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Paladone Level Headed

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Brand: Paladone / Age: 6+ / Players: 2-4

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    1 Review
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      14.04.2011 11:12
      Very helpful



      A simple fun game if your children don't get too upset!

      My 8 year old son received this game from a friend for his birthday and the premise is very simple. I believe this costs in the region of £8-10 but can probabaly.

      Bascially 2-4 plays each choose a coloured hat (you get four in the box, red, blue, green and yellow) and you balance this on your head.

      The box also contains 40 bright orange foam rectangular blocks which are what you have to balance on top of your hat. The foam is quite dense but I can imagine these getting a little worn over time depending on how they are handled but they seen fairly durable at the start at least.

      Also included is 1 die that has the number 1 or 2 in different colours with instructions written underneath that correspondsto the instruction leaflet which tells you what each player has to do.

      For example if you roll a red 1 with you underneath it - you have to put one block onto your hat. A blue 2 with everyone underneath it means all players have to put two blocks onto their hats and soforth. The object of the game is not to drop any of your blocks. If any fall then you are out of the game,

      The product comes in a colourful cardboard box with a picture depicting the game where you can see a family of four trying to balance the blocks, some more successfully than others!

      The age this is marketed at is 6+ and according to Paladone, the manufacturers, they are 'First For Fun'.


      I like the simplicity of the game - it is easy for children to understand and the premise is a good one.

      However, one problem with this game is that in order to receive your instructions you have to roll the dice and one of the hardest aspects of trying to balance your hat and any blocks you may have on it is when you stretch out your arm to reach for the dice to take your turn as this is the most likely thing to cause you to upset your hat and blocks. My 8 and 6 year old found this very frustrating so I being the adult and not there to compete with them (had to bite down on my competitive instincts) got round this by being the one to reach out for wherever the dice lay after being rolled.

      It is actually quite a hard game and as one part of the die allows you to pick another person only to put blocks on their head you also get the 'why is he/she picking on me' aspect but sadly this is a part of the game and alas a part of life but just be prepared that your little ones might at times have more tears than laughs whilst playing depending on their temperaments!

      One good thing is that the dice itself is clear in who has to do what as we have lost the piece of paper that explained it but luckily this doesn't matter so I give a star for that.

      Also once out of the box it is a bit of a painstaking process to get the items back in the box as the foam blocks really need to be placed in neatly one by one in stacks for everything to fit back in and my children don't have the dexterity or perhaps more likely the patience to do this so this does always end up being my job. I may well transfer the whole shebang into a bag for ease so that they then don't have an excuse not to pack it away!

      So all in all this is a simple, fun game that all the family can enjoy but I think younger children will get frustrated easily so be warned!

      Thanks for reading. x


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