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Paladone Lightning Reaction

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    2 Reviews
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      18.04.2006 03:01
      Very helpful



      Great social game, worth it if you will use it often

      I first got this item for my birthday as a present, and at first I did not know what it was - my friend who gave me the present offered to show me as a demonstration - and he said to take one of these handles and press my finger on the button, and when the light goes green, to take it off - to my shock (pun intended) as soon as the light went red I got an electric shock - he tricked me.... he said "Oops, did I mention you are not meant to press that button until the light goes green?" And cheekily turns the power level back onto low. Friends eh..................


      This, to what could only be described as a fun gadget, is an electronic game where the aim is to hit a the button which is on your allocated handle as soon as a big red light in the middle of the platform turns green. If you are not the slowest player to press their button, you are safe. However, if you are the slowest to react - you will receive an electric shock. Painful! Well, yes. But you won't be able to stop playing the game......

      As you can probably see from the picture, the game is a 2 to 4 player game which has 4 handles, and a platform into which these handles can be placed into when not in use. When noone is playing it rather looks like an upside-down head scratcher!

      There are two levels of shock that the loser can receive. High, or low. At first when you play I would recommend the low setting. The shock you receive is quite like a severe static shock, or similar to any of those games where you have to guide a metal ring through a wire maze without touching the edges, if you fail you get shocked.

      These shocks aren't harmful, and I don't think that they are electric as such (more just a large vibration), but on the platform there clearly says a label which reads:

      "WARNING: This product emits an electric shock (guess I'm wrong then!) - Keep out of reach of children - read warning panel before use - Do not use this product if you suffer from epilepsy, or any similar related illnesses."

      This makes the game sound really dangerous but for the time I have had it, it really isn't.

      The game is set up by deciding how many people are going to play, and set that up by pressing the appropriate button on the platform. Then when every one is ready the middle button is pressed. This turns red and flashes with very ominous and scary sounding music. At this point everyone is poised but is anxious and audible sounds of "uh oh....." and a few other nervous remarks, everyone looks at the spot without a dare to blink.

      Sweat pouring off the heads of the players, their thumbs quivering anxiously over the button (if the button is pressed before the light turns green then it's an automatic shock) - heart beats pumping 20 beats a minute faster, breathing radiply increasing (or stopped altogether) and BAM! Light goes green!

      Everyone frantically presses their buzzer as fast as they can possibly go until you hear one person go "AAAAAAAAAAAAH!" letting go of their buzzer as quickly as possible and everyone surrounding them laughing for their misfortune. The game is over, this time.


      This game is an extremely fun, but scary way of having a game with friends. Ideal for a drinking session or playing during a party - although it sounds scary it is actually one of the funniest games due to the amount of tension there is and the relief of not being the slowest and also the look on people's faces as they appear like they are just about to die!

      I think the design of the game looks very neat, it is modern looking with a very nice presentation with the handles fitting into the slots on the platform. the red light in the middle makes it look very threatening with the surrounding music (try playing in the dark!).

      I personally recommend this for the younger generation, particularly those at university or someone who goes to a lot of parties or is with a group a lot. It is a good drinking game as well, and the batteries that are included with the item last long as well.

      Price? Well apparently the game was £20 when I got it. Looking on amazon.com now (April 06) the game is £18. Also I note that the site says "Only for 18s and over". Personally I have never played the game with under 18s before, but you might want to take heed in case. Personally I think this is a bit steep, I would be looking more into the £10-£15 mark for one of these, but the product does have longetivity. Although you will not use it constantly, every so often you will bring the game out to play with friends who haven't tried it before and so on.

      The game requires 3 x AAA batteries. I have had the game for over a year and never had to replace them so they must go on for quite a while!

      Andy's recommendation: BUY - but only if you think that you will use the game often. It is one of those things which you could get and never touch again for the next year, but if you have a lot of social occasions this could be worth the money. However, make sure you are quick on your toes (or maybe your fingers are more appropriate), or you will be shocked at how slow your reactions are!


