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Scene it? Magical Moments Disney DVD Game

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Mattel / Type: Board Game

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    2 Reviews
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      10.01.2012 10:48
      Very helpful



      A great game!

      I began my Christmas shopping quite early as it is my daughters birthday the week before Christmas also so I have double the amount of presents to buy. My friend told me about a Disney Scene It game that she had bought for her son as it was on offer at Toys R Us and I quite fancied picking one of them up for my daughter. I realise that at four years old my daughter isn't really old enough for this game but she just adores everything Disney and I thought it would be a game that the family could all play and enjoy.

      I had heard of the Scene It games but never actually played one so it was all new to me. For those of you who haven't come across them, the Scene It games are a cross between a board game and dvd game. There are other versions available, including Friends (the tv show), Twilight and The Simpsons to name just a few.

      Disney Scene It Magical Moments comes in a brightly coloured box with various Disney characters all over. A large Buzz Lightyear is the main character on the box and he is surrounded by the likes of Jasmine, Tinkerbell, Mickey Mouse, Simba and Cars. Inside the box you will find:

      * Game board (which looks a little like film reels)
      * Questions cards
      * Buzz cards
      * Playing pieces (Tinkerbell, Rapunzel, Wall-E and Buzz)
      * 2 dice
      * Dvd

      Setting the game up literally takes a matter of seconds, simply open out the board, choose the playing pieces and have the cards ready with the questions. The board opens out into three sections but there is an option to only open it halfway which would mean a shorter game.

      Playing the game: Roll the two dice to determine how many moves you are to make on the board and which type of question you will have. This will either be a trivia question card or a dvd question. There are three options on the dvd: All Play, My Play and My Puzzle.

      All Play - this is a dvd question where all the players play together and the first person to answer correctly wins. The question could be name the movie, the character, what the next line is and so on.

      My Play - the question here usually follows a long movie clip so you need to watch carefully! A second question will then be asked for everyone to answer then move 2 spaces or take a Buzz card

      My Puzzle - This is for a single player and there are various types of question here such as who lives here, odd one out, who's who's friend and more.

      If you have a Buzz card you follow the instructions on your card, which for example could be if you are overtaken by another player you can move forward six spaces. It is a really straightforward game to play and though there are excellent instructions included in the game they really aren't needed as it is quite self explanatory. The person who gets to the end and answers the winning question is the winner of the game!

      My daughter had just turned four when she received this game for Christmas which is two years below the age that it is aimed at but she picked it up really easily and within a few rolls of the dice she had sussed out what was what and which type of question she needed. We played on a team together as obviously she is unable to read and some of the movies she hasn't actually seen yet but for the most part she was able to answer the questions, just not as quickly as she needed to!

      The range of movies included in this game is really good, from Mickey Mouse to Wall-E and The Lion King to Tinkerbell, there really is something in there for everyone and like I say there were some that we haven't seen yet but it didn't stop us having a good guess at the answers. When we have played this game we have found that it seems to be the same kind of movies that come up, one game we had lots of "A Bug's Life" questions which is one we haven't seen, and another time we had lots of Ratatouille but I think that is just luck because it is completely random.

      This is a game that we really enjoy playing and quite often my daughter will bring it out to play after dinner so its something that we can play together when I am not in work and its nice to be able to play a game rather than her be on her DS which is a new obsession!! Again, as my daughter is younger than the recommended age and can't read there is lee-way in how long she can have with answering the questions as she can't read what is on the screen but as she gets older and learns to read this will stop - although she does like to cheat so maybe not!!

      I am so grateful to my friend for telling me about this game being on offer and I was able to purchase it for the price of £9.99 whereas normally it is around £25.00! I do however think I would be happy to pay the full price for it as it is a game that the whole family can enjoy, has a wide range of content so there is something that everybody will have seen and it also gives us the excuse to watch more Disney! A hit all round!!

      Thank you for reading my review.


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        07.01.2012 08:24
        Very helpful



        A great game

        For Christmas 2010 I bought my son a Disney scene it game which I believe is pretty rare now. The game proved to be a real hit not only with my son and I but with family and friends who would visit too. On a trip to toys r us one day to buy some things for this Christmas my sister spotted Disney's magical moments scene it game on the shelf for just £9.99 instead of £24.99 and as she is such a fan of the other game we have she snapped it up for my son for a present.

        ==Packaging and the game==

        The game comes in a sturdy cardboard box which is filled with pictures of characters such as Buzz Lightyear, Cars and Wall-E giving you an indication of how the game represents some of the newer Disney Pixar films as well as the more traditional ones. On the front of the box you are advised that the game is suitable for two or more players or teams aged six years plus as well as the fact that a game takes between thirty and forty five minutes to play.

