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Orchard Slug In A Jug

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    3 Reviews
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      06.02.2014 09:20



      My four year old likes it so it's a hit, but he definitely can't play it by himself

      My little boy (4 years old) won this game at a birthday party in pass the parcel. Initially I thought it would be too old for him as he hasn't yet started school, but he absolutely loved the concept of rhyming. Ignoring the instructions to begin with we used the well presented cards for letter recognition eg find all the words starting with 's', bright pictures and clear lettering made this a great task. We then moved onto the idea of rhyming, instructions with the game are clear and there are lots off ways that you can adapt the basic idea of the game. My little boy doesn't think its as fun as the other orchard games, as he realises that it definitely is about learning, whereas list of the other games have hidden the learning behind the fun. Would recommend to anyone 4 and over, or a very bright 3 year old that's good with their letters and sounds.


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      31.01.2012 10:12
      Very helpful



      a nice simple game to play

      We are great fans of Orchard Toy games in our house, so when we were passed a set of Slug in a Jug, we were eager to try the game.
      Slug in a Jug is a rhyming game for 2-4 players with an age range of 5-9 years. Straight away I knew my 4 year old would have no trouble playing the game so don't be put off by the recommended age range if you're looking at this game.

      In the box you receive 48 different cards, all in a good thickness and decent quality that Orchard Toy games reputation have in all their games.
      The cards are a fairly decent size to pick up, not too large but a lot bigger than the average size of the smaller pieces you can expect to see in a lot of the other games from Orchard Toys. Each card boasts a single picture and word relating to the picture shown on the card.
      There is no board to this game, just the cards, but all of the cards can be used to play three different games.

      ** Rhyming Pairs **

      All of the cards are placed face down on the table and each player takes it in turns to turn over two cards. Should the player turn over two cards that rhyme then they keep the set. The player with the most sets of rhyming pairs once all the cards have been claimed is the winner.

      I liked this game as it was easy for my 4 year old to work out the word by using picture association. We also learnt a lot about rhyming whilst playing this game. It makes a nice change to play a matching game without having to actually match the pictures.

      ** Find the Rhyme **

      The cards are placed face down on the table with a small pile of card showing one card face upwards. Taking it in turns the players have to try and find a card that matches the face card.

      This game is essentially like the rhyming pairs game but with just a different way of playing it to be honest.

      ** Slug in a Jug **

      All of the cards are placed face down on the table and the players each choose one card for their own to see. Taking it in turns the players choose one down turned card to see if it rhymes with their own card.
      If the card is a rhyming pair then the player keeps the card and moves the set aside and chooses another card to have face up on the table.
      The winner is the player who scores the most points by collecting rhyming pairs.

      Again this version is another take on rhyming pairs and not a lot different.

      Once we had played each of the three versions, we realised they were all very similar, and essentially the whole game is a matching game. Whilst I felt slightly let down by the lure of three different games in one being just one game played ever so slightly different, I can see the attraction of the game. It helps younger children learn the word and picture association as they play as well as learning rhymes.
      The game is well made by a reputable company and if looked after will keep the attention of children as they do grow. I'm not convinced a child over the age of about 7 would want to play this game too often and definitely would market it towards the younger age groups.

      We did find the game could be played just as well with two or four players and it didn't really change the game play with fewer players.
      Overall this was a good game, but I'm not sure it's worth the £7.00 price bracket it retails for. I would suggest a lower price of around £5.00 or even try to pick it up second hand.


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      24.07.2006 23:15
      Very helpful



      good game to encourage turn taking, and develop literacy skills

      Slug in ajug

      I’m not a great fan of slugs, but I do think rhyming games are really beneficial for young children, and so have been encouraging some of the younger children in the school to play this game.

      ”What do I get?”

      Inside the box, there are 40 rhyming picture cards which are approximately 6cm by 7cm, so just nice for little hands to hold.

      On each card is a bright picture of (usually) commonly found, and instantly recognizable people, animals, actions and objects, eg cat, lamb, van, hug, cry.
      Underneath each picture is the name of the action, person, animal or object, with the initial sound in one colour and the rhyming sound in a different colour. This makes it easy for children to recognize the sound they are actually listening for.

      There are also paper instructions for two of the suggested games inside the box, with instructions for the third suggested game on the base of the box.

      **How Do I Play It?**

      The game includes suggestions for 3 games, all involving looking for rhymes and/or making sentences. I am not going to go through how to play each game, but I am going to say that they vary in complexity, but all 3 are simple enough for children to play without adult intervention once they have had the game explained to them.

      The games all encourage children to communicate, to share and to play appropriately.They also require that they listen to instructions, and all the games link to the National Literacy Strategy. One of the games also requires to children to use their mathematical skills to score at the end of the game.

      **Who Is It For?**

      This is a game for 2 to 4 players.

      The suggested age range is 5-10, but I would suggest at if you have the game, or similar, it’s worth introducing the concept of rhyming words to children at an even younger age. They do enjoy finding words which rhyme as it’s almost like a song.

      **Price and Availability**

      I bought this (along with other games) from www.orchardtoyscom, and it cost £6.00
      **Other Relevant Products**

      Also from Orchard Toys, these are some of the other game which all encourage the development of Literacy and language skills.

      Sharon the Sheep £8.00
      Pass The Word £8.00

      **What I Thought**

      Another useful game from one of my favourite producers of educational games and jigsaws.

      The games can be bought online and also from some book shops, and I have seen them in Boots the chemist, so they are easily available, and best of all, not cost prohibitive.

      Slug in A Jug is a fun game for children, and while they are learning about rhyming words, they enjoy the fact that they can make silly sentences. I have found that it encourages even quite reluctant children to play with words, so that they can make a sentence.

      It encourages cooperation, and turn taking, which can be quite difficult for young children.

      As with most of the Orchard Toys games, it is a good price and good quality, with the cards being plastic coated and able to withstand a lot of use.

      Another useful resource, which if you don’t have, is worth taking the idea from, and playing your own game.

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela xx


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