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RiverEdge Wordigo

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Brand: RiverEdge / Age: 8 years + / Players: 1-4

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    1 Review
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      16.08.2015 09:53
      Very helpful



      Like A Timed Version Of Scrabble

      Wordigo is a game I recently discovered in a charity shop after deciding to look for some alternatives to the games I have at home. It does get a bit boring playing the same old games and I wanted something that was challenging but fun.

      I have only played this with other adult players so far but Wordigo is a game for the whole family but should suit anybody from age 8 to adult. As an adult player I actually find it rather difficult or at least tricky. The most difficult thing to do with the game is to figure out how to get the highest score. If this is hard for me then I imagine it would be even harder for children. Despite this, the scoring can be a bit random too. It's a game you can play for fun or learn how to play for some serious competition.

      The game has four different board games and you choose one of these at the start of the game. Each player has their own board. The board game has a crossword style grid of letter spaces from two letter words up to five letter words. You get your own bag of letter tiles from which you have to create words from a random selection of eight pieces. Each consonant has a score whilst each vowel can increase the score of the adjacent consonant depending on it's position. The vowels are marked with arrows pointing a certain direction. If the arrows point towards your consonant then you can increase the consonant's score by whatever number is on the vowel tile. The trick to scoring highly is to choose your vowels carefully! It takes some getting used to and also when you come to add up your scores this part may be a bit difficult for younger children.

      You get seven minutes to complete your board after which you have to stop playing no matter how many words you have created. You can discard any tiles that you are finding it difficult to use at any time and also discard words although these tiles can't be used again.

      It's actually harder than you expect it to be, especially given that these are only small words you have to create. It's definitely mentally challenging though. The only thing that's not what I expected about this game is that you play it virtually on your own. You don't really interact with the other player until it's time to score your board. You don't even have to at this stage, if you don't want to! But it's still an interesting game and sort of a timed version of scrabble.

      I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys word making board games.


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