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    11 Reviews
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      06.12.2012 19:57
      Very helpful



      Fun unless you're of the nervous type!

      Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick...

      Pass the Bomb


      But you can't; not until you can complete the word.

      Tick, tick, tick

      It's going to explode in your hands. Hurry!

      Can't think, can't think, you just can't think of a word to complete the letters from the drawn card.
      Thirteen cards were on the table. The top card was drawn. It has letters on it (my example) 'EA'

      The three-sided dice was rolled.

      (Tick Tack) It could have landed on the symbol of instruction that allowed you to insert the given letter on the card anywhere into a word. That would have been easier for you. 'TEAcher'

      (Bomb symbol) or the dice could have determined that the letters on the card could be used at the beginning of a word. 'Easter)

      (Tick) but no, for you it was the least favourable outcome. The roll of the dice concluded that the letters on the card come at the end of the word and now you just can't think of a word where those two letters will come in at the end. One of the players said, 'TEA'. The next, 'ArEA' but does that leave anything left in the English language?

      The bomb (which looks like a hand grenade out of a comic, (it even has a fuse sticking out of the top) was triggered by the button on the base of the plastic bomb. It could have gone off in seconds but it's been about a minute. The people before you all thought of a word each and passed the bomb to the next player. This is the scary version of Pass the Parcel.

      Your mind has gone blank. The longest the bomb will go on for is three minutes. It's never known when the bomb will go off. There is no predictability. It is always random.

      The bomb is ticking. It sounds like the ticks might be speeding up. The bomb is in your hand and you can't pass it on to the next player unless you think of a word that incorporates those two letters, from the drawn card, at the end of the word. You can't repeat a word that anyone else has stated. You have to remember what they said.

      You feel the sweat gathering on your brow. Your palms are sticky. The bomb is in your hand. You have to find the word but...Tick, tick, tick...


      And that was only one round of thirteen needed to complete the game so I wonder if your nerves are steady enough for you to keep going?

      Apart from suffering the humiliation, and the explosion, now you have to keep the card with the letters that you couldn't make fit into a word.

      The person with the least amount of cards at the end of the thirteen rounds of the game is the winner.


      Not to be handled by children under thirty-six months. Players should be aged from twelve and up.

      Batteries are not included. Two AAA batteries are required.

      The battery compartment is awkward to open. It has a very small screw. A small tool will be required to change the batteries.

      You'll need spare batteries so that game play isn't ruined. The batteries drain after a few months of weekend play.

      It's a noisy game, from the bomb ticks, the explosions, yells and the shrieks from the players.

      It's not a good game for people who don't like to be put under stress or are of a nervous disposition.

      Even with strength in language ability the game can be challenging, due to the ticking bomb, which adds a high level of pressure onto players.

      It is an educational game as it aids language acquisition and spelling. It can be very funny to play but I do think that some personalities will not like the intensity. The bang is not a frightening, loud explosion it's more the anticipation of the bomb going off that brings the fear. The ticking dies away into a cartoon like 'brrr'.

      I think the maker of 'Pass the Bomb', Gibsons Games, can't win, in some respects, as thrill seekers will want a scary explosion and those of a nervous disposition will wish they had never agreed to play. For those in between people you'll be sure to enjoy it.

      This is a quick fire word game that will have you panicking, yelling and laughing.

      It is an educational game and can be used very well in a classroom setting, with made up rules for game play, to make it easier, if need be.

      Players require a decent vocabulary and the ability to break words up into component parts. There is a junior version that uses visual communication cards but I've not played this so I can't comment on the game.

      Pass the Bomb can also be used to learn a language and all the actual game rules can be ignored and the cards left out of play.

      The ticking bomb also makes a good ice breaker exercise.

      Any number of people can play, though it's meant to be between, two to four players but the more the scarier, or merrier, (depending on your personality) the game can be.

      I think I paid about twenty pounds for this game. On Amazon it is currently down from £18.99 to £16.74.

      In conclusion:

      The high cost of purchase, use of batteries (not environmentally friendly and adds more cost) and the exclusion of batteries from the box, and the fact that the game makes me feel tense, leaves me marking 'Pass The Bomb' down to four stars.

      Are you thinking of buying this game as a present? Can the recipient handle the stress? It's so hard to decide. Time is running out. It could be fun. Tick,tick,tick...boom!


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        29.11.2010 21:53
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Easy to pick up, good game.

