cards from the cardboard grid. You will need 2 AA batteries as they do not come supplied with the game. Setting up the game is simple, place the five food shapes in the corresponding hole on the pigs tummy, shuffle the cards and place them in the the holder at the end of the bed and you are ready to play. The first player (it says on the box that to decide who goes first the players should do pig impressions and a grown up should decide the best! We just play youngest first!) takes a food card and has to remove the food shape from his tummy. To remove the shape the idea is to press the tweezers into the middle of the shape and lift it up. If the shape touches the sides of the tummy the pig willl squeal and the nose will light up. Play continues until one player has successfully removed three shapes and collected three food cards. (Alternatively you can play until all the food cards have been collected and the person with the most wins!)

      There are five foods in total to collect, ice cream, biscuit, hamburger, sandwich and doughnut and each are shown in a bright picture on the food cards. The food pieces however are just a plain shape in different colours such as orange and blue. I think this is a real shame as it would have been better to actually look like the food in my opinion. Of course being just a colour gives the child an extra little challenge in identifying the shape from the picture of the food but to me that is just a pointless extra and it should be just food.

      The general opinion of this game is that it is rubbish! The tweezers are almost impossible for a child to use and really quite hard for us grown ups to use too. We have tried to play this game quite a few times and the idea is to push the tweezers into the middle of the shape and lift - sounds easy but it just doesn't work! If by chance you do manage to get the tweezers to grip they drop the shape before you've even had a chance to lift it up! My daughter gets so frustrated with this game as obviously she was so happy to recieve it for her birthday and she just hasn't been able to play it so we have had quite a lot of tears!!

      The quality of the game is quite good but really that doesn't matter when the game is unplayable. The idea behind the game is excellent as a younger version of the game Operation it is just a real shame it doesn't work. We have tried to alter the tweezers by making them narrower and wider at times but it still doesn't pick up the shapes. I am unable to recommend this game sadly but I am sure it would have been a good game had we been able to play.

      My First Operation is priced at around £14.99 though thankfully I only paid ten pounds for it (which turned out to be ten pounds too much!!).

      Thank you for reading my review.


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