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Hasbro Pop Goes Froggio

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3 Reviews

Brand: Hasbro / Players: 2-4 / Ages: 3 years +

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    3 Reviews
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      04.07.2012 11:55
      Very helpful



      Great game for little ones.

      Pop Goes Froggio is a childrens game made by Hasbro. I brought it for my then 4 year old as a last minute Christmas present. The age recommendation is 3+ years and it is suitable for 3-4 players. The game comes packaged in a colourful cardboard box with an eye-catching picture of a happy looking frog jumping from a lily pad.

      ** CONTENTS **

      The game consists of a butterfly spinner unit with plastic tube, foam frog, lily pad launcher and 12 character lily pad cards. Instructions are also included.

      ** SETTING UP **

      The game is very easy to set up - just plug the plastic rube in to the lily pad launcher, place the game on the floor (in the centre of the room), place all of the character lily pads around the room (character side face down).

      ** HOW TO PLAY **

      One player spins the butterfly spinner whilst the other players watch. When the spinner stops on one of the characters, all players should look for the matching character by turning over the lily pads around the room. If any player finds the matching character, they must drop the lily pad on the floor (face up), run back to Froggio, stomp on the lily pad launcher and catch Froggio. If the player catches Froggio, they keep the character lily pad. If the player doesn't catch Froggio, the character lily pad gets put back face down and the next player spins the butterfly spinner. The game ends when all of the lily pads have been collected and the winner is the player that has the most lily pads.

      ** OVERALL **

      My daughter really enjoys this game and regularly gets it out to play it with me. It's an enjoyable family game which requires memory as well as physical aspects, with simple rules that should be easy for all little ones to grasp. Each game usually lasts us around 10-15 minutes and my daughter never gets distracted. I like the fact that everybody plays at once, so nobody gets bored. The game can also be adapted to make it easier and shorter if you wish - either place the character lily pads face up or allow players to pick Froggio up off the floor (if they can't catch him in the air). I would say Pop Goes Froggio would be best enjoyed by 3-6 year olds.

      I was worried that my daughter might be too small to stomp on the lily pad launcher hard enough, but she can do it with ease - Froggio goes shooting up in the air and she loves the mad dash to catch him! It's a quick and easy game to set up, plus it requires no batteries and doesn't make any noise - every parents dream!

      Pop Goes Froggio can be brought in most toy stores and costs around £10.00. I managed to buy it from Amazon for just £7.00 which I think is brilliant value for money.


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        22.11.2011 23:25
        Very helpful



        a fun game that gets them up and active

        My son recently celebrated his fourth birthday and one of his gifts was the Hasbro Pop goes Froggio game.

        I had never heard of the game so wasn't sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised with this game.

        The game comes in a small cardboard box and everything you need is in the box. You get a spinner, a foam Froggio, a foot pump and twelve lily pad pictures cards. There is no extra packaging or plastic so you can open the box and start playing almost instantly after a tiny amount of setting up. There are no batteries needed and the box can be used to keep the game in for storage.

        To set the game up you push the pump onto a pipe attached to the spinner and place your foam Froggio in the lily pad on top of the spinner. You then place the lily pad picture cards face down on the floor around the room (it is suggested in the rules that you place the cards face up for younger children). On the spinner there are pictures of animals and on the face of the lily pad cards there are the same animals.

        To play the game you spin the spinner to see which animal it stops on. Once the spinner has stopped you then have to turn over the lily pad cards to find the picture of the correct animal. If you pick up a lily pad that does not have the correct animal on it you put the card back down on the floor face down and pick another card. If you pick up a card that has the correct animal on it you then jump onto the foot pump which shoots Froggio up into the air. There are two suggested methods of playing the game for different aged children from this point. For older children the rules state that the child must catch Froggio and if they do this they keep their lily pad but if they don't catch the frog they have to place the lily pad back face down on the floor. Play then continues until all lily pads have been collected. For younger children the rules state that Froggio can either be caught or picked up off the floor after he has been launched. The winner of the game is the child with the most lily pads after all the lily pads have been collected.

        When I first read the rules I was a bit dubious but my children aged 4, 6 and 7 were raring to play. They had set the game up themselves and once I had explained the rules I left them to it. I don't think we have any other games that are so high energy and cause so much laughing and squealing as this one.

        All three of them really got into the game and were rushing about trying to find the right picture first and then stomping onto the foot pump with both feet at times. We allowed the younger rules about catching to avoid any upset or arguments but the older two were so competitive and desperate to catch Froggio that they stuck to the older rules. They have played the game a few times since we got it and the enthusiasm hasn't dimmed at all. The only thing that does upset them is when my one year old stomps on the rocket and pinches Froggio while the others are searching through the lily pads.

        I think if you only have one child or children of very different ages this may cause a problem or affect the entertainment value of the game but otherwise there is nothing to fault it.

        I have had a quick search online and the Hasbro Pop goes Froggio game is available for between £9 and £15 with the cheapest available through www.amazon.co.uk at £9.69 with free postage.

        A great game to get them active.


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        07.02.2011 12:37
        Very helpful



        a great game for any children, fun character, easy instructions and loads of fun

        My son who has just turned 3 asked for this game for his birthday after seeing an advert for it on the TV. He loves games and I was happy to look for it. luckily I found in the next sale and got it for £7.00 so was very happy. The game is rather energetic so if like me you only have the one child be prepared for a bit of a work out but I'm trying to lose some weight so hopefully all the running about will help.


        Butterfly spinner unit
        Foam froggio
        lily pad launcher
        12 character Lilly pad cards

        age on box is 3 plus and is for 2-4 players, though we've had 5 and it was fine. The box is quite small so as it is not filled out with loads of packing like most things for children.

        THE SET UP

        First fix the Lily pad launcher to the tube (very easy you just push it on, older children could do it) Put Froggio on top of the spinner area there's a little bit of pipe that sticks up that you sit him on. Then lay out the 12 lily pad cards face down around your room (I've thought about hiding them round the room to make it last a bit longer or if you have older children to really wear them out.) When that's all set up you're ready to play.

        THE GAME

        You spin the butterfly spinner whatever animal it lands on you have to find the matching card, Once you have found the matching card race to the launcher and jump on it (as an adult I just press it with my foot.) The launcher shoots froggio into the air and you have to catch him. If you catch him you get to keep the lily pad card. If not you put the card back. The game ends when all the cards have been won.

        The rules do have a bit for younger children too where the cards could be faced up so they can see the pictures and that they don't have to catch froggio.

        We are currently playing it with the cards faced down and that my son doesn't have to catch froggio but he has to try.

        I was lucky and only paid £7.00 for it. I do think it's worth more just for the happiness and laughter you get from it. I've looked at what the prices are at the moment and the cheapest I've seen is £12.95 at John Lewis.


        Unlike most games no batteries are need which I'm sure most of you will agree is a god send. There is nothing worse than your child wanting to play something and the batteries wear out and you haven't got anymore in the house.
        Good energetic fun while indoors. great for getting the child active when it's pouring down outside plus it's fun.
        most ages can play, My dad is often seen running about playing this game with my son and me.
        A great game if you have more than one child as they can play together and you can get a cup of tea and sit and watch.


        Not many really except I've seen some prices of £18 around. I think it's a good little game and it's better than them just sitting around but I myself wouldn't pay that much for it so remember to shop around.


        I would recommend this game to anyone with children under 10 (I'm not sure how excited a 10 year old would be about playing this but younger children will love it.) It's good active fun, easy to setup and pack away.

        Thanks for reading hope I've helped you.


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