        I like games which, are easy to pick up, don't have long and complicated rules, can be played over a wide variety of ages and can be picked up and put down easily. Surely I am not asking a lot?! One of the games which fits all my fussy criteria is pass the bomb and I have really enjoyed playing it.

        Pass the bomb is available from toy shops, online stores, and even some supermarkets and is priced between £15 and £20. It comes in a cardboard box, relatively simple. Inside is a black round plastic bomb. It has small holes for the sound to come out of and a piece of string coming out of it. It takes batteries but in my experience it doesn't run out of these very often at all. The bomb has a small red button which you press to start the game.

        The game starts with one person picking a card. Each card has a few letters on it. Depending on the card these letters go at the beginning, at the end, or in the middle. You have to think of words with these letters in. Whoever picks the card starts the bomb and shows the card to the rest of the group. The bomb is then passed round the circle with everyone having a guess. You are not allowed to repeat a word someone else has just said. When the bomb explodes (not literally blows up, just goes bang) you lose and keep the card. The person with the most cards loses. When you lose a round, you pick the next card and start the next round.

        The game is fast paced and can become tactical. You can never really guess when the bomb is going to explode, as it is timed differently every time, but people still try!

        The game is really good fun. It is harder for people with dislexia, but really good practise for words.

        A great fun game for all the family-highly recommended.


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          16.06.2010 15:28
          Very helpful



          Good as a learning aid otherwise a bit pointless

          What is it?
          Pass the bomb is a game where you have a set of purple cards on it with letters on and these letters must appear at either the start of the word, middle of the word or end of the word (depending on what the dice thrown denotes). You pass the bomb around saying your word and then passing it the next person, quick enough for the bomb not to errupt on you so you would be out.

          Who is it for?
          I would say this is the kind of adult ish sort of game. Young children would not be able to understand or work out what words they could say quick enough, however you could simplify it alot saying that the word can start with any of the three letters.

          Any good?
          I can remember playing a version of pass the bomb in french lessons, where instead of working with a set of words at the start or end we simply had to be able to say a word starting with a given letter- this was challenging enough at that stage! I thought it was really inventive use of the game, however if I was playing it in English I would have found it really dull. Apart from a teaching aid I fail to see the use of the product, as it is too young for children to play and I can't see many adults buying it for themselves at £15 a piece from amazon. Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems a good game I just can't really see its use.

          Also as we played it as a class it was noticable that the bomb noise wasn't either realistic (although none of us had ever heard an explosion before) or very loud, which ment when playing we had to be quite quiet, a challenge!


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          13.06.2010 00:30
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A really good fun game for all the family.

          This is a great family game which we often play when we have a family get together, but it is also good as an ice breaker among a group of friends who may not know each other that well. I've used it for both occasions and its a lot of fun.

          The game consists of a set of purple cards, each with a series of letters printed on it in white. There is a dice and a "bomb". So as you can see it has very few components to it and therefore really takes no time to set up at all. I have to admit that I like games that are simple enough that you take them out the box and you're all ready to go!

          Basically you can play with any number of players from two upwards. It works best if you can sit in a circle, maybe at a table so that you can all see the cards which will be placed in the middle of the group. Player number one rolls the dice and the dice will show either "Tick Tock", "Tick" or "Tock". The idea then is that the first card is turned over and there will be a sequence of letters on the card which will be relevant for this turn. The idea is to find words which incorporate these letters in the order they are on the card. Where these letters can be in the word depends on whether the dice that was thrown says "Tick Tock", "Tick" or "Tock".

          So, for example - lets assume the card turned over has the letters "TED" printed on it.

          If the dice thrown says "Tick" then this means that the letters TED cannot come at the beginning of the word. So, for example, a person could say EDITED or INDEBTED but could not say TEDDY.

          If the dice thrown says "Tock" then this means that the letters TED cannot come at the end of the word. So, for example, a person could say TEDDY but not ROASTED.

          If the dice thrown says "Tick Tock" then this means that the letters TED can come anywhere in the word - so for example you could have TEDDY, ROASTED and INDEBTED.

          When you've decided who is going first, you press the little red button on the bomb and you will hear it start to tick. The first person gives a word that suits and then passes the bomb to the next person. The next person will give another suitable word and then pass the bomb to the next person. The idea is not to be the one holding the bomb when it goes off because if that happens that card becomes yours and the idea is not to collect cards!

          The way we tend to play it is to decide how many cards (say 5) you can have before you are declared to be "out". The game carries out until there is just one person left in and they are naturally the winner.

