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Spears 3 In 1 Chess, Draughts & Backgammon

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Manufacturer: Spears / Type: Board Games

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    1 Review
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      07.02.2012 16:33
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      A nice chess set with 2 added games

      Just before Christmas me and my husband somehow got into a conversation with my parents about playing chess at which point my husband informed us how good he was and that he could easily beat us all, my Dad is also good at chess and being men that was it they had got to play and prove how good they were. The only problem was neither of us had a chess set so for Christmas as one of my husbands presents my parents brought him a chess set. It was actually a Spears Games Wooden Chess, Draughts and Backgammon chess set, me and my Mum found this in a Tesco store we were visiting, it was in the games section and was perfect for the men's challenge, it wasn't too expensive and my husband prefers traditional things rather than modern and all of the pieces included in the set were traditional wooden hand carved pieces.

      The Wood Chess Set came in a red cardboard box which was designed to look like a wood effect, the majority of the front of the box is taken up with a large picture of the actual chess board set up ready to play, in the top right and bottom right hand corner is are two small circles one contains a picture of the Backgammon board and the other shows a picture of the draughts board. Along the top of the box is the name of the game "Wooden Chess, Draughts & Backgammon, a Classic Hand Crafted Wooden Set" this is written in white writing with the Spears Games logo just to the left of it. The only other information is a small square containing the ideal age this game suits and the amount of players. The back of the box doesn't really contain much information other than a couple of warnings, Tescos quality promise and a symbol to show that packaging is suitable to be recycled. The sides of the box each contain the name of the game, the Spears Games logo and a picture of the chess set.

      The Games
      This set basically contains 3 games in one, chess, draughts and backgammon, with this you get one wooden playing board which is double sided, one side is a chess and draughts board with the other side being the backgammon board. The board itself is made from a pine coloured varnished wood with the games board printed onto it in black, the board itself is quite thick its certainly is not flimsy making it very sturdy and ideal for use on any surface. Also with the game you received the various games pieces which includes

      *Chess Men - with this you get 16 white chess men and 16 black chess men, all of these chess pieces are also made from wood and are hand carved, these are what I could call the traditional style pieces for example the knights are horses and the bishops little pointed shapes with a small ball sat on top and a slit in one side rather than actual people like some of the more modern chess sets you can buy now. Personally I like these more traditional pieces as these where what we always had when I played as a child and when I think of a proper chess set that is how I see it, where the castle is a castle not a person. The pieces are made from solid wood as is the board again making them very strong and sturdy, for a cheap game the pieces are detailed and made to a high standard, they are not overly basic at all.

      *Wooden Counters - With this game you also received 15 wooden white counters and 15 wooden black counters, these are basically small round wooden discs, they are not detailed at all and the design is very basic, these are used for the draughts and backgammon games. The wooden discs are again solid wood and blend in with the theme of the whole set. You can use the same wooden counters for both games so you do just receive one set of these

      *Dice - You received 3 dice with this game, 2 regular dice and 1 doubling cube with the numbers 2, 3, 8, 16, 21 and 64. Again these are made from the same wood as the rest of the board and they are used for the backgammon game only.
      Personally I would say that all the components of the 3 games are made to a very high standard, everything is made from solid wood, it is all nicely finished with no rough edges at all, the chess pieces are the most detailed however all of the pieces are made to mimic the traditional style pieces for each of the games. As well as the board and all of the various pieces you received a small instruction booklet with this set, it is nothing fancy or complicated but it does tell you exactly what the box should include and it also tells you how to play each of the games, this is described using writing and pictures showing various examples. The rules of the three games are fully described but in simple terms, they are not long winded and do not take ages to read, you can quickly read the booklet before playing if you want to be reminded of how to play any of the game sand it will literally take you a couple of minutes.

      The Wooden Chess, Draughts and Backgammon game is described as being suitable for 6+ years, however this does not mean it is a child's game, the set although sold in the games section of the shop is perfectly suitable for adults to play, it is made to a high standard without being too fancy, its ideal if you want to play for a bit of a laugh rather than anything serious. The box also states that this is a two player game, this is the case for all 3 games and it also says that the play time is 30 minutes, obviously this is just an estimate. When I have played chess with my husband we have had games that have only last about 15 minutes and others that have lasted nearly an hour.

      Our Woodern Chess, Draughts and Backgammon came from Tesco in the games section and it cost us just £9.99, I thought this was an excellent price, at the time we were just looking for a reasonably priced chess set that my Dad and husband could play each other on so the fact that we got two other games as well was an added bonus, I would have quite happily paid this for just a chess set. I would definitely say that this set is well worth the money we paid for it, you get 3 games in one, it is all made to a high standard and is suitable for both adults and children, it also makes an ideal gift, this would be an ideal first set if you wanted to teach your child how to play chess for example. I'm not sure if this particular Spears Games set is available anywhere else, personally I have only ever seen it in Tesco however it may be available in various other supermarkets or possibly even toy stores.

      There are a couple of warnings on the back of the box which include
      *It is not suitable for children under 36 months
      *Small parts could be chocking hazards
      *Plastic packaging is not a toy and all packaging should be removed before giving it to a child to play with

      Overall I would definitely recommend the Spears Games Wooden Chess, Draughts and Backgammon set, it makes an ideal gift for both adults and children, it is made to a very high standard and I personally like the fact that it is made using traditional style pieces, all of the pieces and the board are finished off nicely with no rough edges making it ideal for children to play with. This games set is sold for a very reasonable price, it is certainly a bargain in my opinion and well worth the money. Needless to say my husband was very pleased with his new chess set and it has been used many times, my Dad and husband have played each other several times and have both won so they are happy and over Christmas I think we played most nights, it actually got a bit addictive especially as Mark kept beating me, I had to play until I won, overall I would say this was an excellent buy and a game that I would recommend to anyone.


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