        Inside the box you receive:
        -a bright coloured and sturdy game board
        -two dice for moving along the board and selecting a category to play
        -a set of question cards in a box
        -ten Buzz cards
        -DVD for playing the game
        -four plastic playing tokens in the shape of Buzz Lightyear, Tinkerbell, Wall-E and Rapunzel
        -a set of rules

        ==Playing the game==

        Setting up the game is easy really as you just need to unfold the game board and place your tokems and the Buzz cards on it as well as inserting the game DVD in to the DVD player. You can choose to not unfold the game board and instead have a smaller circular board for quicker games should you wish to but this is not something we do at our house as we like to make sure we have plenty of time to enjoy the game. Once the DVD is inserted to the DVD player you are given clear directions on what to do and simply control things using the remote control so it is all quite easy and if your child is a dab hand with the remote they will no doubt take over this!

        As you go around the board rolling the dice you have to attempt various questions or puzzles which are indicated by a symbol on the dice. Many of these are interactive and rely on the DVD but there are also questions on the trivia cards too.

        All play: All play questions are quite self explanatory in that all players can try and take part. Examples of questions in this section would be to guess the character from the distorted reality or to name the movie from picture and written clues. My son does like to have a go at all play questions but my sister will often jump in first with an answer before him as she is older and her brain sometimes works quicker than his. He can become frustrated with this and so he does prefer questions where it is only him that can answer.

        My play: In a my play only the person who rolled the dice can answer the question which follows a clip of film on the DVD. In previous scene it games we have this is all that happens on a my play but in this one a second question follows the clip which all players can try to answer to win a Buzz card. I think this is a good addition to the game because it keeps players interested in the game rather than becoming distracted when someone else has to watch a clip.

        My puzzle: This is by far my son's favourite question to get as you need to take control of the remote control and click on who lives in a certain house or play a memory game for example. Some of the memory items can be really hard as some characters can be quite unknown to us and we have seen many Disney films so I think it is a case of some being obscure.

        Trivia cards: What is a really good feature with this game is that at the bottom of the trivia cards there is a kids question so younger players can opt to have this if they want. My son likes to do this because obviously the questions are more child friendly and are therefore easier for him to answer.


        We have played this game lots of times already since Christmas and it certainly one that all of the family enjoy. My son likes the fact that there are more recent films featured on the game as he is quite competitive with my younger sister and she hasn't seen some of them! There are still questions linked to some of the older Disney films such as Aladdin or the lion king for example and so the game really is suitable for all the family which is nice as I do enjoy spending time playing games at a weekend with my son.

        What I think is a good feature in this game is the introduction of more interesting Buzz cards. In the other Disney scene it we have as well as the Twilight game that I have the Buzz cards are basically muss a turn or move forward two spaces and such like but in this game you can hold on to the card and perhaps use it to jump ahead of the leading player or steal their turn depending on what it says on the card. My son loves this aspect and I think it really helps encourage players to try and win a Buzz card during the question on a my play because you may get a really good bonus on it.

        I do think that the age guidelines are quite appropriate with this game unless you were to be playing on a team with a younger player and you could help them. The reason behind this is that trivia cards need to be read and six year olds are able to manage this where as younger players probably couldn't.

        My son and I have played this game with just the two of us but we have also played it with two other people as well and I do think the game is more fun the more players that you have because there is a bit more competition in the game! I have to say though that my son has been known to really sulk if he loses but I don't let him always win as I think that that only causes more problems in the long run!

        There has been no repetition with the features on the DVD as yet which is good but I do think that some films seem to be featured more than others and one that is quite notable is Ratatouille for me because despite the fact we own the film I must never have paid much attention whilst watching it because I know none of the answers whenever they come up!

        Also on the DVD with this game there is some bonus features named sketch it, act it and say it and depending on which item you go for you will be asked to get all of the other players to close their eyes or look away whilst a visual clue is given on the screen and then the person who is being "on" must either act out, draw or talk about the person or thing they are describing for the other players to guess. This is a really fun added extra to the game and something which usually has us in hysterics but it is a shame there is not a few more of these on the game as you soon go through them all when you play the game regularly.

        I really do recommend this game as I think it is a fun way to spend some time as a family and I think it makes a child feel a little bit grown up that they are playing a DVD game as well. Having looked online it would seem many places no longer have it in stock but the average price seems to start at around £17.00. I do think it is worth this price despite my sister paying less than this.

        Thank you for reading my review!


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