          This game is fun because when you're holding that bomb you really feel the pressure and your mind goes completely blank as you're trying to think of a word that is appropriate. Its fun to watch each other get tongue tied and stumble as they desperately try to think of a word that would fit!

          This game is simple - and I think it is its simplicity that makes it such a winner. You can play in a large group over a glass or two of wine it is appropriate for children from about 8 years old upwards and adults alike.


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            16.01.2009 10:39



            Such an entertaining game, it's nerve wrecking and good fun at the same time!

            Played this game a while ago at a dinner party, it is such a great intense game! It's hilarious watching the faces of other people, knowing that they're thinking and thinking random words just to fit some alphabets in. Having said that, I probably have a huge disadvantages as English is not my mother tongue, I probably lose out in lots more vocabulary! It just proves that this game is suitable for everyone. We of course turn it into a drinking game and that get really dangerous, whoever fail to get the word and that the bomb explose will have to drink a shot and with around 20 different varieties on offer, it is pretty sick when you lost a few rounds and have them all mixed up and still trying to figure a word out from 'ing' to start at the beginning?! This is a fast pace, nail biting game that all dinner parties should have as it'll bring some frustration, tantrum and most importantly tons of fun for all.


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            04.09.2008 18:50
            Very helpful



            fun game to play on any occassion

            I don't know about you lot, but it seems to me that every time we have family over for Christmas or New Year, after dinner we end up playing some sort of board game! This is ok to start with, but does tend to get rather dull after a while. On boxing day of the Christmas just gone, yes you've guessed it - we ended up playing a board game. A member of the family brought it round and it was called Pass the Bomb! Sounds ominous I know (don't worry its not a real bomb!). Well, it was great fun and very different to the usual type of games which go on for hours and people lose interest.

            The game starts by drawing a card from the pack which is shown to all players. Each card has letters on it and can be two or more letters. A dice is then rolled which tells all players whether the letters shown by the card must be at the start, middle or end of the words made. The fuse length of the bomb is then set (ten seconds to one minute) and the ticking bomb is passed to the first player. The player must shout out a word which contains the letters on the card and in the right position, before passing the ticking bomb to the next player and resetting the fuse, eg if the card bared the letters 'ad' and the dice indicated the letters should be at the start of the word - a player may shout 'advantage or advertisement'. It is a simple game to play, but does get very difficult as the round goes on and the number of available words diminishes. It can also be incredibly frustrating because a person before you in the circle could say the word you had come up with. For this reason it is always a good idea to try and think of more than one word at a time - if you can! I though pass the bomb was a really good game, because it can reduce people with the longest of vocabularies into mumbling wrecks!

            Pass the bomb can be played with any number of people, so long as there is more than two and is suggested for players aged twelve and above. The game retails at around £25.00, which I think is good value. You don't require a table or board to play, so in theory you could play wherever you wanted. It's a great game for family parties and I suppose you could even use it as a drinking game, if you miss a word take a sip of your drink!
            The box includes 110 game cards, a special game dice, the ticking electronic bomb and a set of rules.

            Thanks for reading. (This review is also on Ciao under the same name).


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              04.07.2008 23:58
              Very helpful



              I would definitely recommend it

              Pass the Bomb has recently become quite a talking point in some areas, with people asking what the game is like, people saying to their friends what it's like, so my mum thought we should have a look at it.

              As a general overview, it is a timed word game, where players have to construct words using a given group of letters and avoiding holding the bomb when it goes off.

              O.k. so firstly lets have a look at the product itself.
              It comes in a compact box, with pass the bomb written on it. Inside you have only the absolute necessities which are needed to play the game:
              - a die which indicates the position of the letters inside the word
              - a large amount of double sided word cards, that give the players the letter they need to use
              - and finally that all important BOMB

              So now a more detailed look at the rules:

              Firstly players decide on the number of rounds they want to play and this number of cards are placed in the middle.
              One player will then start the round off by rolling the die which has 3 possible outcomes:
              - Tic - letters cannot be used at the start to form a word
              - Tac - letters cannot be used at the end to form a word
              - tictac - letters can be used anywhere to form a new word.

              Then the card is turned over to give a combination of either 2, 3 or 4 letters. At the same time a button on the underside of the bomb starts it ticking and then the explosion is between 10 and 60 seconds away. Players meanwhile have to say a word using the letters given and the circumstance (the die outcome.) The player who can't think of a word when the bomb goes off loses.

              That is a brief summary of the rules. The game comes witha complete set of instructions for more detail or alternatively look at another review or website for a complete list.

