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Orchard Toys Chicken Out!

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Brand: Orchard Toys / Age: 5-12 / Players: 2-4

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    1 Review
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      06.05.2011 18:29
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      Fun matching game with a great twist

      Chicken Out Game

      Our little one was very lucky on her last birthday and received many toys and games from friends and family. One game in particular was this 'Chicken Out' board game which is showing at £14.25 on Amazon which I personally think is a lot of money for this game, though I guess that is the way children's toys have gone these days! I am sure you would be able to get this game cheaper if you hunt around though.

      The game is made by Orchard Toys and has the age recommendation of 5-12 years on Amazon, though the box actually states 3-6 years which I think is much better.

      The game is a simple matching game with a small twist to add to the fun. The object is to collect the most matching pairs of animals before you lose all your chickens! Each player chooses a farmer board (four supplied for 2-4 players) and attaches three chicken cards to it in a jigsaw fashion. The other playing cards are positioned on the floor face down. The players take it in turns to turn over two cards. If they et a matching pair they keep them face up next to them and takes another turn until they do not have a matching pair. If the cards do not match, they are turned back over where they were. If one of the players turns over a fox card all the players shout out 'chicken out' (which is the favourite part of my youngster!) and that player loses one of their chicken cards. If the card shows an egg the player can replace one of their lost chickens with another one and then the egg card is discarded to one side. There is only one egg card! When a player has lost all their chicken cards, they are out and can no longer try to find matching cards. The game continues until all player are out or there are only three cards left in the centre. The winner is the player with the most matching cards at the end of the game. If two or more players have the same amount of matching cards, the winner is decided by who has most chickens left.

      A simple game with a pleasant twist which goes down well with my youngster. It is unfortunate that there is not more cards, though this is only a minor negative as the game play is fun for youngsters and only takes about 5-10 minutes.

      The cards themselves are all brightly coloured with some lovely pictures. They are quite durable though will bend if force is applied to them.

      For £14.25 I would say that it is not worth buying, though if you can get it for cheaper, it is certainly a fun game for little ones.


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