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Pop-up Dinosaur 1,2,3

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Manufacturer: DK Games / Age: 3-6 Years

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    1 Review
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      07.01.2010 17:41
      Very helpful



      dinosaur counting game

      I bought this for my daughter who loves dinosaurs! I thought it would be a nice and fun game for her but I was wrong!

      The game board is made from thick card - it is folded into 4 and folds out. There is a pop up dinosaur feature in the middle - This serves no purpose whatsoever than to look decorative. THis part is made from thin card and to be honest I can't see it lasting long before it is ripped or torn. Basically there are squares going round the outside of the board (some with footprints on!) nothing special. It does not look at all exciting and is quite dark and dull looking.

      As well as the board, you get 4 counters, a dice, a 12 sided cardboard dice and some quiz cards to play the game. There are 2 different versions of the game that you can play.

      Version 1 - you simply roll the 12 sided dice and go round the sqares on the board until you get back to the start! On the 12 sided dice as well as numbers there are things such as miss a go, move forward 3 spaces etc. Considering the board is quite small and there are only 34 squares a game is over very quickly!

      Version 2 - Use the normal dice and go round the board in the usual way. If you land on a footprint square you answer a simple quiz question. They are all counting questions (hence 1,2,3) e.g. how many dino bones can you spot...move on 3 spaces, add up the dino legs eg 4+2....move on 2 spaces. Again this game doesnt last long but is slightly more interesting.

      I paid £3.99 for this game although I think it was reduced from £8.99 - I'm glad I didn't pay that! I usually love Dorling Kindersley products as they are generally high quality and very informative which was my main reason for purchasing this - they are usually of a much better quality than this game. I thought it would have incorporated some simple dino facts into the game as thats what it is about!

      The age recommendation is 3-6 which is about right as it introduces simple maths but thats as good as it gets.

      I thought the game was boring and my daughter said it was ok but didn't bug me to play again. Usually we have 2 or 3 games of something before she is fed up. I guess it won't be used an awful lot.


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