              However a review is about opinion of the product:

              To be honest this is a thoroughly entertaining game and all the conceptions of this are spot on. When you are holding the bomb, the words disappear from your head, almost literally and this really isn't aided by the fact you hear a background ticking hurrying you onand at this point all other players are all smiles, thinking how they're fine, and you are just there fists pounding, pulling your hair out for one word. If you get it though, all the smiles are wiped off, especially if you said a word they were thinking of (hehe.) It is a game that even when you lose and u give out a massive sigh/screech you can't help but laugh at yourself, so is great for family occassions.

              Also, you can play the same cards twice as they are double sided and when they are done, you probably won't remember any words so it is still fresh so this game has a long lifespan and is suitable for all ages so is a great gift. Though the manufacturers say 12 and up, I would say the age range is slightly lower, maybe 10 and up, however only if the 10 year old is above average, as quite a good vocabulary is needed.

              For people who would enjoy this game: people who don't like general knowledge or taxing games this is a very good idea. Also it requires no assembly and can be a very short game at times, so if your office is up for a laugh, use it to decide who buys first round on the friday night session.

              The final positive points about this game are that you cannot cheat on this game and just hold onto the bomb, as the timer can go off ANYWHERE between 10 and 60 seconds, which adds to the drama also.

              The negatives about this game:
              well I would have to say there are none. It can be slightly addictive, however most see it as a positive. The onyl one drawback is a minor unclear point in the rules for example if a person is in the middle of saying a word when the bomb starts going off, then it gets a little debatable.

              Final point about availability, this game can be found in a lot of places. I even got mine from a pound shop, so it is possible to get an absolute bargain on a great game.

              great for family get togethers, a lot of fun and will provide so many amusing moments. 5* product.


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                16.04.2006 18:15
                Not Helpful



                General opinion on board game themes.

                Some may say "when did i become a stuffy old git?" at 39.
                Personally, though, my feelings on this type of game is that in formative years it can catylise devient development as componant to the use of explosives as something somewhat trivialised by this board game and others of the same or similar violent and agressive format. Collectively, games frequently played acts to reinforce and qualify the use of explosives as a norm and thus acceptable.
                this exposure to subliminal footprinting is a real point of devient influence that i think has such a negative impact inso much as violence is normalised at a young age and so encourages the development of primal basal traits rather than more civilised higher perceptions in empathy to the community and peace over aggression and this is a fact, however insignificant it may seem in cursory consideration, when given thought what i am saying makes total sense.
                The saying that from little acorns do mighty oaks grow would be apt as to formative seeding to developed and learnt manifestations in this case in the negative.
                Or maybe i see things too complex and this is a mountain from a molehill!

                You decide.



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                  06.01.2006 15:34
                  Very helpful



                  Great game for older children to adults

                  Winner of the Daily Telegraph Game of the Year


                  No, it's a board game, it so cannot be that scary…or can it?

                  THE BOMB BOX
                  This comes in a hard box with the PASS THE BOMB logo, with the bomb charmingly shown in the "O" of the writing and a warning that it is "The Explosive Game That Will Blow Your Mind).
                  Recommended for age 12 years up and for any number of players

                  A bomb. I was expecting this since it's called Pass The Bomb. It's realistic enough, if the bombs I've seen on films are anything to go by…black, tennis ball size, with a fuse for extra authenticity. The button to start that terrifying random timer is red so you can't miss it and is at the bottom of the bomb
                  Letter cards-110 of them with combinations of 2, 3 and 4 letters
                  The die has 3 faces; on one face is TICK…TACK which means that you can use the letters anywhere in the word, TICK… meaning letters cannot be used at the beginning of the word, picture of the BOMB meaning that you can't use the letters at the end of the word

                  HOW TO PLAY
                  This is the bit about new games I find tricky, and usually start playing it with hubby and instructions to hand, because merely reading the instructions "cold" confuses me…not overly difficult at the moment. This game was no exception; instructions need to be read while playing the game.
                  The aim of the game is to win (obviously) by making words which include the letters printed on the card; this has to be done before the bomb goes off.
                  So…how to play it…
                  1. Shuffle the cards and put 13 into a pile and the others to one side
                  2. First player rolls the die. This decides where the combinations of letters can be used
                  3. Set the timer going …. Remember it can go off at any time… turn over the first card, which will show you the letters which must be used before the bomb explodes
                  4. Say a word with that combination of letters in the place allowed as shown by the die, and get rid of that bomb!
                  5. Play continues until the bomb goes off.
                  6. The player who has the bomb when it goes off keeps the card as a penalty, and starts the next round by rolling the die and starting that bomb again
                  7. The game continues until all 13 cards have been used and the winner is he or she with the fewest cards.
                  WORDS ALLOWED
                  Anything commonly used; obviously dictionary words, but also (kindly so), proper and brand names, colloquial words, and foreign words in common use
                  You cannot use a word twice in a round, so listen out for what everyone says…when the going gets tough and the tension is high, repeated words are a common occurrence
                  The words printed on the cards must be used in that sequence shown and must be made into a larger word eg INT could be interesting, interview, plinth, stint; there are other examples, but words allowed would be decided by the throw of the die.

