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Rap Rat Video Board Game

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Brand: Spears / Type: Video Board Game

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    1 Review
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      28.01.2012 11:39
      Very helpful



      Rap Rat the Rappin' Rat!

      Rap Rat - The Video Board Game

      Back in the 90's I remember video board games being really popular. I would often go round to my friends houses and play them for hours on end. One Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a video board game of my own in the form of Rap Rat.

      In The Box
      Rap Rat comes in a large yellow box with pictures of a lot of unusual, yet quite comical looking rats on the front. Inside the box you will find a game board, 4 cheese puzzle boards, 4 playing pieces, a dice and a VHS video tape containing 3 progressively harder games.

      Setting Up and Game play
      To set Rap Rat up you will need to unfold the game board and place all the pieces of the puzzles into the centre of it. Then place your playing pieces at the start point. Next insert the VHS video into the VCR and press play. At the start of the video you will be shown a short introduction explaining how to set the game up and the rules of the game. During the introduction you will also meet the star of the game Rap Rat, a funny looking rat with huge ears who raps to the catchy background beat when he pops out of the cheese to give you a challenge.

      After the introduction your game will be ready to begin. The idea of Rap Rat is to throw the dice and race your way around the board. If you land on a space that is the same colour as your cheese then you can take a piece of your puzzle and put it into your puzzle board. This sounds pretty simple and not really that exciting, however, while you are moving around the board your TV screen will be filled with the image of cheese which is slowly being eaten by Rap Rat. Every so often Rap Rat will pop out of the cheese and at this point you need to stop playing and listen to him. Usually he will have a challenge for the person who was taking their turn when he popped out, but occasionally he will have a challenge for all of the players. Rap Rat's challenges are usually pretty simple and simply involve a player standing on one leg or making animal noises until a certain buzzer or bell is heard. While they are doing these challenges they cannot take any turns and play will continue until the next time Rap Rat makes an appearance. Rap Rat can also request players to return pieces of their puzzle as well as award them extra pieces.

      There are 3 games included on the VHS tape and each game lasts around 15 minutes. To win the game you must be the first player to complete your puzzle before Rap Rat manages to eat all of the cheese on the screen.

      Do I Enjoy Rap Rat?
      Well, at the time, when I was a young teenager I really enjoyed this game. Admittedly it is probably the most bizarre board game I have ever played but it is really enjoyable and rather amusing to see your friends standing on one leg, jumping around the room like a frog or sitting making dog and elephant noises. I think it is the randomness of this game that makes it so entertaining and enjoyable.

      Until the summer last year I hadn't played Rap Rat for years, then one day I was having a clear out and found it under the bed. After a lengthy search of the attic I managed to dig out the old VCR and set it up in the lounge with the intention of playing Rap Rat with my little brother. This was very successful as he really enjoyed it and spent most of the time laughing at the screen when Rap Rat popped out. My brother was 8 at the time we played and according to my mum he has requested to play it with her a few times since.

      A game of Rap Rat generally lasts around 30 - 45 minutes depending on how many players you have and how fast you manage to move around the board without getting caught by Rap Rat. With 2 players we usually manage to beat Rap Rat in all 3 games, but on the occasions we have played with 3 or 4 players it has been much more challenging to beat him as he pops out of the cheese more often with more and more silly but fun challenges to delay you in completing your puzzle.

      Age Rating
      The age rating for Rap Rat is 7+, I would say this is about right. James is 9 now and he really enjoys the game and I was around 13 when I got this game and I really enjoyed it for a good few years before I became a moody teenager and grew out of it. Saying this I actually really enjoyed playing it again last summer so I don't think the fun really ever stops!

      Price and Availability
      I'm not too sure if Rap Rat is available in the shops, I haven't seen it around for years, however is currently on Amazon for around £25!

      As much as I enjoy Rap Rat and I would love to recommend it to you as I think it is a really fun and entertaining game I would not recommend it at £25, especially as it contains a VHS video and not everyone owns a VCR these days. If you do though and you are interested in buying this game I would say shop around and you will probably find it cheap on somewhere like eBay or gumtree. If you can find it cheap enough then I would definitely recommend it.

      Thanks for reading! :)


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