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Postman Pat Pressmatic

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Manufacturer: Toy Brokers / Type: Board Game

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    1 Review
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      26.01.2012 21:00
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      A good variation to Frustration

      For my daughters birthday I wanted to get her some games which we could play as a family but as she was only turning 4 I had to make sure they were games she could understand and find interesting as her attention span isn't the best. I found this game in Home Bargains and paid £6 for it which I thought was a very good price since it is based on the old Frustration game and this costs around £15.

      The game comes in an open fronted box which can be a bit of a pain when stood up on the shelf as the pieces sometimes fall out of the box, the box is red and blue and has a picture of Postman Pat and Jess on the front. The box states the game can be played by ages 3 and up and is for 2-4 players and has the instructions for setting up and playing the game on the back of the box which means there is no instruction leaflet to lose.

      When you first open the game there are the playing pieces which are made of thick cardboard in a cardboard strip, you have to push the pieces from the cardboard and then fold them in half and slip them into their holder. The playing pieces are Ted which is yellow and has a picture of Ted or a spanner on them, Jess who is blue and has a picture of jess or a fish on them, Red is for Pat and has a picture of Pat or an envelope on them and finally green is for Mrs Goggins and has a picture of mrs Goggins or a parcel on them. The pieces seem to get bent quite easily with little hands but the coloured holders which match the cards are sturdy.

      The playing board has each characters starting point in each of the four corners and then you progress around the board by using the dice in a dome popper in the middle of the board until one player manages to transfer all four of their pieces from their home to their destination, the Post office for Mrs Goggins, the garage for Ted, The shops for Jess and the SDS centre for Pat. There are some roll again points which I don't remember on the original game and if you land on another player then they have to return to their start point although we have never played this rule with our daughter as I don't feel at 4 year old she would understand why she had o keep going back to the start and the game would go on far too long!!

      The board game is attractive and my daughter loves pressing the popper, if you don't watch her properly she will keep pressing it until she gets a 6! the game is easy enough for her to understand and when she asks for a game near to bed time we play with 2 pieces each instead of 4 to make the game shorter. I think this game was well worth what we played and think this is nicer than the original game as it is a character that she loves aswell.


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