                  THE EXTRA BITS…
                  A player's turn is finished when they have said a suitable word and passed the bomb
                  Words can be challenged as being unacceptable; in the case of an argument, all players vote

                  Well, there is a bomb in the house.
                  A plastic tab is inside the battery compartment in the base of the bomb to stop the batteries oxydising. Pull out the tab before use.

                  Use 1.5v battery, like the one supplied with the game, and remove battery when exhausted

                  MADE BY…
                  Gibson and Sons Ltd (1996)
                  SW19 2RB

                  HIT OR MISS
                  With all that information, rules etc, what did/do we think of it? Quite simply, buy it! If you enjoy games and have like minded friends, it's a must. It's easy to set up and to pick up the rules, and there are very few fiddly bits and pieces, which we would normally lose anyway!
                  The game usually starts off quite pleasantly, but as the bomb ticks away, your palms are sweating as you frantically try to think of an appropriate word before the bomb goes off. Grinning manically at you are the other players because thankfully, the bomb is not in their hands…ah!!! But it soon will be. The pressure mounts as the bomb is passed round, until it finally goes off in some unfortunates hands; at this point, the other players smugly shout out words which COULD have been used. Thanks, that was NO help at the time! Then roll the dice again, turn over a card, start the timer and away you go again. Your mind goes blank, and the only sound in the room is that ticking and the giggling of the other players when they realise that you cannot think of a word again. The bomb holder is usually the one to be found wriggling around on their seat, muttering to themselves and pulling strange gold fish faces as though this alone will bring the word to mind and so save them. The fact that the timer is random adds that extra nerve inducing level…will you have 10 or 60 seconds?
                  We have played it with 3 people and the largest number of people is 10.
                  Great fun whatever the number, but I don't know which is worse…3 the bomb comes back to you too quickly…10 and all the words have gone before it gets to you.
                  A fab game for adults and older children, although I have noticed that there is a Junior one.
                  Well worth the money- about £15 has got to be good for the entertainment value…and the intellectual stimulation.

                  Thanks for reading.


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                    30.12.2005 23:16



                    Great family game. Funny and appeals to all ages. Excellent value for money.

                    Pass the bomb is a brilliant family game for anyone with basic reading skills. It can be played by as few as two players up to as many as your ears and sanity can stand. Our children love it...even the grown up ones! The idea of the game is to accumulate as few cards as possible by guessing a word containing the letters in the order they are given on the cards. The roll of a dice (supplied) dictates a simple rule to follow for each set of letters and the person, or group, left holding the bomb when it goes off retains the card. The game ends when all the cards from one colour set (either black or white) are used.
                    As the game goes on it tends to become louder and louder, and some of the words people shout out are hilarious, especially when the letters are misread.
                    The bomb is made of plastic and is light and easy to pass (or throw gently in panic!)
                    This game is not for those who like peace and quiet!!
                    The only other disadvantage is that as the players get noisier the quiet ticking of the bomb is very hard to hear.
                    When a game finishes the losers are itching to play again in order to regain their pride.
                    This is an hilarious game which will keep everyone occupied for many a family gathering. It will be brought out time and time again.
                    Well worth the £15 or so that it costs.


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                      07.12.2005 17:26
                      Very helpful



                      Its a quick and fast game, leaves you struggling for words!

                      PASS THE BOMB

                      Fed up with all the repeats on the TV and the snow on the ground, we decided to buy a new game. I wanted something that wasn't going to take 2 hours to play, was funny and not that childish it would be too easy or boring. So we bought...PASS THE BOMB!

                      THE BOX.....

                      This 9"x 6" x 3" box is dark green in colour with Pass the Bomb in orange written across the whole of the box, just like the pic above. It is made by Gibsons Games and the game won the Daily Telegraph Game of the Year Awards, (although it doesn't state which year!)

