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Orchard Toys What a performance!

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4 Reviews

Brand: Orchard Toys / Age: 5 Years+ / For 2+ Players

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    4 Reviews
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      03.11.2011 12:56
      Very helpful
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      see review

      What a performance sounded a really great game and one I thought my 21 year old nephew would enjoy playing with his cousins as well as my 4 year old so I decided to purchase it.

      What is it?
      What a performance is made by Orchard Games who specialise in educational fun children's games, this particular game encourages maths and literacy skills.

      Playing the Game
      The aim of the game is to be the first to reach the finish star in the centre of the board but along the way you have to do all sorts of activities such a sing a song or be a person often you also have to complete within a time scale if you cannot you have to do a forfeit , my daughters favourites are being an animal evidently Daddy can be the best Pig! (Mummy is not making any comments on that one!!)

      Both My Daughters like the encoder which tells you your forfeit I think it does add to the fun but also creates arguments as they always want to do the encoding.

      Cost and Stockist
      I purchased this from my local independent toy shop at a cost of £15.00 but you can also buy this from Amazon currently £14.30. www.amazon.co.uk

      This Game hasn't disappointed it does keep everyone amused unlike some competitive games this one isn't a rush to the end as we are all too busy doing our mimes, acts and songs and really love it in fact my nephew will pick this to "amuse his cousins" over other games I think it really is a good fun game that can be enjoyed by all ages it is another high quality game from Orchard Toys and one we will be playing over the rainy days.


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        22.07.2011 10:35
        Very helpful
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        A really good game

        I was given some board games for my daughter from my friend some time ago and we have been working our way through them but there is one of the games that has become a firm favourite and is played much more than any of the others. The game is What A Performance which is an Orchard Toys game, and as anyone will know if they have read my previous reviews, I am a big fan of their games.

        The Game
        The game comes packaged in a bright red box which is instantly appealing and stands out from other games at a glance. The box features pictures of several cartoon children dressed up and acting out some of the activities that you will find inside. The game title is in large bold white lettering at the top of the box and underneath it says "An action packed game of fun for all the family". The game is aimed at the whole family with the base age being set at 5 years. As with all Orchard Toys games there is an educational guide on the back of the box which shows that the game has been designed to:

        *Link with National Curriculum Maths and English
        * Encourage personal and social skills
        * Develop language and communication skills

        On the reverse of the box you will find a picture of the game all set up so you can see the game as it will be played, along with a little information about the game. "Can you pretend to be a monkey, make a noise like a firework or wiggle your ears? If you can't, use the magic decoder and reveal the hidden forfeit. Be a star and rise to the challenge in this all action game of fun for all the family"

        Playing the game
        Before playing the game you are required to set up the board which comes in four pieces and slot together like a jigsaw to make an oval shape. The board has circular and square spaces which are set in a swirl design that goes round the board leading to the centre. In the very centre of the board you will see a large picture of three children dressed up as characters, a fairy, boxer and one pulling a funny face. Dotted all around the board are children dressed as characters and acting out different activities. Along with the board you will find 77 activity cards, 4 counters, 1 spinner, 1 dice with shaker, 1 magic decoder and 1 sand timer.

        Each player chooses a counter and puts it on the start position, the youngest player rolls the dice and takes their move. If the counter lands on a pale blue square the turn is over and play moves onto the next player. If the counter lands on an activity square you do the required activity. The activity squares are:

        * Forfeit - read the forfeit on the back of the card using the magic decoder and carry out the forfeit, for example all player with blue eyes move forward two spaces.

        * Spinner - spin the spinner to determine which activity you need to do.

        * Who Am I - the player reads the card and pretends to be someone, for example - a builder, and the other players must guess who they are trying to be.

        * Make A Noise - the player reads the card and makes the noise listed, for example - make a noise like a police siren, and the other players must guess.

        * Action - again the player reads the card and performs the action shown, and they must do this before the sand timer runs out, for example - find something blue.

        If the players guess the noise or action that is being performed the player moves their counter forward one space, but if the others fail to guess correctly the player must do a forfeit. Play continues until the first player reaches the finish.

        This game is great fun and gets the whole family involved. There is a great variation of activites to be done starting with some reasonably simple ones such as pretending to be a drummer and then getting progressively harder such as humming a certain song, pretending to be a skydiver and holding your breath for five seconds.

        What a performance is aimed at children aged five and above, but can easily be adapted for younger children to play. My daughter is three and is able to do a wide range of the activities, however if we come across one she is unable to do we simply choose another card or try and simplify it a little for her. Obviously my daughter is unable to read so an adult needs to tell her what is written on the card. The game is always random due to the spinner element on the board so you never get the same game twice.

