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Orchard Toys If you See a Crocodile

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3 Reviews

Orchard Toys / Board Game

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    3 Reviews
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      13.01.2012 19:32
      Very helpful



      A great family game

      When I read the reviews of this game, I knew my daughter would love it, so added it to her wishlist straight away, and she received it for Christmas.

      The game play is simple, my daughter is 3 and she plays a lot of games, but isn't sure about dice. This game features a board you row a boat around by rolling a coloured die. You then take a disk of the same colour, and if it's a splash on the back, you move to the next space of that colour, if it's a crocodile, you scream. The aim of the game is to get to the end of the track, and into a boathouse.

      At first, my daughter wasn't sure about screaming, but laughed when an adult did. As she's played more often, she's got really into singing the song and screaming as necessary. She still thinks it's funny, too.

      The board has to be put together like a jigsaw first, and a boat and boathouse set in place. This setup is part of the fun, and the fact that you row right into the boathouse at the end is great.

      Since playing this game, she's become happier and more confident using a normal die as well, so it's expanded the number of games she can play; she now understands that you count on the number on a die, rather than going back to the square with that number on.

      There's a lot of chance in the game, and it often happens that one player gets lots of crocodiles and the other lots of splashes, which leads to one player getting ahead quickly. This doesn't matter in the end game, though, which has always been a close thing.

      The focus on colours is great, as a lot of children find colours in the abstract quite a difficult concept to grasp, but here you match the coloured spots, so it's educational as well as fun.

      It's not too boring for adults, and keeps my daughter's interest, but is not too complicated for very young children.


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      08.11.2011 11:21
      Very helpful



      see reveiw

      My Daughter received this game for her Christmas and we have played this a few times.

      What is it?
      The game is a colour matching game where the object of the game is to row your boat to the boat hut by matching the colour spot dice to the colours on the game board basically you have a character and you have to get to the boat house. There is a deck of colour cards one is placed in the boat house this determines the finishing colour the on each turn the player rolls the colour dice and takes a card if the card show a splash they move to the corresponding coloured square if it shows a crocodile they have to scream and miss a turn.

      Age Range:
      This game is suitable from age 3-8 year olds and for 2-4 players

      This game is by Orchard games and therefore has a educational base to it and this is colour matching and colour recognition as well as early literacy skills.

      Cost and Stockist
      This game can be found in most good toy shops and will cost around between £10.00 and £12.00 and of course is also available on Amazon www.amazon.co.uk.

      I am a great fan of orchard games yet I would say this is my least favourite as there was a lot of assembly to do before hand making up the playing pieces and the boat house and boat which are not as sturdy as I would have liked for my toddler.

      We have not played this game as much as others we have and although both my children do enjoy playing and love seeing who can scream the loudest it isn't there first choice thankfully as I would need more nurofen!

      A fun game but not one that stands the test of time in the favourite stakes.


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      28.09.2010 19:26
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      recommended for family time with young children

      On my quest to find a family fun board game for use with my 3 year old son I stumbled across the Orchard Toys board game range.

      After already purchasing "The shopping list game" and receiving as a gift " The Lunch box game" I decided to try out "If you See a Crocodile".
      I bought this on holiday in Devon for £19.99 but having now searched around online I have found this can currently be bought for £10.55 from Amazon and therefore I would definately recommend searching around to find the best price.

      The Game:-

      If you See a Crocodile is a game designed for young children marked as 36 months - 12 years.

      The game comes in an attractive box and procides:-
      30 x double-sided colour spot cards (5 lots of 6 colours with water splashes or crocodiles on the back)
      6 'finish' spot cards,
      4 characters with stands
      1 game board,
      1 boat house, (which you need to assemble)
      1 boat, (which you need to assemble)
      1 colour spot dice

      How to Play:-

      After setting up the game board (slots together easily) and assembling the boat house & boat you need to shuffle the colour spot cards and place them in the centre of the board with the colour side up.

      After choosing your characted you start by placing them on the white spot on the Jetty.

      As with all Orchard Toys games the instructions recommend you start with the youngest player. They need to roll the dice to find out what colour the finish card will be (the "finish" spot card should then be placed in the hole by the boat house to mark the finish colour).

      The youngest player then rolls the colour spot dice again and chooses a card from the centre that matches the colour rolled. If the underneath of the card shows a water splash the player moves to the next square on the board of that colour and the card should be discarded into the boat.
      If the underneath of the card shows a crocodile the player should scream and their piece remains where they are (also discarding the card to the boat).

      If all the colour spot cards of a colour have been used they should be removed from the boat shuffled and placed back in the centre of the board.

      The next player continues using the same rules. The winner is the person that makes it onto the finish place whereby they can move their character into the boat house.

      My Opinion:-

      This is a very simple board game and although marked for suitable for ages 3-12 years I believe most children will have outgrown this by the age of 7. Having said that it is an excellent game for young children and my 3 year old son loves to play this game.

      As he is so young the rules of the game are sometimes lost on him and he seems to particularly enjoy when any of us pick up a crocodile and have to scream. He likes to roll the dice and understands the concept of picking up a corresponding coloured card from the centre however he does not yet quite understand that he can't just keep picking up the cards until he finds one he likes.

      As my son is so young he does not always follow the rules but this board game gives us a good opportunity to attempt to instill good sportsmanship and structured playing. Unlike some of the other Orchard Valley Toys games this one does have limited educational purposes but sometimes a bit of sillyness and family game play is all that is required.

      We have added the rule that if you get a crocodile card you scream and get a tickle which has livened up the play and is a cause of great delight to my son.

      As a family it has been difficult to find games and toys that we can play as a group but this game fits the bill nicely.

      The Cons:-

      This is not a game that a young child can play on their own so expect regular demands to play.

      When playing with 3 or 4 players it is clear that there are not enough Spot colour cards and therefore you are required to regularly take the cards out of the boat, shuffle them and place back into the centre of the board which can be a little frustrating.

      As an adult this game can be a little dull and repetitive.

      In Conclusion:-

      Although the gameplay as an adult is not the most entertaining my 3 year old son loves to play this and particularly loves when the whole family joins in. If you are looking for a family activity to entertain your youngster I would recommend this game


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