                      On the side of the box it states " Players live on a knife edge as the infernal Bomb ticks away. Nerves are tested to the limit as they struggle to find a suitable word and pass the b****y thing on before it goes off!" I have to say this statement is so very true!

                      INSIDE THE BOX.....

                      Not a lot really! You have :

                      110 letter cards - Each card has a different combination of letters printed on both sides. These combinations maybe just 2, 3 or 4 letters. i.e CI, SHE,RES, STR,LAST

                      The BOMB! - A black plastic bomb about the size of a Lush Ballistic or for the fellas a tennis ball, with a 2" string fuse. The button to turn it on is on the underside. It has a preset timer inside that can go off anywhere between 10 and 60 seconds after starting.

                      A special die - This has 3 different faces. One face says TICK, this means the letters from the card cannot be used at the START of the word. TICK TACK means letters can be used ANYWHERE. The third face has a picture of a bomb, This means letters cannot be used at the END of the word.

                      AIM OF THE GAME....

                      To make words using the combination of letters from the chosen card before the bomb goes BANG!


                      Any common word is allowed including proper names, brand names, foriegn words in common use i.e Kibbutz.

                      The same word cannot be used more than once in a round, but can be used again in subsequent rounds.

                      The letters on the card must be used in that order in your word. For example, card says ANT, you make PANT, ANTELOPE but not AUNT or QUAINT because you cannot change the letters around.

                      Thats all the rules!

                      SO HOW DO YOU BECOME A NERVOUS WRECK?.....

                      We played with 3 of us (the game is for any number).

                      Well, my son, ny partner and little ol' me, looked at this little bomb on the table wondering how much noise it makes when it goes bang! So we decided to have a test, press the button underneath and its starts tick tocking like a bomb, and still tick tocks like a bomb, tick tock, tick, tock, then BANG! Not a big bang or even a recognizable bang, more like a short burst of loud interference!
                      Still at least we knew what to expect.

                      So onwards, shuffle well and deal 13 cards into a pile on the table. The first player rolls the die to determine where in the word the letters must be used, start the bomb, quickly turn over a card. Once you have said an acceptable word you pass the bomb to the next player, once they have said a word they pass it on the next and so on until the bomb explodes.

                      Remember that I said the preset timer goes off somewhere between 10 - 60 seconds? Well thats how long each round is going to last. You might not get the chance to say your word or you might not be able to think of another word and believe me its not as easy as it sounds.

                      It goes something like this :

                      Partner rolls TICK TACK (letters can be used anywhere) turns the card to show TOR, starts the bomb....tick tock... and says STORY..tick tock... passes the bomb to me who says TORRID...tick tock....passes the bomb to son who says STORED...tick tock..passes to partner, OOPS BANG!!

                      A players turn is finished once they have said the word so even if my son had still had hold of the bomb, it would be my partner that is caught out!

                      Words can be challenged as to whether or not they are acceptable. If you have the bomb you can pass it back to the previous player to try again. Any arguments and ALL the players vote. If the bomb goes off before a decision has been reached and the word is subsequently accepted, the player who passed the bomb back loses. If it is declined the player who said the word loses.

                      MY OPINION

                      I have never known such a simple game to create so many nerves! Not only is it hard to think of words against a 'clock' you constantly hear this tick tock, tick tock and are so concerned that it might be you holding it when it goes bang you just CAN'T think of words! As you never know the length of each round you might only say one word, other times four or five, as well as having to remember the words that other players have used! Tis not as simple as it sounds and you find yourself letting out a deep breath in relief when it goes off whether you end up with the bomb or not!

                      The three of us were laughing at each other as we tried to rack our brains for words but the smile soon disappeared when it came round to our own turn. There were lots of um's, err's and hmm's as well as the fists lightly banging the table in frustration.
                      Although these rounds are really quick its just as well with the tension that can mount up. There were a few light swear words that were used, mainly by Zack in desperation! You can even feel your heart beat quicker.

                      It is for age 12 upwards and I certainly agree with that due to the quick thinking and creating of words. It is also good at extending your vocabulary especially for the teens that play.

                      With 110 double sided cards you would struggle to remember the same words for the same set of letters and obviously if you play against diferent people they will say different words too.

                      I would definitely recommend this game and would imagine it could be even more amusing if you had had a few drinks as well!

                      I bought this from a local games shop for £14.99 although you might be able to get it cheaper from the usual places (no advertising here!).

                      Gibsons website is www.gibsonsgames.co.uk.

                      Many thanks for reading and thanks to my game 'mates' for a very funny and entertaining evening. x

                      © HotBabes 2005


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