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        12.07.2004 19:20
        Very helpful



        We?re a big fan of gadgets and novelty items in our house and it?s not gone unnoticed by all of our family and friends, who delight in presenting us with new things to try out on a regular basis. When my sister in law popped over a few weeks back with a big smirk on her face and a carrier bag from The Gadget Shop, I knew there was going to be something amusing inside. The box did not disappoint but I was intrigued as to what a Lightning Reaction actually did when I unwrapped the present. My sister in law said the assistant in the shop recommended the Lightning Reaction as it was one of their biggest sellers. After playing with it for the last few weeks I think she?s lying and she just likes to inflict pain. When we opened the box we were greeted with a very odd looking contraption made of silver plastic giving it a bit of space age futuristic appearance. Resembling an upturned half octopus the Lightning Reaction has a circular silver base containing a selection of buttons, from which four silver coloured arms protrude upwards but with the ends of the arms curling inwards rather like a reversed letter C. On the top of each of the arms is a bright red plastic button and the arms are attached to the base of the gadget with a red plastic coiled wire as on a telephone handset. The Lightning Reaction needs 3 AAA batteries to operate and these are supplied with the unit. What a bonus! At least it saved us searching through the cupboards for some of our own as they always seem to disappear when we need them. Setting up the device is simple enough. The batteries need to be inserted in the base and you?re ready to go. Turn the device on by using the black on/off switch on the side of the base, then choose how many players will be taking part and press the corresponding button to confirm. Although Lightn
        ing Reaction can be played with one person it?s not as much fun as playing with two or three others for maximum enjoyment and mirth not to mention a bit of sadistic glee thrown in for good measure. Intrigued yet? There is a large raised circular button in the centre of the base that needs to be pressed to begin the game. The button glows red and is accompanied by a hellishly loud wailing siren. The aim of the game is that when the colour changes to green, you must press the red button on the top of your arm control. Simple? Umm not really, especially if you?re playing against someone with lightning fast (no pun intended) reactions as I normally seem to be. The last person to press the button receives an electric shock which inevitably makes them drop the control and collapse in fits of hysteria whilst jumping around like a mad thing. How would I describe the shock? Well it hurts but not in an excruciatingly painful way, and it?s more of a fright than anything else. It does make the arm tingle up to about the elbow though and it lasts for a few seconds after the controller has been dropped. There?s no point cheating with this either. If you press the button on the controller too soon you?ll get a shock for your troubles so it?s best advised to not go there and just stick to the rules. If you?re a bit of a numbskull or a slowcoach you?re going to lose and end up with a tingling arm, and there?s no certainty as to when the button will change to green as the timing varies so the game can?t be sussed out that way either! Having now played this for the best part of a week I can?t recommend it enough. We spend the entire duration of the game collapsing in hysterics but with a considerable amount of pain as well, OK so it?s not agony but when that electric shock gets you there is no way you can keep hold of the arms of the gadget, and stop yourself from leaping about three
        feet in the air. I admit as soon as the shock hits me I drop the control onto the floor and it?s not just because of the tingle that shoots up my arm, it frightens me every time we play it. Steve can keep hold of the arm but even so, once the shock hits it is difficult and as the electricity does not abate weaker mortals such as me eventually have to drop the arm whilst screaming their head off. As the arms are held onto the device by the curled plastic wires we haven?t broken one yet as of course the wire prevents them from falling to the floor but I would imagine if you played with someone after a few drinks and gave them no warning they could throw the whole contraption across the floor in a fit of pique. It?s worth a try anyway! I can?t help thinking this would make a fantastic present for an ex-partner somehow. Lull them into a false sense of security and present them with a Lightning Reaction after a few drinks. Revenge at its sweetest! The Gadget Shop does recommend that the Lightning Reaction is not to be used by those under 18 years old but I have let both Jack and Amber play with it much to their delight. The screams of laughter that they both produce while playing with it leaves me with no doubt that not only are my children completely mad but that the device is safe for children not of a nervous disposition! Jack has even played the game on his own using both hands and then performs a little dance when he?s managed to keep hold of the controller whilst receiving an electric shock, must to the disgust of his sister who like me, always throws the controller down as soon as the shock reaches her! We?ve played pranks on people with it by telling them it?s a strategy game which I suppose is a bit cruel but it?s hilarious when they receive a shock for the first time and have not been expecting it. My poor Dad nearly fell off the chair with shock when th
        e children demonstrated it to him and he lost. The Lightning reaction can be purchased from The Gadget Shop both online and in the high street stores although online they do have a five pound reduction at the moment and the price has gone down to £20.00. If you love gadgets and novelty items then this is the toy for you. I recommend it whole heartedly as it has given us no end of fun since we were given it a few weeks go and it?s also been tried out on lots of unsuspecting victims :O)


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