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Orchard Toys Tell The Time

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3 Reviews

Brand: Orchard Toys / Age: 5 Years+ / For 2 to 4 players

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    3 Reviews
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      24.05.2012 23:01
      Very helpful
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      Tell the time game

      Tell the time lotto

      I find lotto a useful way to teach children skills and concepts, and so tend to use this quite frequently when doing work on time.


      The game comes in quite a sturdy box which is brightly coloured and has lots of pictures of time based items on the front- namely several clocks. One thing I like about Orchard toys games is the fact that the instructions are written on the outside base of the bo so no chance of losing them.

      Inside the box there are 4 lotto boards divided into six pictures with a time and a description of the picture eg picture of ice creams, analogue clock showing quarter to three and the description "have an ice cream". All of the pictures are nice and bright and each section divided by a thick yellow line so no chance of being unable to differentiate between pictures.

      There are also 24 matching time cards which the children place on the lotto board when they win the card.

      All of the cards including the lotto boards are sturdy and well made and covered in a water proof covering so no danger of being ruined if water is splashed on them

      HOW TO PLAY...

      It's a simple game of lotto whereby players chose a lotto board and then place the small cards in the middle of the table. One at a time players chose a card from the pile and if they have the corresponding card on their lotto board then they cover it.

      The winner is the first player to cover all of their squares.

      We play variations of this but also use small clock faces where I put a time on the clock face and children read the time and


      The game is available from www.orchardtoys.org.uk and is on sale at the moment and priced at £5.99, so quite a bargain for a game of this quality.

      WHO IS IT FOR?

      The game is recommended for children age 5-9 years, although it is useful for older children if they are still unsure of time telling.


      This is a good quality game which can be adapted for the needs and ages of specific children.

      The cards are bright colourful and sturdy and even the pointer on the clock face hasn't broken after many games.

      I would recommend this for anyone wanting a fun way to teach children the time

      Thanks for reading

      Daniela xx


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        15.01.2012 16:52
        Very helpful



        A fun way to learn to tell the time.

        ~~~ Orchard Toys ~~~

        The Orchard Toys Company is a leading manufacturer of educational puzzles and games for children aged between 18 months and 12 years. Although my experience with their toys has been educational toys of nursery and infant school age. They have a reputation for great design, and superb quality toys, manufactured from cardboard in the main. Therefore they are environmentally friendly and recyclable; a great alternative to the plastic jungle and gimmicky nature of some toys nowadays.

        ~~~ Tell the Time Lotto ~~~

        This is a game based on the classic game of bingo, where the first player to cover all their squares wins. This is a lovely fun game, and is aimed at children five to nine years old. We bought this game for our daughter when she was learning to tell the time in Year One, as an aid to help her understand better and also to differentiate between the time from a standard clock and that of a digital format.

        ~~~ Benefits ~~~

        * Encourages observational and language skills (matching and speaking out loud)
        * Aides developement of personal and social skills (taking turns)
        * Links with National Curriculum in Maths (telling the time)

        I also feel it aides with English and reading.

        ~~~ How to Play ~~~~

        In the chunky box you receive 24 picture cards, these are placed down on the playing surface, and you also have four game boards. This game should be played between two and four players, but my daughter occasionally liked to play alone for extra practise.

        Each player takes a turn at picking up a card, where they have to read the time aloud, on both the clock and the digital display. These are then matched to their game board, and the winner is the first person to cover all their pictures. Younger siblings could also get lots of fun from this game just by matching up the pictures. The game play isn't too long either, it could take anything from five to fifteen minutes, depending how lucky you are when turning over your cards. The benefit is that you can play as long as the child keeps his/her concentration; you don't feel you have to play until the end (like you do on a longer game like Monopoly etc).

        The pictures give indications of what a child would be expecting to be doing at such a time; for instance, 7.00am or 07:00 would be a little boy or girl getting out of bed, and 12.00am or 12:00 would be someone eating lunch, 7.00pm, brushing their teeth, and 7.30pm snuggled up in bed. The pictures are very bright and colourful, and very appealing to little ones.

        ~~~ Alternative Game ~~~

        An alternative game which I have tried with my daughter, which it doesn't state in the rules, is that we placed all the cards face down; she selected five, and then she arranged these in a timeline. This helped reinforce the fact that A.M. was morning, and P.M. was afternoon and evening. This game is so versatile.

        ~~~ Quality ~~~

        The quality to this game is phenomenal. Although made from cardboard, and getting on for four years old it still looks brand new. It isn't a game we play as a family anymore, but we still have it to play for when nieces, nephew and friends with little ones come to visit.

        ~~~My Thoughts ~~~

        Overall this is a great game, with an educational as well as fun aspect. The recommended retail price of £7.25 on the Orchard Toys website (15/01/12) is a bargain price. I highly recommend it - Orchard Toys branded products can't be beaten. Although ahead of her class with every other subject, telling the time was something she struggled with for a while. I do believe though, that this game helped in gaining her confidence through extra practise at home. Five out of five from me.

        Thank you for reading my review, which may also be posted on other sites.


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          06.01.2009 19:00
          Very helpful



          A good game to encourage children's time telling skills

          My daughters were both given a few games at Christmas and this Orchard game - Tell the Time lotto- was one of my five year olds'. I always think that Orchard make good quality, sturdy educational games and this one is no exception. The suggested age range is for ages 5 to 9 and this seems about right to me, although my younger daughter, who is almost four does insist on playing too! (We can't leave her out!) It was an appropriate gift for my daughter though as she has recently been learning about time at school and this is a good opportunity for her to reinforce her knowledge.

          It is a very simple game for four players. Each player has a base card with six small pictures on it depicting different events that might happen throughout the day in chronological order. Under each picture is the time shown both digitally and on a clock face with a caption stating what is happening. There are twenty four smaller cards which have the matching events and times. These are placed face downwards on the tables and players take it in turns to pick up a card and read out the time on the card. Whichever player has the match on his card shouts out TIME and covers the picture with the card. This goes on until one player has covered all their pictures and they are the winner.

          There really is not much skill in the playing of the game as it's all down to the order of the cards as to who wins. I was initially disappointed by this. However, there is a lot of skill in reading out the times and we do encourage our five year old to have a good look at each clock face and to tell us that time rather than just the digital one. Even my younger daughter is becoming quite practiced in reading out the numbers and the letters for the digital times, for example, 10.45 pm.

          We have also made up an alternative game using just the small cards. Starting with just a couple of cards first, we have encouraged our daughter to put them in time order. Now she can do two, we are challenging her with three, four and five cards and she really loves this and is immensely proud of herself for getting them in the right order. You could eventually make a long line of all twenty four cards but we are not quite there yet.

          It's also a very sociable thing to do especially as we like to sit down as family to play. It encourages turn taking and listening to each other as well as observing what is on the card. Also there is the skill of reading the captions which is great for an emerging reader. Maybe, one of the greatest lessons you get from any game like this though is learning how to lose! Young children hate losing but we are trying to encourage celebration for the winner rather than being upset at losing. I have to say that my younger daughter still finds this very hard.
          Having played the game a few times now, my daughters are now able to sort out the game and organise themselves to play together too.

          Like all Orchard games, it is bright, colourful and attractive. Everything is on sturdy card which has a wipe clean surface which is very handy when playing with children with sticky fingers!

          This is a great game for helping children understand time and the related terminology. At the moment it can be bought on Amazon for £5.86. I think that's pretty good value.


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        • Product Details

          Say the time out loud and try to make a match on your activity-packed lotto board. Children learn and develop numerical skills with analogue and digital times. The game's play value may be extended by also using the Penguin Clock Face.

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