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Paul Lamond Games Dirty Minds: The Game of Naughty Clues

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3 Reviews

Brand: Paul Lamond Games / Age: 18 Years+

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    3 Reviews
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      21.05.2012 20:38
      Very helpful



      I'd recommend this product. It's an enjoyable, risqué party game.

      'I come in all weathers'
      'I put things into your box'
      'My sacks are big and heavy'
      What am I?

      If you guessed the correct answer of 'The postman' then this game is for you, if your mind went to altogether more rude places then this is also the game for you.

      As you may have guessed Dirty Minds is an adult game, for 2-4 players, where players are given up to three clues - all of which are heavily sexual innuendos. They have to think about what the right answer might be (none of the correct answers are remotely sexual) If you guess on the first clue you get to pick three cards from the dirty mess, if you guess on the second clue you get two cards, and if you guess on the last clue you get one card. The aim of the game is to get the correct cards to spell out the word Dirty. If you guess wrongly however you have to put a card back into the dirty mess (basically all the cards messed into a pile) You start with 2 random cards.
      The rules are pretty simple, it's pretty easy to get the gist of the game even if you have never played it before.

      So far I have only played this game with my partner. Being a bit of a mild prude, I found it to be quite funny rather than distasteful and would happily play it with friends. My partner and I have spent many hours giggling over some of the descriptions, and many more infuriatingly stating 'It can only be a penis/dildo/labia/etc!! You're clearly cheating!'

      There are four books full of clues. My worry is that, after we've gone through all the descriptions, this game has absolutely no replayability value. I guess though for under £10 you can't really complain. The box however is deceptively large. There isn't much substance to the actual contents of the game, and the contents are obviously not quality, but that's not really what you're paying for.

      If you're very easily embarrassed I'd perhaps give this one a miss, otherwise it's a fun little game and is sure to get some laughs. It would make a really good party game for prizes, particularly at an Ann Summers party or something like that. It could even be used for drinking games.


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        22.01.2012 23:05
        Very helpful



        its a dirty board game

        Got this as a secret santa gift at work (think someone is trying to tell me something haha) and it is an extremely funny game to play.

        The basic idea is that you are given 3 clues and you have to guess what is being described, but these clues are deliberately made to sound filthy leaving you in fits of giggles half the time.

        "I smell fishy"
        "I am very very wet"
        "Men like to plunge into me"

        Can you guess what it is yet??

        The sea, you filthy filthy people :P

        The game box contains 4 booklets which contain the dirty clues and answers, a pack of letter cards and some pencils (you are meant to tick off each answers as they are used)

        The idea of the game is to collect the letter cards and spell out the word DIRTY with them. Each player is given a booklet and take it in turns reading out clues to the other players. You are also given 2 cards to start with and by getting an answer correct you gain more cards depending on how many dirty clues it took for you to get the answer. You can also lose a card for guessing an answer wrong, though your first guess in each round is free (you don't lose a card), subsequent wrong guesses would mean you lose a card. After each clue if the person in play does not know the answer, someone else is allowed to have a guess, if they get it right they get the cards.

        As well as the letters D-I-R-T-Y in the card pack, there are also wild cards (which can be any letter), pick two cards and lose a card to keep things interesting. Instead of the traditional picking the top card from a pile each time, the cards are strewn across the table in a "dirty mess" and you pick cards at random.

        The game can be played with 2-4 people, or if there is more you can play in teams, or just have one person assigned to read out the dirty clues and everyone else just does the guessing.

        If you are wanting to have a fun night in with friends then this would be a good game to keep everyone laughing, see who has the dirtiest mind ;)


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        22.10.2008 15:00
        Very helpful



        Great fun!

        I'm long and hard even when I'm cold . I can take a load after I've been screwed, and you'll need me for a big erection !

        What am I ?

        Certainly not the wanton trollop those couple of lines would have me appear - you see, they're not the desperate chat up lines of a bored housewife, but the clues in a fun game I picked up .

        I don't get out much - having a young daughter and being skint makes going out hard, but I still want a social life, and so, once a week, its games night at my house , so I'm always raiding charity shops for something new to play when my friends come round .

        The games concept is simple - there are three clues, all carefully worded to sound dirty, but with a surprisingly clean answer . The aim is to give the correct answer, and each time you do, pick up a card, which will either be a letter, a 'wild card' (which can be used as any letter, similar to the blanks in scrabble) or a 'lose a card' card . If you guess incorrectly, you have to return a card to the pile. The aim is to collect letter cards spelling out the word dirty.

        It very simple to play, but I have to say, hearing friends, and even better, parents, making comments such as ' I have fuzzy balls' , 'I fantasize about sheep' and 'I discharge loads from my shaft' is hilarious - and trying to guess the clean answer when you're laughing so hard can be tricky. My friends and I really enjoy playing this .

        As well as the four cluebooks and all the cards, the game includes a pencil so you can tick of clues as they've been used .

        The one problem with the game is that its impossible to resist reading forward in your clue book to find out which particularly filthy sounding question you want to put to your opponent next - so my friends and I all wrote our names on the front of the book we used, to make sure that we stuck to the same one next time and prevent cheating.

        Some answers are more obvious than others - some can be fiendishly difficult to guess, but that makes it all the more fun . There are 76 questions in each book, with three clues each - in total 912 snigger-worthy lines of apparent filth.

        I do think however, that once all the clue books have been completed after a few sessions of the game, it takes a while to forget the answers, so we tend to play it through over two or three sessions, then put it away for six months giving us time to forget all the answers .

        It can be played with 2-4 players according to the box, but if you have more than 4 players,simply make teams - the more the merrier with this game .

        I payed £2 for my game from a charity shop - the best 2 quid I've spent in a long time . You can buy the game for £ 7.99 on Amazon.co.uk , and its definately worth buying, as its guaranteed to amuse adults and older teenagers . Definately recommended .

        Oh, and the answer to the question at the top - I'm a girder .

        One more (since I'm using one of the clues in my title)
        I get eaten on special occasions, you have to pulll my legs apart to stuff me, and my breasts are big and juicy .What am I ?

        A turkey :P Thanks for reading !


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      • Product Details

        The dirtier your mind the worse you'll be at playing Dirty Minds. Test how dirty your mind is by reading the following clues.

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