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Picturekea Disney Edition

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Manufacturer: Hasbro / Type: Board Game

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    1 Review
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      24.04.2012 07:54
      Very helpful



      A good purchase

      Pictureka was a game which I had decided to buy for my son for Christmas 2011 and on a trip to toys r us with my friend on the run up to Christmas we noticed that they had a penguin flipper version of pictureka on offer as well as the Disney version. I was torn between what to buy but in the end my friend talked me in to the Disney version and this is my review of the game.

      ==What is it?==

      I have to say that before this game I had never played pictureka before but I had heard that it was a fun family game and so I was looking forward to trying it out. The basis of the game is quite simple really in that you have various cards which have lots of pictures on them and you have to go against the timer, and each other, to find a particular picture or thing on the cards.

      The game is made by parker games and is suitable for people aged six plus to play but I would say slightly younger children could give it a go. You need two plus people to play this game but I don't think there is any limit on how many players can play though it may be an idea to work in teams if there are loads of people wanting to play. It works well that there is just two players required as a minimum for us as often it is just my son and I at home.

      ==Setting up the game==

      The came comes in a really good quality feeling cardboard box. All too often games these days seem to come really flimsily packed and so the boxes rip after five minutes but this one feels a really tough cardboard and I am sure it will last many years indeed.

      Inside the box you have the following:
      12 Disney game tiles
      1 die
      55 mission cards
      A sand timer
      Full instructions

      Each of the twelve Disney game tiles are made from a tough card which again feels like it will last very well as long as it is looked after properly. Each card measures around 8.5 x 4.5 inches and you need to lay out all twelve together so they make a big picture if you will. Obviously this needs a good amount of space so we find playing on the floor in the lounge is the best for this game. The tiles are all blue but are really busy and packed with pictures of various items such as crowns, characters we may know and others we may not, pirates, frogs, witches, fairies and other such things you may see in Disney films.

      ==Playing the game and opinion==

      Once the tiles are all set up players can take it in turns to roll the dice and they will either roll a blue, green, or red which corresponds to a card in the box. My son and I often play the game where you roll the dice and depending on what it shows or says on the card you must be the first to find that but there are other ways in which to play the game whereby you can turn over a green card and roll the dice to decide how many of a certain thing you must find before the time runs out. The red cards apparently are the easiest for children to play as they may ask you to find a bag, or a lock and key and so you are not looking for something so specific. What I really like about this game is you don't have to particularly follow the rules of the game and you can make your own mini game up to suit you and your families needs which is nice.

      I also like how this game doesn't seem to be more easy to win for an adult than a child as it gives a bit of a level playing field which is particularly useful for when my sister comes down as she is very competitive and won't just let my son win! It is nice he has as much chance as us of winning the game. I have found that this game is loved as much by the adults as it is by my son as well because recently at a cocktail night I had at my house most of the adults ended up playing this and loving it (because we are so rock and roll!)

      I also like how on some of the cards there will be an arrow meaning you can turn over one of the double sided playing tiles or move the position of one of them which just means it keeps the game really varied. I have to say I was wondering if we would become used to where things are when we had played the game plenty of times but this isn't the case at all as the tiles are just laid out any old way and of course being double sided you don't always put them the same way round either so it is good there is plenty of play to be had from the game.

      One thing I will say about playing this game is that there is a real element for competitiveness and sometimes argument too as on some of the cards you may be asked to find something ugly for example and of course this is down to personal perception as something I may find ugly for example someone else may not. It does add to the fun I guess though as you argue it out!

      Another nice thing with playing this game is it can really last as long as you want it to depending on how you play the game. We often play the first to get the answer right game and will say the first to five cards wins but you could easily extend this to make the came last longer. We find obviously the more players you have the longer the game takes to play too but as a guide for my son and I playing we are maybe looking at half an hour or so to play a first to five game.

      I would certainly recommend this game as a fun family game that all of the family will enjoy from childhood for many years to come. It feels like it is excellently made and providing you take care of the cards and such like I see no reason why it wouldn't be a game to pass on when your children have children personally.

      ==Price and availability==

      The cheapest price I can find online is argos currently for £16.99 and I do think it is worth this price though I only paid £10.00 for it on offer from toys r us at Christmas.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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