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Pingu Acts Up Board Game

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Brand: Paul Lamond Games / Players: 2 - 4 / Ages: 3+

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    1 Review
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      29.12.2010 23:40
      Very helpful



      A funny addition to game night.

      I bought this game almost 3 years ago for my Pingu mad oldest son as the game does say it is suitable for ages 3 and up. I found that it was really not the best for such a young child though and it ended up shelved until this year. Now that he is five though, he absolutely loves this game. My own recommendation would be for children of at least 4 years of age.

      The game consists of four playing pieces, Pingu, Pinga, Robbie the seal and Bajoo the friendly snow monster, a playing board, die, and acting cards. You roll the die and move around the board. When you land on an act up space, you draw a card and act out whatever it says on the card. It also includes a picture, so you might be able to play this without reading, but it becomes rather difficult. If the other players guess what you are trying to act out out, you keep the card, and the player who has the most points on their cards at the end of the game wins. Most of the activities are easy enough to act out, like fishing, reading a story or playing a drum. Some are a bit more difficult, MP-3 player raiding the cookie jar, and skateboarding for instance. The most humorous is certainly going to the toilet. The game ends when some one goes down the slide and reaches the end of board game trail. There is no advantage to going out first according to the rules, but my son thinks there should be, so we play that the person out first gets to take one extra card to add to their total. The game is fairly quick to play, lasting only about 15 minutes.

      My five year old loves this as it is Pingu, and includes plenty of opportunity to act silly, or see Mom or Dad act silly. The two year old very much wants to play, but can not really get the acting out bit very well at all and needs complete help for most cards. My husband really hates it, but he isn't fond of board games anyway, calling them "bored" games and only plays because we rope him in. I enjoy it myself. As I always say, I am a big child, and I love having fun with my boys. I really believe things like a game night will help strengthen our family, having a regular time to play together and interact as a family. I don't mind acting like a complete idiot ( such as pantomiming using the loo) as long as ever has a good laugh.

      I believe I paid about £10 for this from either Amazon or ebay. It is no longer available from either, but can be found at from several online toy shops by googling the title, prices range from £5.99 - £8.99 + postage.
      I would recommend this game for a family game night, or perhaps for older children on their own, assuming they still like Pingu and acting silly. I think this game is at it's best with 4 players, and does lose a bit with only two, especially if both are very young. Some cards might be hard for the children to figure out if they are not reading yet as well. I could even see a group of much older girls playing this at a slumber party for a laugh, although I doubt boys would play it past about age 8.


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