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    1 Review
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      10.01.2013 22:05
      Very helpful



      Don't get caught in this game of chase

      Christmas is now over and it's time to write a little bit about the things that we received as presents from family members, friends, work colleagues, the postman and even the bit on the side, (if that's what floats your boat).
      So here I am, having opened all my presents and having used all of them several times each, so I can now go ahead and give an honest opinion about some of them, (some of them for now as there are some that need more experience to give a better review).

      Anyway. One particular gift that I received was a board game, one of many actually, with this board game being a game that I sometimes enjoy watching when it is on the television as I find it rather a good quiz game with a dash of excitement, (sort of).
      The game that I am talking about is in fact called 'The Chase', with the board game having exactly the same name, which makes it easier to understand.

      * Firstly, let me tell you what you get in the box and a few things about them...
      In the box you get everything you need to play the game, except for the 2 AAA batteries that you need to supply yourself which slot into the buzzer.
      There is the timer, which is a slightly curved table shaped box thing that has a red slider on the top, which has a cross in the central position and the numbers one and two either side of the cross. These numbers are for the question timers with position one being one minute and is used in the opening money accumulating rounds. The number two is for the end game where the chaser has to try and catch the contestant in the final chase.
      Anyway, other things in the box are a sheet of card which has a vast amount of money amounts. One set of monies has a single amount on them, in stages of a thousand pounds, with the other set having one amount above another amount, both being sort of opposite each other so one amount is seen normally whilst the other amount is upside down. This all makes sense later in the game.
      Also on the sheet of card there are little images of the chasers with two different chaser being on either side of the card.
      Then, there's a 12 little plastic counter objects which have little slots in them in order to house the money amounts or the chaser.
      Then there are two sets of questions, one set being multiple choice with the second set being straight forwards questions.
      Finally, there's the board of course, which is circular and has the designed to look as close to the tv game that it can be. There are the numbers one to 30 going around the edge, with a space for the timer table at one end and 7 spaces leading up to it which are there to hold the counters

      * So that's what you get then, so how about playing the game...
      Firstly, just for those people that have never seen the television show that is usually on ITV on weekdays at 5pm, (no, I don't receive payments for advertising the game show). Although to be honest the board game is played slightly different to the television show, but as I'm here to tell you about the board game I'll stick with that then.

      If you know how to play the game, maybe watching the television show once or twice, then you'll know roughly how to play this board game. Although I will say again that the board game play is not the same as the television game play, in fact, the board game is more 'complicated' in a way and I prefer to play it as the television show plays it.
      But I will try and give a brief description of how to play the board game, so bare with, or skip this of you want to...

      ***** Skip this bit if you wish... I won't be too offended... too much anyway *****

      The board game...
      You set up the board by slotting the chaser images into the counters and place the lot of them on the top section of the board, where the silhouettes are. Then you place the buzzer table on the opposite end of the chasers, making sure the slider is in the 'X' position.

      A player steps forwards and is asked a series of questions from the blue card pile which is a straight forwards question and answer card. This player has one minutes to answer as many questions as they can, this minute is timed by the question master pressing the button on the buzzer with the slider in position one. Each correct answer earns that player £100 virtual pounds.
      Then. That player is given a token with the amount as to which they earned in that round, that token is placed in the slot on their token and the whole thing is placed in the central row between the chaser end and the table end.
      Each player does this until all the players have answered the questions in the minute and have placed their tokens on the board. (this is how it differs from the TV game as on the television a player goes up against the chaser after the minute of questions round).
      So, once all contestants are on the board the chasers then offers a higher or lower amount of cash to each contestant, with the contestants that choose the higher amount being placed nearer the chaser and the lower amount nearer the contestant.
      The players chooses the amount they want to play for, placing the amount token into the contestants counter and then on the position that it warrants, be it for the higher amount, closer to the chaser, or the lower amount, closer to home.
      This is where the chaser and the contestant do battle in the multiple choice round.
      (Note: in the television show this is a timed section but in the board game there is no timer so it's all down to common sense in deciding how long).

      The player with the highest amount and who makes it to their home base is the winner and goes up against the chaser in the final round, (again, this is different to the TV game as all four players could go up against the chaser in that).
      If two or more players have the same amount then they are asked questions until a player get one wrong, the winner gets to fight the chaser.

      So to the final round, which is one chaser verses the winning contestant, and involves the contestant answering as many questions as they can in the two minute that the timer gives them by sliding the switch to position two. That players counter is then placed on the number of the questions that they managed to answer correctly.
      Then it's the chaser chance to answer questions in the two minutes time in order to catch the contestant by answering the same amount of questions.

      The way I prefer to play it, which is the way I see it on the television, is more or less the same but the contestant face the chaser one at a time and all the contestants that made it home all go to face the chaser, with that amount of contestant numbers edging along the circumference of the board before the final questions begin...

      * My opinion...
      As I said, I like the television gameshow so it was inevitable that someone would buy me this board game, which they did, and thanks to them for that, even if the board game is slightly different to the show.
      Don't get me wrong, it is still fun to play, especially when there's a few players answering the questions, with one separate person asking the questions in a professional manner, (without slurring too much that is).

      It's pretty straight forwards to set up, sorting the cards out, choosing a question master, picking a colour counter and away you go, answering as many questions as you can.
      The board sits almost flat on a table, although one section does stick up a bit and does need a little weight on it to keep it down flat. But it's not annoying enough to throw a tantrum or two, (I let the questions do that).
      The question and answer cards seem a little complicated to use at first, sort of, leaving you wondering how the chaser is going to answer the question? But the truth is that the chaser has already answered the question and their answer is given on the card, with some chasers giving the right answer whilst others get it wrong, so it's all down to which chaser you are up against.
      It sounds complicated but it all makes sense after a game or two... as long as you don't start drinking to early in the day then decide to have a game.
      The questions themselves are a mix of easy, not so easy, a little more difficult and then there's the ones that only a genius would know the answer to. But it's well worth having a guess just in case.

      The timer is very basic, bleeping every few seconds to let you know that it's actually counting down. Then it 'flat lines' for a second or two to let you know that the time is up, be it the one minute or the two minute timer setting.
      They could have had a better timer idea, maybe a clock type fact so that the players has a rough idea how long they have left instead of listening to the bleeps that can becomes distracting at times.

      So how much would one expect to pay for this board game then..?
      It's not at the cheaper end of the cost scale as it sells for about £30.00 in most good retailers, and some bad ones too.
      But if you like the TV game, or just want a question and answer game with a twist that all the family can have a go at then it may be money well spent. Although if you hang fire a little while I've a feeling that the price may drop pretty soon once the initial excitement surrounding the game dies down.

      In all this is a great game indeed, especially if you play it the way it is played on the television and not how the rules in the box tell you how to.
      But at the end of the day it is just a simple questions and answer game, (although simple may not be the right word to use there).

      ©Blissman70 2013


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