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Ravensburger Thomas Tricky Trucks Game

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Brand: Ravensburger / Age: 3 Years+

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    1 Review
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      22.01.2009 18:23
      Very helpful



      See review.

      One of the presents that my son received for his birthday was this offering that my friend Lyndsay bought him. The idea behind it was a good one. Due to the time that my children spend bickering and falling out with each other, she thought that a board game of some description would be the ideal thing to bring them together, she really thought about it bless her!

      The game that she bought and I will now review is - "Thomas and the troublesome trucks game"

      The idea of the game is simple, the engines (which are all included in Thomas the tank engine programmes, thought I would mention this incase you hadn't clocked that this is a Thomas the tank engine product! LOL), Thomas, James, Percy, and Spencer are all situated at there particular working stations waiting to pull off and go home (god that sounds rude doesn't it!).
      The problem is that all there troublesome trucks (three per player) are all muddled up, the aim of the game is to retrieve the trucks and take them back to the station ready to go home.

      There are four coloured bases, one for each train character, you simply pop in a cardboard picture of the train before starting (these are all included in the game).
      You then do the same for the troublesome trucks, the three trucks to each train are indicated by the matching coloured base.

      The game board is very similar to the old ludo boards. The spaces are small holes that the bases sit into and in the centre of the board there is a plastic dome that contains a dice. This is called the presmatic, this is a great device as the dice is usually the first thing that gets lost!

      To set up the game you place a train counter on the corresponding coloured space in the station (there being four in total , one in each corner of the square board.
      You then place all the trucks in random spaces around the board, which, when the game has begun, you have to travel round the board to collect..... This is were it gets a bit complicated, especially for the 3+ market that this game is geared towards.

      You have to move around the board until you come to a truck, if it is your colour this can then be placed straight into your designated station, you can then carry on. If you come across another players coloured truck you have to return your train back to your start space in your station.

      Once all the trucks have been collected and the train has returned to it's station, this player is declared the winner.

      Now bear in mind all of these rules have to be adhered to by a 4 year old and a cheating 7 year old, this game probably makes more arguments than it saves!

      This is actually not a bad game, even with all the rules to remember and is available for around the £5.00 mark.

      For more information on this and other merchandise in the range visit - www.hitstoreuk.com

      Thanks for reading x

      As an after note, the picture supplied is not the actual game I have reviewed, but you may have gathered that from my review!


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  • Product Details

    Anyone who's read the Thomas stories knows that the trucks are always giving him trouble, just like they are in this game.

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