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Parker Trivial Pursuit War of the Wedges

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2 Reviews

Brand: Parker / For 2 to 36 players / Age: 12 Years+ / DVD TV game

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    2 Reviews
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      13.11.2009 09:40
      Very helpful



      A very quick and simple game to liven up an evening

      In our house we love playing board games, even when its just my wife and I around - and for my Trivial Pursuit has always been my favorite despite its length. I do seem to get some strange kick out of taxing my brain and answering questions.

      I saw this version recently in out local B&M for only £7 and thought it looked like something worth picking up to add to our game collection, and i wasnt dissapointed.

      All this game comes with is a dvd and 2 remotes (shaped like the infamous wedge or cheese) - but these 3 items are all you need for a short but fun interlude in a nights TV watching.

      It takes about 5 minutes to set up and programme the remotes to work with your DVD player, this seems easier if you have a Sony DVD player,
      but his is fairly straigtforward.

      Once set up you are ready to go. Between the 2 of you (or 2 teams) you work your way through 6 categories - TV, Music, Sport, Innovations, Trends and Film - all of which are pitched at a level enough to get you thinking, but not so high you get so frustrated because you cant answer anything. You answer ther questions by pressing one of the 2 buttons on your remote, the TV then allowing you to answer

      With the 2 of us we went through the game in about 40 minutes which was a nice length of time for a quick game.

      For those who fancy a quick and easy game to play with just 2 of you, this is the perfect answer!


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      14.04.2009 19:06
      Very helpful



      Good for parties!

      My partner and I were recently having a small party for family, with a few snacks and drinks and were looking for something in the form of entertainment, such as a board game or interactive DVD type game, so that we could enjoy a bit of light-hearted fun after our meal.

      It was while we were looking at board games fit for this purpose in our local (huge) Tesco store that we came across an interactive version of the classic board game that we all know and love; Trivial Pursuit.

      I was immediately drawn to the box for the game as it had a huge slogan on the outside which stated that there were "2 Remotes Inside". Intrigued, I peered through the little wedge-shaped window on the box, and there, nestled inside, was indeed, a little blue remote control-type of device, which was also wedge-shaped and appeared to have two rather large buttons on it.

      For those of you who are not familiar with the original version of the board game, a "wedge" is a triangular-shaped piece of "pie" that can be won by answering a question correctly in each of the six categories. Each category is represented by a different colour, of which there are six in total. When you win a "wedge" you can put it in your counter for the game, until you have collected all six, then you can go on to try and win the game.

      THIS board game also has six categories and the idea of winning the wedge or pie-shaped segments is the same.

      I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that the price for this board game was under our budget - a bargain really as it only cost in the region of £11. This was the sale price, although I don't know how much it cost originally as there was no mention of this on the shelf or price ticket.

      After arriving home, we couldn't wait to get a better look at the game, so after having dinner, we poured a glass of wine and set about setting up the game. The contents of the box are: two interactive remote-controls (one white and one blue), one DVD, and a set of instructions.

      The game has to be set up BEFORE you do anything else. This includes putting the DVD into the player! You need to set up each remote control so that it can be recognised during the game. Each remote control has two buttons on it - a red one and a green one. The good news is that you don't need to set up the remotes each time you play the game - you only need to do it the first time, unless of course, you buy a new DVD player. (For this reason, I suggest you keep a hold of your instructions as it was a bit of a palaver to set up the remotes, and I don't think I'd remember how to do it off the top of my head.)

      Once the remotes are set up, and your DVD is on, you are given on-screen instructions to guide you through the game. We found that it took a couple of rounds to get the hang of it, but after that we were well and truly on our way.

      As is the case with the original board game, the "War of the Wedges" game has six different categories, such as TV and Music. You basically have to select a game then once your game starts, your first player can pick a question category.

      There is a demonstration on the DVD that shows how the questions work - i.e. there are some multiple choice questions, and some questions are easier than others - but it is all explained when you first put the DVD on.

      Each category has a variety of questions within it, and whoever answers the most questions for that category correctly wins the "wedge". Sounds easy doesn't it!?!

      Once all six of the categories have been played, you can go through the DVD menu and select the "Go for The Win" option, which is brilliant. We loved this part because it gives you the opportunity to "steal" wedges from your opponent. This is particularly helpful as some of the questions are on topics that I'm rubbish at, like sports etc, so it means that you can still have a hope of winning the whole game, even if you haven't been successful in winning a wedge for that category in the earlier stages of the game. Heheheheh!

      We ended up playing the game twice, and twice I managed to beat my poor other half by stealing some of his wedges. If the game didn't give the opportunity to steal them, then he would have won and I would have had to have thrown a huge tantrum. :-D

      The game had some categories that were easier than others, with probably half the available categories being rather difficult (for us at least) and so I'd say it probably wouldn't be suitable for younger kids. The recommended age for the game according to the packaging is 15+. You can have as many players as you like, we have played it with just the two of us, and in company, and it was equally as successful in both scenarios. You obviously just pick two teams if you are playing in a crowd - no need to buy additional remote controls or anything though - you can just pick a member of your team to be the designated button presser!

      I'd recommend it, it's good fun, but be prepared for some huffs/tantrums/fallings-out.*

      (*delete as appropriate)



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    • Product Details

      Quick-fire, head-to-head version of Trivial Pursuit on your TV! Fingers on buttons as two teams race to collect all of the category wedges using the two specially designed remote controls. Includes DVD and two remote controls.

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