        It is a lot of fun watching my daughter acting out the performances and seeing her interpretation of the various impressions and songs. One thing I really like about this game is how it helps with confidence, my daughter is a little shy at times and doesn't like being caught out singing but obviously with this game she has to do it. The longer the game goes on the more confident she gets with doing the performances. This game is a great excuse for me and my daughter to have some silly time without me feeling overly conscious about it. Counting skills are also developed playing the game, by counting the spots on the dice and also when moving the counter along the spaces. This is the first game my daughter really played with a number dice and she now knows the number on the dice at a glance so this has really helped her learn.

        The length of the game always seems to vary, sometimes you may find you don't land on many of the activity spaces and if that is the case the game can be over quite quickly, but other times you may land on almost every one so it can take around half an hour or so. Even if it takes so long this game does manage to hold my daughters attention whereas some other games don't. I was quite surprised at how good my little girl is at guessing the things I am acting out, once I was being a postman and she got it straight away and I thought she might have found it a little tricky.

        All in all we both really enjoy playing this game, its great to have some really silly time and we always end up having a really good laugh while playing. Even my mum likes to get involved and play this game and she isn't usually one for silliness in front of people! The recommended retail price of this game is £15.50 however you can find it slightly cheaper online, but I feel the price is a reasonable amount to pay for such a good game. I can't recommend this game enough, it is just fab!

        Thank you for reading my review.


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          24.06.2011 08:12
          Very helpful
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          A fab game to play with the family!

          I do like to pick up games that my son and I can play together and ones which will also be used when the extended family call round. This Christmas I purchased the Orchard toys game called what a performance for him. I am a fan of the Orchard toys range as they are usually excellent quality with an educational slant.

          == What is it? ==

          What a performance is a fun action board game which is designed by Orchard toys. It comes in a bright coloured box which is mainly red but has flashes of colour all over. It features cartoon style pictures of children doing various things such as singing or cheerleading.

          The box tells us that the game is "an action packed game of fun for all the family" and that it is suitable for children aged from five years or age right up to adult.

          Inside the box you have four pieces of cardboard game board which you need to fit together like a jigsaw each time you play, some activity cards, four counters, a spinner, a dice and shaker, a sand timer and a magic decoder as well as instructions on how to play the game.

          == Playing the game ==

          My son and I usually play this game with just the two of us but you can play the game with up to four people or even in teams if there are more of you that want to play.

          To begin the game you need to build the game board initially. This is simple to do as it is just a case of slotting four pieces together. The board is colourful featuring pictures of cartoon children and stars all around. It is also excellent quality, made out of a thick card, so I have no doubts it will last many years.

          At various points along the game board there are spaces where you either need to spin the spinner or take a card from the pile to decide which action you need to complete. There are 'action', 'make a noise' and 'who am I?' options on some spaces as well as on all of the cards and if you fail to complete the required task on the card or your opponent fails to guess who you are you must complete the forfeit on the card instead. The winner is, of course, the person who gets to the finish square first.

          == Our thoughts ==

          My son really loves playing this game and will often ask if we can play it after school or at the weekend when my mum and sister are round for their tea. The game is really easy to play but it can take around half an hour to play on some occasions so you do need to make sure than you have a reasonable amount of time to play it. Despite the length of time it sometimes takes to play the game it is very simple to play and the instructions are easy to follow.

          My son loves having to do the actions on the cards and particularly likes doing the 'who am I?' ones. The problem here is that sometimes they can be quite obscure such as 'pretend to be a turtle' and as my son attempts to do this I am left struggling to guess what he is and he is often left with a forfeit! He doesn't mind though as he strangely likes doing those too! He is remarkably good at guessing what I am acting though when I often think he has no chance with my rubbish acting skills! The 'action' and 'make a noise' tasks are also fun to do and will throw up things such as 'swop an item of clothing with someone on your right' but as it is often just my son and I playing I make sure that we only swop socks!

          What I really like about this game is that although it is really fun for my son and I to play it also has many benefits too. The main thing that jumps out to me is that the game is excellent at encouraging a child to develop confidence and expression. My son is quite a quiet child but with this game he has to get up and act things out or do something silly. We have played this game with my family as well as friends and he is happy to take part regardless of who is there. I also like the fact that it allows me to get a little bit silly with my son...not that I need much encouragement to do that as I am big kid inside anyway!

          As well as helping to develop confidence I think this game can also help to develop language and communication skills as a child learns to express themselves in different ways. It can also develop mathematical skills as the child counts their way around the board or works out how many they need to roll to land on the finish space.

          I really enjoy playing this game with my son as I know that he enjoys it so much. It is a bit different to playing a bog standard board game as there is lots of action involved and lots of getting up and moving around which makes it all the more fun to play.

