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Orchard Quack Quack

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Brand: Orchard / Type: Kids Games

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    2 Reviews
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      28.10.2008 17:18
      Very helpful
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      Entertaining and amusing animal noise game

      My daughter was bought this game a couple of years ago for Christmas.

      The game comprises of 30 cards with a coloured spot on one side and a picture of an animal (there is a cat, dog, duck, chicken, horse and a donkey) on the other. There is also a cup and a dice with coloured rather than numbered faces. The idea of the game is to place all the cards animal side down on a table. You then roll the dice and before picking up a card showing the same colour as the dice you make an animal noise. If this animal noise corresponds with the aimal on the reverse of the card you have won that card. The winner is the person to collect the most amount of cards. Some of the cards do feature all of the animals so it doesn't matter what noise you have made.

      My daughter is four and she loves this game and regularly used to get it out to play while her younger brothers had their afternoon nap. She is at school now so thankfully we see a little less of this game. I say thankfully because I'm not a big fan. For me the game is far too long winded and takes ages to complete which means my daughter gets bored and goes off to do something else. The problem as far as I am concerned is that first you have to match a colour and after a few turns some colours have already gone. This means that you may not get a turn at all but even if your colour is there you still have to make the correct animal noise to win the card.

      I find that my daughter likes to play the game without the dice and just make the animal noise and pick up any card. I prefer this as it makes the game quicker and more of a memory game. The game is good for colour and animal recognition and also improves the memory as to a certain extent you have to remember where the animals were.

      Even though this is not one of my favourites it is well made and the cards are chunky and brightly coloured. It is fun to make the animal noises and we try and do our best impersonations which is obviously very funny for the children. My son is three but he hasn't taken to this game as well as my daughter and is less likely to choose it at game times.

      Hours and hours of fun for all the family!


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        20.06.2006 18:02
        Very helpful



        Good value game which improves social skills and memory

        Quack Quack

        Another useful game from one of my favourite game makers! We have played this a few times recently because it has linked in with listening skills.

        **What do I get?**

        Inside the box there are 30 cards showing 3 each of donkey, sheep, hen, duck, pig, dog, cat, snake, frog, as well as 3 special cards which show al of the animals together. On the back of each of the cards is a large coloured circle, corresponding to the colours on the die.

        There is a die with a coloured circle on each face, either red, blue, yellow, orange, green or purple.

        Also included in the box is a dice shaker, although I find children tend to want to just throw dice!

        **How To Play the Game**

        The instructions for the game are printed on the base of the box I always think that this is a much better idea than having them on paper because I so often lose the instructions. This way, they are there forever!

        The instructions are simply written and the game is really easy to play.

        To play, the cards are spread face down, with the coloured dot showing.

        The first player rows the die and selects a card showing the same coloured dot as the die; before turning it over, they have to guess which animal it may be showing, and make that noise. If they get it right, then they keep the card and if not, they have to put it back in te same place.

        Obviously, at this stage, it is pure luck and guess work, but when a few cards have been turned over and shownto the rest of the players, then it becomes more a memory game.

        The winner is the person who has collected the most cards.

        **Who is it for…**

        A very simple game, both to understand and to play, so the suggested age group of 3-6 years s probably exactly right, although I have played it more with the younger range.

        It suggests that it is for 2-4 players but we have played it successfully with 5 and 6 children.

        **Price and Availability**

        The game costs -------------

        I buy these games from the catalogue which can be obtained from:

        Orchard Toys
        Formlend Ltd.,

        They can also be bought online at www.orchardtoys.co.ukme

        **Some other related products**

        **What I Thought**

        I buy a lot of games from this company, and as ever, this lived up to my expectations. The game is well made and age appropriate and links well with the requirements of the National Curriculum.

        The cards are plastic coated and so can withstand alot of use and I especially like the fact that the instructions can’t be lost.

        For playing with your own children, it possibly has a limited shelf life; I tend to buy them to lik in with specific topics, and because I know that I will use the game frequently, then the price is very reasonable. If you don’t want to buy it, then see if you can borrow one and give it a go. It will certainly help to develop linguistic skills, and will encourage the children to take turns and cooperate as well as improve memory skills.

        A good game which tends to amuse children because they enjoy making the animal sounds, so fun as well as educational.

        Thanks for reading



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      • Product Details

        Lots of noisy 'clucks' and 'oinks' in this fun colour memory game. Roll the dice, match the spots and make the sound of the farm animal that might be hiding underneath the card. For 2-4 Players.

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