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Star Wars Saga Edition Chess Set

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Brand: Character Options / Type: Star Wars themed chess set

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    1 Review
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      02.02.2011 17:03
      Very helpful



      If your after a collectors piece great, if your after a game of chess, not so great.

      The game "Chess" as we all know, is an all time classic.

      A simple game board, made up of 64 squares, 8 by 8, alternating between black and white, this makes up the checkerd board. Together with 32 individual pieces, 16 black and 16 white. Each colour has a king, a queen, 2 bishops, 2 knights, 2 rooks/castles and 8 pawns. These are set out in a specific way, on the game board at the beginning of every game, both colours are set up the same on either side of the board, as follows. The queen sits on her own colour on the board centre back, the king sits next to her centre back, the bishops sit one either side of the king and queen, next to them sit the knights and on each end sit the rooks/castles and the 8 pawns sit just in front of all the other pieces. What makes the game special is that every game of chess you play is different.

      Chess has fasinated me since I was a child, I would sit and watch my parents play, and more often than not their games would last several days. My dad taught me how to play when I was quite young and then, I was hooked.

      There are so many different chess sets available nowdays, which range from very cheap and basic, to something very expensive and fragile you wouldn't dare touch it.

      The chess set I bought for my son, a couple of years ago now, is the "Star Wars Saga Edition" he has a huge collection of "Star wars" memorabilia, I thought this collectors edition would go nicely with his collection of Star Wars things. At the time it cost around £30.00 from Argos (They no longer sell it, but you can get it from Amazon)

      --The box--

      Measuring about 16 by 12 inches the box itself has a lift of lid. The word Star Wars is displayed in large gold letters top left, beneath that in white letters, Saga Edition chess set is written. To the right is what looks like a silver stamp displaying the individual collectors edition number. With a picture of Darth Vader in the top right corner.
      Written on the underside of the box are the rules of chess, where to place the pieces, where each piece can move, and strategy e.t.c.
      There is also a guide as to what character each piece is.

      --The board and pieces--

      The board when opened out displays the 64 squares half olive green and the other half black, the word Star Wars is written on both ends of the board. On the back of the board is a very glossy picture of Darth Vader's helmet, with the words Star Wars written in gold underneath. The board is of very good quality, highly glossy on both sides. The pieces are Silver (as opposed to white) and black.

      The silver pieces are as follows:
      ROOK 2---R2D2 AND C3PO (on one base)

      The black pieces are as follows:

      I would now like to tell you how beautifully crafted the actual pieces are.....but I'd be lying.

      The pieces are tough plastic but, although there is a fair amount of weight to each piece, the pieces that hold lightsabres are disappointing to say the least, the light sabres look and most probably are very cheaply made, they bend any which way and seem like they wouldn't take long to snap off. However, a fair amount of detail has gone into each individual character, it is easy to tell the pieces apart.

      --My opinion--

      I guess I expected more than what I got really, the bendiness of some parts on the pieces are disappointing, the piece of transparent moulded plastic, that held the pieces in place in the box, has been thrown away due to having to be a member of "Mensa" to get the damn things back into it, that in itself took as long as the actual game of chess did.
      The gameplay, with the pieces is clumsy and akward, they are far to big to stand neatly next to each other, and when the game is in progress it is very difficult to concentrate on the game, as the pieces just look messy and out of place.
      But my son likes it, it was bought for him afterall, only problem he has, is that he can't find anyone to actually play the game with him, as people are put off, for the same reasons I stated above.

      So it spends its time, put away in the box under his bed.


      A nice addition to any Star Wars collection, but to actually play the game, I personally wouldn't recommend, so I give it 3 stars, as it's nice to look at but not so good to play.

      Thank you for reading my review.


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