          I think the age guidelines on the box are very appropriate at five years old. My son was five when he received this game and could play the game from the offset but children younger than this could probably not play the game unless they were on a team with an adult who could help them to read the task cards.

          I do think that this is an excellent game to own for a family and would certainly recommend it. You can pick it up from Orchard toys website direct for £15.50 or from amazon for £14.42. I think for the quality and longevity of the game that it is very reasonably priced.

          Thank you for reading my review!


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            10.01.2009 14:48
            Very helpful



            A good fun family game to enjoy together

            At Christmas time we like to get some board games that we can play as a family. This year we got Monopoly Junior and What a Performance. My 2 oldest children are 7 and 5 so we have to ensure the games are suitable for both ages.

            What a Performance is made by Orchard Toys, we have had a few board games from Orchard and thy have all been excellent. Orchard Toys produce games that are fun and educational and are suitable for young children, generally the rules are not too complicated and the games are not too long, I find young children get bored if the game is too long. More information on Orchard Toys can be found at www.orchardtoys.com

            What a Performance is described as "an action-packed game of fun for all the family", I thought this would be ideal. It is a game for 2 or more players and is suitable for ages from 5 to adult. The game comes in quite a large box 30cm x 25.5cm x 8.5cm, the box is quite attractive, it is mostly red and blue and has cartoon like drawings of children doing various activities such as singing, dressing up, playing an instrument, basically performing some sort of task.

            What is contained within the box?
            4 large semi-circular pieces that slot together, bit like a jigsaw to form the playing board;
            77 activity cards, in a card box
            4 counters, red, yellow, green and blue
            1 spinner
            1 dice with shaker
            1 magic decoder
            1 sand timer
            1 instruction sheet

            The game can be played as individuals or as team, but the objective remains the same. The object of the game is to be the first player, or team, to reach the "finish" star, which is in the centre of the board. There are no numbers on the board just coloured squares with activities and directions on them. The directions for the game are very straightforward. As with all the Orchard Toys we have bought the youngest player goes first, always very popular with my son. The player throws the dice and then moves their counter according to the score of the dice, if they land on a pale blue square their go is over, however if they land on a coloured square this shows an activity and they take a card from the pack of 77 cards, this is where the fun begins.

            The activities are:
            Who am I?
            Make a noise
            Spin It

            The player reads the instruction on the card and then tries to "perform" what is directed on it. If it is "Who am I?" the player mimes a description of what is written on the card, it may be to pretend to be a tap dancer, or a chef, or a runner or even a squirrel eating nuts, there are 77. If the activity is "Make a noise", the player might have to make a noise like a fast car, or a helicopter, or a baby crying. The first player to identify the "who am I?" or noise moves their counter forward 1 square. If the square is an "Action" square the player may have find something like a square object, or a red object, or they may have to remain standing until their next turn, or do 5 star jumps. If the person doesn't complete the action or doesn't want to do it they must complete the "forfeit" on the back of the card. If the square is a "Forfeit" square the player uses the magic decoder to find out their forfeit, a bit like a magnifying glass. The forfeits are on the back of the activity cards but you can only see them when you use the magic decoder, the forfeits may be to go back 1 space, or miss a go unless you are wearing something stripy, or even move forward 1 space. If the square says "Spin it" the player spins the spinner and performs the activity that the spinner points to. The activities have to be carried out before the sand in the egg timer runs out. All players take turns and everyone moves around the board until there is a winner, the game doesn't last too long I think the longest it took us was 20 minutes, just long enough for everyone to have a good go at the activities.

            My children have thoroughly enjoyed the game, especially when either of their parents is performing some strange noise or trying to be an animal, my daughter especially enjoys the forfeits, and my son likes being the red counter. The game is not complicated and the activities are pretty easy but fun. The game is excellent at helping children understand about taking turns and being sporting, it is not always about the winning, the winner may not get to do as many activities as the other players.

            I would recommend this game it is good straightforward family fun, so far there have been no tears and the children still ask to play the game in the evening. It is also a good opportunity to get them away from games consoles, computers and televisions and spend some quality time together as a family. Games from Orchard Toys can be found in most toy shops or can be ordered directly online, this game cost £9.99. The pieces aren't too small and fiddly and the board is made of a sturdy cardboard. My 5 year old has had no problem grasping the instructions and my 7 year old likes any opportunity to perform.


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          • Product Details

            Can you pretend to be a monkey, make a noise like a firework or wiggle your ears If you cant, use the magic decoder and reveal your hidden forfeit Be a star and rise to the challenge in this all-action game of fun for all the family. Includes more than 200 exciting activities for up to four players or teams. Gold award winner. Links with National Curriculum English and Maths.

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