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Pointless Board Game

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Brand: University Games / Type: Board Game

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    2 Reviews
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      13.01.2014 17:54
      Very helpful
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      A game that is a quiz but for all kinds of people


      My step son knows we are big fans of this quiz game on TV. I love the interaction between Richard and Alexander Armstrong. They are both such clever people unlike some contestant show presenters.
      I had seen this on Amazon and wondered what it would be like and was very pleasantly surprised to get this as a gift from step son. He is actually very clever at finding gifts that are just right for people.

      We played this quite a few times over this festive period and really enjoyed it. The game works well as it is not purely trivia. Usually we beat the kids hands down on trivia but this adds another twist to the answers and also the questions are wide ranging.

      The idea of the game is that when a question is asked you not only have to get a correct answer but also aim for the most obscure one too.

      If you have watched the TV show you will know how it works. It is actually quite easy once you know the aim. For example; a question might ask you to name a female character from Jane Austen's books. So Emma Woodhouse from Emma is obvious and unlikely to get a low score while Jane Fairfax from the same book is likely to be pointless as many people will not remember her. The trick is to know the answer but also try and work out which answer the LEAST number of people will have said.
      The game has already asked the 'Hundred people' the questions and so you need to think of an obscure answer that is still correct. The person who earns the LEAST number of points is the winner of the round. So zero is good while 100 points is bad and what you get for an incorrect answer.

      There are different rounds to progress through and in theory those with the highest points don't progress to the next round. The winner of the final round is the overall winner and by that time they are then going on to a different set of questions and playing for the 'POINTLESS TROPHY'.
      The game comes with three lots of question cards which are doubled sided. a board , counters and pointless tokens as well as a cardboard trophy.

      What we liked with this game which made it great fir our family is that at least some of the questions suited every member of the family. We were stumped on Boy bands while others were thrown by classic literature or geography. It isn't really aimed at children as the questions and indeed the concept is quite hard for anyone below mid teens I would say. We were however surprisingly good at Teletubbies and Nightgarden!

      Although we really enjoyed playing the game we didn't really play it properly. We actually mainly used the questions from the first couple of rounds and we didn't use the board or evict anyone when they came last. We just totted up our scores and named a winner.

      We used the score cards and write our answers but we didn't like evicting people at the end of rounds so we did a few rounds then declared a winner.

      To be honest there really is no need for the board except it reminds you of the TV quiz game. You are meant to move the counters to keep score but they were already on the score pad so the board was unnecessary. We just used the score pads and questions.

      One good thing was that the question person holding the card could also answer as the card was slipped into a folder with the answer blacked out. We took turns at being the question master and it was good that no one had to sit out at any time.

      It is therefore a bit of a waste to include the board and because we didn't play it properly we ended up going through the question cards quite quickly. I wonder if they will make add on card packs like Trivial Pursuit do.
      I am not sure what my step son paid obviously but it is on sale through Amazon for around £20 I believe.

      Yes I would say we got our value from this game over the season. If you think of what a night out costs and we used this at least six times. There were always more than four people playing and using our method as many as you like can play. By next year we will have forgotten the answers and can play it again!!

      We all enjoyed the game as it was not just clever stuff being questioned. The questions required knowledge from a wide range of interests and so everyone had a chance to be good in at least a couple of rounds.
      I think the game as a whole need tweaking to be perfect but as it is , adapted like we did it is a great family game that can be played by between two people to as many as you like using the score pad sheets.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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        11.09.2011 21:06
        Very helpful



        This is a great TV game show that does not transfer to board game.

        I have always loved playing along at home to the TV game show Pointless as presented by Alexander Armstrong on BBC 2. When I saw that a board game based on the show had been released by University Games I knew I had to get it. I purchased the game from Amazon for £17.99.

        If you have seen the game on TV you will know that it runs a bit like Family Fortunes in reverse. The basic premise is that 100 people are surveyed on a number of different categories, and the aim of the game is to find the least popular answer. For example if you are asked to name English speaking countries the most obvious and worst answer is likely to be England and more obscure and better answer would be Angola. The game is played over 3 rounds and then there is a final end game.

        The game tries to stick closely to the format of TV show which in many ways is its down fall. We found that the board that comes with the game was completely redundant as you tend to just tell the team what score they have achieved rather than wasting time running the counter down the countdown board.

        The whole game seems to have too many irrelevant fiddly bits. There seems to be too many bits of punched out card board to use a score markers when you already have a score sheet. The card wallets you get are also really fiddly and it is difficult the put the cards in without looking at the answers - it is really difficult to play the game without a quiz master.

        The category cards whilst varied are also mostly made up of questions from the TV version so if you are a fan of the show you will most likely remember the Pointless answers.

        If you are playing in 2 teams the rounds are pretty pointless as the previous scores you have received do not really matter and act more as elimination rounds.

        All in all I felt it was a lot of hassle and a lot of messing about with different card holders for this to be a really enjoyable game. Most of the time playing the game is spent fiddling about with cards, wallets and tokens rather than actually answering questions and playing the game.

        This is a great TV show that does not transfer to board game.

        **Playing the game**

        Scoring - you receive the number of points on the answer card for each answer. If your answer is completely incorrect your recieve 100 points, if your answer scores 0 you receive a Pointless token.

        Round 1 - A category is read out. Each team suggest the answer that they think will be the lowest scoring by writing it down on their answer pad. After each person has answer they declare it and then write down another answer and declare it. The card is taken out of the wallet to reveal the answers and each team receives the points as allocated on the card.

        Round 2 - A question card is placed in the wallet and everyone is shown the possible answers through the window in the wallet. Each team as to choose an answer from the card in turns. After everyone has chosen their answer the card is removed from the wallet to reveal the scores for each answer and points are allocated accordingly.

        Round 3 - Head to head game. A question card is placed in the wallet and each player has to write down and answer. The scores are revealed - the team with the lowest score is awarded a head to head token. Play continues like this until one team has collected 3 tokens.

        Round 4 - End Game - If you are playing in more than 2 teams the team with the lowest score is out of the game. A question card is placed in the card wallet. The team with the most pointless tokens are allowed to give 3 answers to the question. The team with the next highest pointless tokens can give 2 answers and so on. The team that has the lowest scoring answer is the winner.


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